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  1. I just checked. It did not import Super Bubble Bobble... however, there's been problems with incomplete MAME imports well beyond 225. There was discussion about it earlier in the beta thread. I don't know if it's the same issues, but the MAME imports have been incomplete for a while. It's a small number of games, so it's easy to overlook. My MAME set hasn't been the same since Lightspeed was broken when the directory structure all changed a couple years ago.
  2. It does... I'm using a full 225 set now. (I should add I'm not on the beta, though).
  3. Ah ok... thanks. I thought they had those running years ago. Fair enough. Thanks for the help.
  4. Does it not run in MAME? That's what I'm trying to do.
  5. I have been trying to play MACH 3, but the laserdisc won't load... so I just get the sprites with a black background. I have the chd in the properly named folder in my roms folder. My chd copy is a few years old... has it been changed at all that I should download a new one? It's 13.76 gb, I believe. If anyone can tell me if I'm missing a step somewhere, I appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Turns out I had 4 or 5 games in bin/cue format. I converted them to .iso and they are fine now.
  7. I had not used PCSX2 for a long time and when I try to fire up a game now I get an error "CDVD plugin failed to open". I'm using the same setup I had in the past... were there any changes I should make to get rid of this error? Thanks for the help... I appreciate it.
  8. I really love this theme... it's got a great look. Nice job. If I wanted to add a detail of publication year in the game list (so it would, for example, say "1980 Atari", instead of just "Atari"), is there somewhere in the theme files I can make that small change? Thanks for a great theme!
  9. You literally just asked me not to post in this thread. You also asked me to post an error message. I really want to rip my own eyeballs out right now. Please stop this.
  10. Is there an ongoing thread for this discussion?
  11. I know you are upset that I said I didn't like the product pricing, but I hope you can see from the posts above that I thought I was reporting an error. I feel like you guys need to be a bit more understanding that people don't know what is going on with new messages, pricing, etc and don't know if things are working as they should.
  12. Actually, mine is saying I'm no longer licensed to receive updates... maybe I just don't understand what's going on with LB. I was under the impression prices had been raised, but were updates also removed for people that don't pay more? If not, then yes I'm getting that error.
  13. Are we sure this guy was using a pirated version? I'm also getting this error message when I log in now. Maybe there is a licensing issue?
  14. A friendly and humble reminder that I was actually responding directly to your comment.
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