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  1. orac31


    Two things i have a itch to play again. 1st elite i have all versions but the Archimedes version is said to be the best cant get it to run or should i stick with amiga 2 star trek breath of the federation any emu i can use to get this running think its windows
  2. orac31

    Amiga part 2

    i hope this helps amiga part two I think this the best way to use amiga on android I am not making money out of the videos just trying to help as many people helped me if any one can make a better video with my info please do
  3. orac31

    Amiga part 1

    what device are you using? i will do more testing
  4. orac31

    Amiga part 1

    sorry very bad hope it helps if anyone needs part 2 let me know
  5. lol i wish i knew this just deleated amiga only joking thank you
  6. orac31


    glad to help but will try to make a video getting the roms is the hardest step
  7. orac31


    run the game go to this screen the go into retroarch setting go to options then select a1200 as modal then go back a level to overrides and save quit and try again
  8. orac31


    Have been asked to do a video on how to get amiga i try my best in next few days
  9. orac31


    can i ask please how can i delete a install i need to delete and import Amiga without the non English languish games
  10. orac31


    yep after all the messing about it just works thanks.
  11. orac31


    thanks i give it a try
  12. orac31


    @Jason Carr can get hdf files working with uae for arm can you please add that to emu list please uae for arm you must have amiga bioes best way buy amiga forver for a few quid on app store and set it up fot a1200 then pick a1200 bios using RANSOMS HDF FINAL FIXED SET works well
  13. orac31


    never new ra core supported hd files ill try thanks
  14. orac31


    playing about with hdf files with uae4all but not having same luck as eta prime
  15. orac31


    sorry @Jason Carr I should have tried again sorted thank you question could we have option to keep pakage
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