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  1. Thank you so much the two games i got as a child for xmas with my c64 superfruit stallerwars also have memerys of ring of power. me and my brother spending weeks trying to complete. but all other games are there thank you for shareing this
  2. Could i please make a request the c64 has a deep place in my heart from when i got one for xmas in my teans up till i got my amiga. My real c64 with sd mod my c64mini and maxi are in storeage due to lack of room at the moment. c64 dreams is fantastic and is on my computer i have 3 c64 games that i got for xmas with my c64 is there any way i can add them? thanks for your work with this
  3. just update the plugin
  4. just a silly thing you have the wrong rom under daley tompsons Decathlon you have activision decathlon
  5. I downloaded the fantastic c64 dreams and he has retroarch setup with a game pad combo to save and load state can i please ask how that is done please
  6. it has been fixed new download on that page thanks for fixing it
  7. mine is woking fine with hdf and whds i have a think and try and work out where your going wrong
  8. HI Do you have the correct bioeses? Do you have a hdf file in your system dir?
  9. wow this is fantastic hope to put it into my launch box build whan i feel brave enougth
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