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  1. On 7/28/2019 at 7:48 PM, srxz said:

    there's no point to download 4K videos for such small resolution window even for bigbox, it's a waste of HDD

    That's OK, everyone has their own reasons and opinions, if it doesn't work for you or seems wasteful then I guess you're right and everyone else that asks otherwise must be wrong. I will just use my script I made for the 4k videos. I play it on a 65" 4k TV with friends and if they haven't heard of the game, I show them the trailer full screen, which looks meh in 1080p not horrible but meh (looking for a "wow" not a "meh"). Thanks for the comment though. I also have 32TB on my pc so I'm not tight for space and will continue with my 4k trailers, it was just a request. Have a great day.

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  2. Thanks for this awesome plugin.

    Is there anyway to force a certain quality? I would like to download all 4k trailers for my game if there is one... I would like it to try 4k,1080p,720,480, in that order if one was to fail...

    I type 4k in the search terms but it still wont work properly and downloads a lower quality video. I have made an alternative script to do it with just a game name having to be manually input but I have no clue how to build a plugin for launchbox lol.


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