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  1. Yeah, you remember? i am gamesmame 😉
  2. @seaview59 Please do you know how i can make these Linear "stroke"? Because PS when i use the option stroke, the option works cool but the contour stay boleaned "rounded" in your intch, you see in the left image, and i need this lines "straight line with a straight tip" exacly you see in the image from right, do you understand? If someone know answer please help here...
  3. I maked this one: i applied a little touch by me!
  4. @seaview59 please, if you can, submited to database both cover and logo... Edit..: I uploaded, but not approved yet!!
  5. I make this one: Aura Battler Dunbine - Byston Well no Honoo Tsuika But is very hard to find or make the logos, and i need help!! Look this i REMASTERIZE the front cover and the create logo cleaner (you dont find in ANYWERE cover with this quality or logo):
  6. I upload this, if help you.. have a good quality
  7. @seaview59 sorry for boring ^^ but have any chance you help with this logos? from PC98.. pleeeeeeeeeeeease ^^
  8. Many thanks!! i will try!!
  9. @seaview59Man i see you is the master of logos ^^ Please i need a help with some logos.. i dont find in anyway these: Attack 100 Joukyuu Aty (Nankuro-kun) Aum Soft (Kamikuishiki-mura Monogatari) Aura Battler Dunbine - Byston Well no Honoo Tsuika Ayaori Tohno (Mako-chan no Tokimeki Cooking) Ayaori Tohno (Moonlight Fighter') Ayaori Tohno (Okonomi Eawase) Ayashige Soft (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Manga Ban) Ayumi-chan Monogatari Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jissha-ban Azusa 108 Jimusho BOTH is the NEC PC9800 or PC98 you can help make these? PLEASE!
  10. 1 - Please is it possible for you to teach us a step by step how you did it? 2 - This way I can get all the logos of the ps3 games using the program PS3GameExtractor?
  11. MAN, how is the emulator from this system?
  12. But i think this Jewel its an transparent cristal... Look: Looks like this example in low res!! Your resolution its perfect big and great!!! but only thing its this "case" its transparent cristal, you understand me? And if possible, make 2 ver. same you maked in Euro.. with shadow and noeffects shadow off!! or make only with no shadow or effects, because all most like 80% prefer with no shadow or shine effects.. Thanks for your work, its brilliant!!
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