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  1. I did some more testing with Ultima 6 as an example. On querying Emumovies, Launchbox finds the game and offers to download a screenshot and the manual. The video, however, is not found and downloaded, although It definitely exists on the Emumovies-FTP (the file is called "Ultima6_v1.0_0294.mp4"). All three "Lotus" games show the same behaviour, along with many other games. The strange thing is that all of Emumovies's content usually has the same naming conventions. Makes me wonder why the snapshots and movies are scraped correctly but the videos aren't. It's not a huge problem, I know, I'm just curious.
  2. Yeah, the games in question are matched properly. I'm actually quite impressed how many games are scraped correctly! Game information and artworks from the Launchbox database are scraped fine, just not the videos from Emumovies.
  3. I imported my complete WHDLoad collection the other night and noticed something strange. Launchbox imports and downloads the videos from Emumovies for MOST games correctly. For a few hundred games, however, it doesnt't download the video although it's definitely on Emumovies. There are currently 1782 Amiga videos on the Emumovies-FTP, but Launchbox only finds 1407 of them. So, for example, the videos for Turrican 1 and 3 are downloaded fine, but not the one for Turrican 2. Speedball 1 works but Speedball 2 doesn't. Other examples are Ultima 6 and Great Giana Sisters. I suspect it has to do with the WHDLoad naming conventions, as the videos on Emumovies have names like "Speedball2_v1.0_2897". But why does it work for most videos then? (Launchbox renames them on import to the "real name" of the game).
  4. Nevermind my previous post, I just realized that I can do that already by combining games on import and then using the "additional apps" function in BigBox. Thanks Jason, great work!
  5. Thanks for this great tool! I wonder, would it be possible to add some more options for choosing which games exactly to export? Say for example, I only want my WHDLoad-games exported (no ADFs or IPS), with a preference for german versions and AGA whereever possible. BTW: The perfect solution would be as in the FS-UAE Arcade Frontend: After selecting a game, you can choose which version to start (different languages, AGA, different ADF-versions). Check it out, it's really ingenious. I don't know if such a solution could be integrated into Launchbox, though. Maybe by importing the FS-UAE database directly? What do you think, @Jason Carr?
  6. Cabirus

    Switch Theme

    Hm, doesn't work for me. In fact, it makes things even worse: With this option turned on, things are scaled too big in Big Box even with Windows scaling set to 100%. Any solution to this scaling issue would be greatly appreciated, as it concerns not only the Switch theme but other themes as well (like Fundamental). Thanks!
  7. Now that Frode has joined this forum: Is there any chance to improve the Launchbox-Database with the data from OAGD? Regarding Amiga titles, it is MUCH more complete. Maybe Launchbox can scrape the OAGD when importing Amiga games? Or maybe, in the future, both databases can even join their efforts? I just now noticed that the OAGD is now called Openretro and incorporates other platforms too...
  8. Cabirus

    Favorites only big box

    Has any progress been made on this feature? Was about to ask the same thing and found this old thread...
  9. Good news: Apparently Frode fixed the save state/UUID problem in the newest version of FS-UAE.
  10. Cabirus

    Scraping Amiga Games

    CriticalCid said Nope, it hasn’t been addded yet by Jason. Maybe because the BitBucket ticket only has 3 votes right now. So let’s vote it up guys ;) https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1048/amiga-whd-internal-name-conversion-like Done! Still a long way from the top of the list though. Rise, Amiga friends, rise!
  11. Cabirus

    Scraping Amiga Games

    Just curious: Any progress on the WHDLoad issue? Big Box is getting better and better and I'm dying to add my Amiga collection...
  12. Cabirus

    Missing database, Amiga WHDLoad

    I hope this gets implemented soon. Right now it's almost impossible to import and scrape WHDLoad-games due to the cryptic file names. An even better solution would be to scrape the OAGD, which has a very good database for Amiga games, much better than TheGamesDB. I suggested contacting Frode (Programmer of FS-UAE and OAGD) a while ago, but it seems nothing came of it? Anyway, keep up the good work! Launchbox is getting better every single day!
  13. Cabirus

    Scraping Amiga Games

    jason carr: Still no reply from frode I guess? Maybe he doesn't want his database scraped by other software.
  14. Cabirus

    Scraping Amiga Games

    Thanks, wasili! I'll try this later. I'm afraid renaming the games will make it impossible to run them with WinUAELoader or FS-UAE though, have you tried this already? I'm still hoping for an integration of the OAGD though, as it is far more complete than GamesDB regarding Amiga games. Have you reached out to Frode, Jason? Not trying to push you or anything!
  15. Cabirus

    A perfect Commodore Amiga WinUAELoader.exe aviable!

    I asked Frode (the developer) to change the auto config to an A1200 and he already did it: http://fs-uae.net/2015/08/31/fs-uae-2-5-40dev-released This should cover running the vast majority of Amiga games via LaunchBox! In the future Frode hopes to implement autostarting the perfect config for each game as recorded in the "Open Amiga Games Database". This database would also be a great way to correctly scrape Amiga games info in LaunchBox, by the way, as the GamesDB is not really suited for this job. I believe Jason is already working on that.