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  1. Drybonz

    GOG GALAXY 2.0

    Looks kind of cool, but doesn't seem to be the same type of software as LB at all.
  2. Good topic... I could probably think of a bunch of them, but the first one that comes to mind is Phantasy Star II for Sega Genesis. I really loved the music in that game when it came out.
  3. I've beaten as many video games as the next guy, I suppose... but I'm also habitually playing games and not finishing them. Maybe this goes back to the days where game rentals started and we would rent a nintendo or genesis game and only have it for a few days and not finish it... dunno. Anyway, I've decided to go back and play through some of the really good ones I didn't finish. So... the topic is... what games did you love, but didn't beat?... maybe this will be some inspiration for what games to play next.
  4. IT'S BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿 lol... jk
  5. I like rail shooters a lot... Panzer Dragoon games are my favorites. For 2d shooters, there's so many good ones, it's hard to pick one or two, but I would have to throw a vote in for Radiant Silvergun, which blows me away each time I play it even if it is too hard for me.
  6. Actually, I'm just going to use the merged set, so if this info isn't helpful, just ignore.
  7. If I use the MAME importer to import a split romset, same one I have used in the past, which came from the same source most of the people on these forums are using to acquire roms, shouldn't it be looking for the roms named for a split set and finding them?
  8. So, I removed my split romset and dropped into the same MAME rom folder a complete merged set, went back to Launchbox and it immediately started launching the games properly with no additional changes... so, it really looks like there is some problem with the split romset support.
  9. Yes... it's the correct path.
  10. Launches fine from MAME... will not launch in Launchbox.
  11. I've finally tried the MAME importing feature (first time since Lightspeed)... the first thing I am really missing here is a playlist for filtering Horizontal and Vertical games. This was a very useful filter I had set up with Lightspeed importer and I would really like it if it could be added.
  12. Does the MAME importing only work with a merged or split set? I've just run the importer and when I try to launch a game I get a rom not found message.
  13. As much as I enjoy Visual Pinball and like to see people playing it, the roms are IP and, while easily obtainable at other sites, this site is hardcore about sharing links to anything like that. I would recommend just going to vpinball.com, which is a great site where you can get all this stuff. *edit* Not to mention, the people that made these table recreations actively post there and you can thank them for the tables, get technical help, and even get involved in designing table recreations if that's something you might get into.
  14. It doesn't look like they offer drivers, either, so for your hardware, what type of sound do you have? Motherboard? or USB? I updated the USB drivers for my motherboard recently and it reset some of my sound card stuff, even though my sound card is PCI, so you might want to check on things related to your sound hardware and USB.
  15. Hey camboico, did they give you drivers for the stick? If so, do you have the same problems if you uninstall the drivers and plug the stick in?
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