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  1. yeah found them. Im already modifying your theme to my needs. thank you!
  2. is there any way to stop the videos? i want just to have the big covers of the games, but it always switches to the videos after a couple of seconds. also the new splitscreen view is really cool, but after a couple of seconds it gets overlayed by text. anyway to disable that? thanks!
  3. hey tried your theme, only get a blue screen but i hear the button sounds. i just copied your theme in the theme folder and selected it in bigbox. how can i fix this?
  4. any chance we get a SNES PAL Platform Video? You only have the NTSC Version here. Other than that great work!
  5. Okay dann werde ich jetzt auch nur noch in deutsch schreiben wenn das eh egal ist
  6. Can you please write in English? This is an international forum but not everyone understands Spanish. Thank you.
  7. Wow, didn't know it take the changes immediately! Thanks for that! Is there a way to run big box in a window? I'm using notepad++ on a daily base so that's a plus!
  8. That's a start, thank you very much! I will look into it! Any way to test it besides starting big box every time? Is there some kind of debugger for this? How are you designing these themes?
  9. Thank you for your response. Actually I'm an electronic engineer with experience in XML structures. So if you think that is enough to do it on my own, I would gladly take your help and advices. If you could tell me what parts in the XAMLs I can play around with, that would be awesome Thank you.
  10. Oh I see. Than please let me now how I can fix this by myself, because I really need it.
  11. hey guys, i need help first of all i love these nostalgia videos! awesome work! but can i have them mirrored? So that everything is on the left side instead of the right one? i could just somehow mirror the video but then all the logos etc. are mirrored aswell... thank you very much!
  12. Thank you very very much @CriticalCid for the theme! Awesome work! Can you please give me a hint how i can put the wheel on the left? i cant seem to find it in the xml datas. im using the vikings platform videos and it just would look perfect if the wheel would spin on the left side thank you very much!!
  13. Hey Guys, i got launchbox / big box over a year now and im having a blast. But one thing i cant fix. When im starting bigbox, the bootup sound is always stuttering. i have big box installed on a normal HDD (5400rpm), but this cant be a problem right? what can i do to make the bootup sound not suttering? thank you!
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