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  1. My advice is turn off voice and text chat. PC gamers are hyper-toxic and I found that I could only take so much of online games until I finally just got smart and turned off the words. Now the annoyance of other people is gone, and I just pretend I'm shooting bots.
  2. Looks great... I'm just going by memory, but I don't think these Taito 3 screen games had any gaps in between screens... not sure if you were going for the authentic look or not. Looks really cool, though.
  3. Pretty sure nobody would vote on it.
  4. What about an "add clone" option in the import menu that would let you add a clone from a list based on the current MAME set as long as the files were in your set? As for Centipede, it seems to be launching normally. I'm not sure why I was getting the message that files were missing the other day, but since I can't reproduce it now, I would say disregard.
  5. Sorry, what I meant is that I was wondering if there was a collection of bezel images for all the machines (such as Mr. Do's official collection, which I think is incomplete) that people can use to make nice designs like the collection you have made, here.
  6. Is there a default bezel set for all the games that is used as the base for these? I used to have trouble finding resources to use, but that was a few years back.
  7. I was wondering about this, but it looks like you would have to do each one individually since they are integrated into one png?
  8. I got the first pack downloaded and checked them out... you've done a great job on these. I admit I'm not crazy about the scratched glass look, but that's just personal preference... you definitely have the most realistic looking pack I have seen anywhere. I see the real beauty of them in the "full" mode (instead of cropped). You really have the nostalgia element nailed, for sure.
  9. Hey... these are great. I made some bezels a couple years back and it was a time consuming project... so, respect for putting this together. I'm going to check out the first pack now, but the downloads are really slow. Has anyone thought of putting some bezel packs on the LB media downloads?
  10. The problem I ran into tonight, with importing the MAME set to test, is that when you ignore clones you can't import a few important ones manually after your initial import if you have a merged set. Example is Pacman... you import the set with no clones... when you go to import the single game manually there's no way to do it because the MAME importer wants you to add a whole folder and the rom importer can't pick out the clone because it's merged with puckman. *edit* Also... on a side note, when I run Centipede, I get an error for missing files, but if I run the parent directly from MAMEui, it runs ok. Not sure if maybe the wrong version got imported?
  11. I sometimes try to remember games, music, movies, etc... from years ago and by the time I figure out what they were, my memories turn out to be less than accurate... but it's nice when you can remember one.
  12. Ok... sounds good. Thanks.
  13. "Invaders" was not importing. I think there was a previous discussion about it, but I haven't run an import since to check if it's still broken.
  14. I had asked about the possibility of this feature at some point in the past... for a brief period, when the lightspeed app was working for MAME imports, users could tag all their MAME games as "horizontal" or "vertical", opening up all sorts of cool possibilities for people who rotate their monitor, have multiple monitors in different orientations, or even multiple arcade cabs, including setting up separate platforms, or use rocketlauncher to handle the options of the different orientations, etc... I haven't been able to run the nice MAME setup I had since these options stopped being available. Another good example is tagging all games with their joystick configuration (4 way-8 way-diag) so different sorting and platforms can be made for people who have different arcade sticks, etc... It would be great if we were able to do this again.
  15. Thanks... so, basically now you will get no clones and can manually add the important ones, such as "pacman"... also, what happens with "invaders" during the import? I think it is the parent, but if I recall it wasn't importing? Only asking about that one because it's a key game.
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