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  1. my default theme, its amazing! have the same questions as the above though. ps3 and platform art.
  2. heya, have replied. many thanks for taking time to look into this the updates since i last used this look awesome, really come a long way!
  3. is oki, in no major hurry but hopefully can sort this out! cheers again
  4. Hi there Have been out of the game for a few months but wanted to renew my license. However, noticed my license key is registered to an email address i no longer have access to (tiscali hack). Is there a way around this? I cannot remember if i setup any security questions but will happily answer them if i did! Thank you in advance
  5. i'll take another look at my setup tonight and have a tinker with it, will use pre existing yabause setup in launch box and try and shoehorn RH in there somehow .. thanks for the tips!
  6. Firstly, love launchbox, quality quality launcher. My issue is with launchbox and retroarch, of which I assume there will be little support since they have differing authors. However, I noticed a tutorial vid in using this program with yabause/Saturn emulator in retroarch. I have tried everything but cannot get launchbox to recognise any roms whilst having retroarch as the emulator of choice. I can set up yabause no problem and run the cd roms fine. Fancied the retroarch emulator since it has a few gfx filters that may improve the Saturn visuals in full screen. anyone having issues or anyone experienced the same using the 2 applications? Thanks :)
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