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  1. Not really sure what's going on here, but Launchbox is trolling me hard. Decided to re-compile my collection as I moved everything around on my drives. Tried to do a bulk import with tweaking rather than full manual mode. Well, if I could get to the menu that is. When it appears on the left it disappears before I have a chance to nab it. Sometimes I can sneak my mouse over there quick enough, though. Navigating with the arrows still works, I just wanted to bring this up.
  2. I have a bit over 13tb in my system... doing game dev stuff... and I thought I was insane for having so much.
  3. When I initially got LaunchBox I decided to hand-import every single ROM I had because I had a very selective game collection to begin with. It took a while, but I like consistency (Which is why you'll see me getting new Clear Logos and stuff so often). I still import everything by hand whenever I get a new game, and my collection has grown to a nice, comfortable 370 games across Steam, Origin, Uplay, emulated, and other installations.
  4. Good on ya. I do want to recommend something else to you after seeing the images in the thread, though, and that is a program called ShareX. Nearly instantaneous screenshots of either the fullscreen, current window or your own region of preference to an image host of your choosing. Hope this is helpful to you for future stuff like this
  5. Wow, that's brilliant. I use all sorts of programs like it, but somehow never found that specific one. Thanks
  6. Unfortunately, the Steam version of Final Fantasy VII is not a couch-friendly experience for two reasons, both related to the startup. The first being the launcher and the second being the keyboard controls screen that requires you to press X on the keyboard to continue. From there you can control it fine with a controller, especially using a mod that cleans it up. I've come up with two possible solutions to the problems, and they're both rather inconvenient. The first is to just have a small wireless keyboard about the size of a TV remote, which is nice to have anyway, to get those initial screens out of the way. Cool idea for general use anyway, but an extra purchase that isn't entirely necessary. The second is using a program called JoyToKey (Or similar) and setting L3 to X, right stick to mouse movement, and R3 to left mouse click. Sadly, this is flawed for couch usage as well, and this second solution is the one that I would like to work out both for FF7 and for any other games in the future. It would work great but there's a small problem: it would always need to be active to work from the couch and fix up the game and therefore change the input for more than just FF7. I can think of a way around the input interruption caused by JoyToKey and similar programs, and that is to have it only start up when the game does and kill the process when the game closes. I'm not sure if this can be done through a batch file or through LaunchBox, or if it's even possible without an entirely new program, but I would love to figure this out. Any ideas? Also, the PS1 version would fix all of this, but that's beside the point.
  7. Well, I appreciate the input but I've already said that I have both of the devices you guys mentioned, I wasn't asking for you to choose among them. Fantastic little things for sure. I was hoping for something more along the lines of this: A small little thing around the size of a GBA/GBA Micro. I was hoping someone could recommend something to me around that, from personal experience.
  8. So I currently have 5 things: A GPD XD, a GPD Win, a Nvidia Shield Portable, and homebrew enabled PSP, and a homebrew enabled N3DSXL with an extended battery. All of them are fantastic for retro gaming and emulation. Unfortunately, they all still have some decent bulk to them (though still more practical than a Switch imo). I was hoping to find a smaller device, maybe about the size of a GBA, that could serve a similar purpose even if I had to be limited to SNES~GBA, etc. Possibly RasPi based, but unfortunately, I can't find anything readily available for purchase. Any suggestions? Edit: Considering an old Xperia Play. On a little side note, I also have both a Moga Hero Power and a Moga Pro Power for my phone, and while they allow for a lot more variety in gaming than a RasPi would I'm still very curious about this sort of thing.
  9. Damnit. I'll keep looking but the most promising options have all let me down. I suppose I could just keep all of the poorly optimized games, like Split/Second and Project64, on the 1080p144 and just play the more friendly ones, like Burnout: Paradise and PPSSPP, on the 4k60 until I find a solution. Oddly enough this started because I was going to remodel Tick Tock Clock from scratch and make it HD, I just wanted the game on my other monitor for reference.
  10. Here's hoping. I'm going to go ahead and keep this thread updated with things that haven't worked as well, hopefully save people some time in the future whether I get it fully working or otherwise.
  11. You wouldn't think it would be this difficult with how well W10 handles multiple monitors in the first place. It's great if you want it to act like one desktop but the second you try to isolate anything it turns into a crap shoot. DXWnd almost helped but the games crash most of the time. I'll keep looking and post what I find here, fingers crossed.
  12. Ah. I searched something very similar to the thread title. Unfortunately, though, the script works but in a way that isn't really useful. For PJ64 it just kinda threw the window to different areas of the monitor and for Split/Second it did the same as Win+Shift+Arrow; make the target monitor screen go black while keeping the game on the original. Thanks for looking, though!
  13. I'll test that one out, thanks! May I ask what you searched?
  14. I honestly didn't know where to put this topic since it covers a fairly broad spectrum from Steam to emulation and involves LaunchBox as well. Hopefully here is fine. So I recently bought a 4k monitor to go alongside my 144Hz monitor. I figured that any game that doesn't run well at 4k would do great at 1080p, whether it supports the 144Hz or not. I had the best of both worlds. Unfortunately the problem comes when I try to set up any game to start on the 4k monitor, as the 144Hz is the primary display. Naturally I would have the same problem if it were the other way around as well. I can't seem to find any useful way to get games to run off of specific monitors. Some, of course, can be moved via their Window. Others, like Project64, can be started in a window, moved, then fullscreened, but unfortunately making it fullscreen moves it back to the original display. Win+Shift+Arrow doesn't work for most either. Is there any way to do this, either through command line or external program? (DXWnd doesn't work for a lot of what I've tried). Thanks in advance! Edit: Thought it would be useful to know that the PC OS is W10. The 4k and 144Hz monitors are both running off an (as of now) up-to-date GTX 1080, and my 3rd monitor is running off of my iGPU (i7-6700 + Intel HD 530). I don't have DisplayFusion as I never thought it to be necessary. For future convenience I'm going to include a list of what programs/scripts/etc. haven't worked (for me, at least). AutoHotKey Script: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/41463-simple-dual-monitor-window-switch/ Moved PJ64 around the primary monitor. Made the target monitor black while keeping the game on the default monitor in fullscreen PC games. Borderless Gaming Software: https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming or http://store.steampowered.com/app/388080/Borderless_Gaming/ Put PJ64 back into windowed mode. Didn't move PC Windows games, even with the "Make Borderless On... (Monitor)" function. DisplayFusion: https://www.displayfusion.com/Download/ or http://store.steampowered.com/app/227260/DisplayFusion/ Successfully moved PJ64, but didn't fix the scaling when moving to the larger resolution monitor. As with the AHK script, this only made target monitors go black without actually moving the game. UltraMon: https://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/ Almost the exact same as DisplayFusion, however PJ64 moved proportionally to the 4k monitor and took up only a quarter of the screen.
  15. Well my internet decided to crap out so I had to install it manually but unfortunately it's the dragging between multiple monitors with different DPI and resolutions that seems to be the primary problem here. Thank you for looking into it, though!
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