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  1. What is the change with this? Does it include more categories for the metadata?
  2. Will the auto-import ignore importing files that you have previously, manually deleted from the library but files remain in the rom folders? If not, it seems like you would not be able to effectively manually delete from the library.
  3. How does the auto-importer handle if you have roms that aren't following any naming conventions?
  4. These 1G1R sets are pretty nice... I didn't like that some of them prefer an anniversary rom over the original rom, for example, but they do make a nice, clean set.
  5. Sorry if this was already discussed, but is the discovery center BB only, or is there a way to access it in LB?
  6. I thought I would give the Retro Acheivements a spin... got the API, did the hash check... tried a quick acheivement that was listed on the website for Castlevania... I completed it but nothing happened. I read above that .zip format is not supported? Is this true for NES roms, or would I have some other problem. Most of my roms are in a .zip format. Is there .zip support on the table in the future, or is that not a possibility?
  7. That worked. That was all I needed. Thank you.
  8. Sure... no problem. Thanks for replying. The new thread is here: Auto-Populate Rules Not Working - Troubleshooting - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com)
  9. As requested by faeran... a separate thread regarding auto-populate rules not working. Rules to not show a particular platform, etc in the playlist does not filter those properly. As requested, pictured here are an example of the rules that aren't working. The platforms that should be filtered still show in the playlist. This happens if you add the rules to an existing playlist or create a new one with those rules already added.
  10. As of beta 5 the auto populate issue I had mentioned still exists. I'm sure you guys may not have had time to look at it, but no one had replied about it so I'm just posting this feedback in the event that you thought it had been fixed during the beta updates.
  11. Just wondered if this fix was related to the auto-populate issues I mentioned (page 2 of this thread)?
  12. Along these same lines... I removed about half of the rom files in a platform directory, but when I run the "scan>for removed rom files" LaunchBox found no missing files.
  13. Not sure if this started with this beta or before, but I noticed that if you have a playlist, then add an auto-populate rule to not include a platform in the playlist, it does not remove those games from the playlist.
  14. I got this again today. I had closed LB and came back hours later and found that it would not start due to another instance and had to be task killed.
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