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  1. I'd like a link, thanks. I'm struggling with WHDload because Launchbox doesn't scrap it's weird naming scheme.
  2. My Launchbox setup is heavily curated and currently at 17.000 games but it's 100% complete asset wise. I have complete collections for most cart based consoles but everything optical disc based or home computer is handpicked. My question is... How do you end up with 60.000+ games? Do you also count every MAME clone, home computer software/shovelware, different regions, etc?
  3. Are there any news regarding this?
  4. I had version 8.3 until now and decided to upgrade. There are a couple of things i noticed that makes the program less useful for me. The scroll bar for the game list doesn't make the list scroll. There is no scrolling. You just "teleport" where you leave the scroll bar. That's not a very good thing because you don't have a reference of where you going. You can only scroll with the mouse wheel but that's way too slow. Is there a way to use the scroll bar to scroll? You can scroll the systems list, why not the games list? I also use the "scan for removed roms" quite often because i do many changes in my rom lists. However in the newest version this is much slower compared to 8.3. In the old version it could scan all systems in less than 30 seconds. Now it takes about 3 or 4 minutes for the same roms? I wonder why it's so slow now? The overall navigation is faster/snappier now which is nice.
  5. Bumping this to ask, is there ever going to be possible to scrap these games? Renaming them DOES break some games, especially the AGA ones for some reason.
  6. I found this command for CD32 files: winuae.exe -G -s quickstart=cd32,0 -cdimage= Makes CD32 launch directly from LaunchBox. But i can't find anything for .lha files.
  7. Is there a way to launch .lha (whdload) files for the Amiga using WinUAE? I know WinUAE can launch these games because it works with other frontends. But when i use LaunchBox i get this screen: Edit: Can't figure out how to run CD32 games either.
  8. Ok, for some reason when i added MAME to the emulator list, it had the "use filename only without file extension or folder path" option checked. I unchecked that and now it works, thanks.
  9. Trying to use a modern MAME version with LaunchBox to launch other systems like the Atari 5200 and others. It works on other frontends like Quickplay. But i get nothing on Launchbox. The old MESS commands don't seem to work, for instance the a5200 -cart command doesn't work.
  10. When i made the request i was mostly thinking about taking advantage of the "All" list. You list all games from all systems and then you search there for all games in a franchise for instance. Or all NBA games (currently, when you search for NBA, it also brings Pinball games in the results, lol). The "All" list is pretty awesome and not many frontends that i know of give you the option to list every single game, regardless of system. But the search option is lacking so you can't take full advantage of said list. With a few advanced options like "includes the exact word" it would be much more useful. With the exact word, it wouldn't bring Panasonic when you search for Sonic but it would bring any game with the word "Sonic" in it like Sonic 2, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure. And it also wouldn't bring Pinball games when you search for NBA. And so on. It would still bring "of Doom" when you search for "DOOM" games but an additional filter like "FPS only" would probably clear off every unrelated result.
  11. Performance is worse in the newer versions compared to 8.3 While the small loading time when selecting a game or system is shorter, the browsing itself is much slower and laggier and if you have a lot of images, they tend to re-appear while you browse, almost as if they weren't cached. In 8.3, once the images are cached (my cache folder is in a RAMDisk), they are rock solid and always visible, even when you are fast browsing using the scroll bar. Scrolling is also much faster and doesn't lag when i'm using the scroll bar to quickly go from the top games in the list to the last ones, even if i have 10k games in said list. Newer versions struggle a lot with the scroll bar when you have a lot of games. My system is a i5 4670, 16GB RAM, SSD, etc, it's not the system that is slow. It's the new interface.
  12. Thanks, i tried this but it doesn't work. Missing boxes still have the old icon. Is it maybe because i still use version 8.3 of launchbox? Edit: Ok, it's because i'm using an older version. I'll take it that there is no way to do this in 8.3?
  13. Is there a way to have one single image to represent every missing box art? This is a feature in Hyperspin, you can have one "no video" file in the correct folder and it will play in every game that has a missing video. The way it is now, you get an empty space with the Launchbox logo in it. I would like the option to use a different (custom) image that doesn't stand out as much. Because let's face it, some systems will have missing boxes no matter what. So instead of making the game lists look unfinished, a nice image that looks like a box but represents missing boxes would be better IMO.
  14. I don't know how priorities for requests are handled, but i assume after my bitbucked request got resolved status, it stopped getting new votes and it had a decent amount IIRC. Edit: It's still at 11th place if you look all issues. And there are only 3 unresolved issues in the list above mine, so basically it should be at 4th place right now. Honestly though, i stopped following any progress anyway. I'm still on version 8.3 of LaunchBox (i think the last version before it turned into "NEXT") because i don't like the way current versions look or cache images. I only commented again after so long because there was a thread resurrecting. So it's not for me but i still kinda hoped this feature was implemented for those who still care about it. Because since Lunchbox gives you the ability to browse all games in one list (surprisingly, not many other frontends do this) the search function could become a powerful and very useful tool for comparing ports, list games of a given franchise, etc. I always thought this was a missed opportunity. Cheers.
  15. That's why there should be options. You want to search for everything that contains the word Sonic in it and that's fine, but what if i want to search for games only, not publishers or unrelated Panasonic games?. Games that are a part of the Sonic franchise? That's impossible. A simple "contains the specific word" option would filter out the Panasonic games and still keep everythign that has the word Sonic in there. Or a filter that ignores publishers/systems and only searches for Game titles. Searching "Sonic the Hedgehog" won't bring you all Sonic games either. It won't bring Sonic Adventure, or Sonic-R or Sonic Rush, etc. Or even Sonic 3 on the Mega Drive, i think the only game that has "The hedgehog" in the title is the original game. Searching for all DOOM ports? It will bring you all sorts of games that have "of Doom" or "Doomsday" in there. I think there are more unrelated results in the list than actual Doom games. And how are you going to be more specific in order to find Doom games? Again that's impossible without digging through unrelated content. The only time the search works is when the titles themselves are specific and have enough information. "Golden Axe" will only bring you the games since there isn't anything else that contains this specific combination of words. But if a game title is just one word, especially a common one, it will bring all sorts of unrelated results and you can't do anything to help the program understand what you are looking for. I don't get what's so wrong about some options or filters? I mean, why does it have to search for a publisher name anyway when you are looking for game titles? But anyway, If the developer doesn't want this to be addressed, that's fine. But i still don't get why my ticket was set to Resolved. Because it's not.
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