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  1. But i think this Jewel its an transparent cristal... Look: Looks like this example in low res!! Your resolution its perfect big and great!!! but only thing its this "case" its transparent cristal, you understand me? And if possible, make 2 ver. same you maked in Euro.. with shadow and noeffects shadow off!! or make only with no shadow or effects, because all most like 80% prefer with no shadow or shine effects.. Thanks for your work, its brilliant!!
  2. IF you have USA ver i wanto 😉
  3. You have maked all Euro games 3D??? please upload the pack
  4. Man please upload all covers maked Europe(PAL) or you maked it??? where i find your work 3D with this template? other thing have a way you make with no shine in spine? with no effects?
  5. I try make a test with a .bat with this code [CODE]mame pegasus -rom1 "M:\Emulators\Aamber Pegasus\Games\GALAXY_HANGMAN.bin"[/CODE] And Loads ok.. but stay in this screen and nothing more: [img]https://i.imgur.com/VQDgXOA.png[/img] Whats happens here?? How i play the games??
  6. And realy i liked your box quality very mutch!! Loved!!! you will make now (USA) and (JAPAN)? 😁😁😁 Oh my GOD i hope so!!!!
  7. Please make all without shadow and without shining Shining or brilliant its not ok =(
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