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  1. Looks like you got a decent glass look after all
  2. I'm pretty decent in Photoshop..depends what you are trying to give a glass effect, I suppose.
  3. That's okay, just devote your life and all spare time to the project Haha..been there done that on my Hyperspin theme.
  4. See, I actually liked the other games you listed, I think I own Gothic on GOG still and I played Arx and Anachronox as well - and I absolutely loved Vampire. Maybe I could go back and play it and see what it feels like today. I would probably compare it to other games though that might by my downfall..comparing it to like Dragon's Dogma or something... (at least in the controls and appearance)
  5. I actually was HYPED for several months for that game..I pre-purchased it and when I got it I was so disappointed. The gameplay was so awful I barely lasted a few hours. Maybe if I had given it a shot for awhile I could have gotten used to it, but to me it was just so bad I couldn't even stomach it..haha! I think the wonky animations and bugs and gameplay just did it in..made it hard to "give a chance" you know? I will watch the video when I get home
  6. Two Worlds was awful though I agree that sorting by scores might cause you to miss "some" good games, but honestly it's still a valid method IMO because if the goal is to filter down to mostly or all good games..you're still likely never going to play every game on the system, so if you missed a few here or there..it doesn't really matter (for me that is) ------------------ All great posts in here. What I have been doing is looking up some sites I trust and getting Top 100 lists for consoles (or Top 20 or 50 if smaller systems). I start by moving those games to a folder. Then I watch several "Hidden Gem" lists on YT of YouTubers I trust like AVGN or Metal Jesus, etc. I move those games over. Then I look up RPG games for that system and move all of those (because I just want all RPG, good or bad) Lastly - I look over the remaining games and move any that I have any personal attachment to be it that I rented/owned it growing up or Nostalgia, etc. So far I have done 2600, NES, SNES and cut those libraries down drastically. I think for instance (am not at home right now) my SNES is down to 200-300 instead of 800, same for NES...and I think 2600 ended up with like 50 or so. Much better for me anyway. Very nice to scroll through LB to see good games and interesting games rather than random crap I have no interest to play.
  7. O Ohhh yeah. I am new to LB so still learning. The skinning/theming here is confusing to me, even after being a Hyperspin theme creator, lol.
  8. Wouldn't you just use the same image and rename it for each platform in the images folder to do this?
  9. That actually worked. There's one theme I had that always acts weird if you activate it..forcing BB to be closed..I bet it fouled something up.
  10. I will try that. Always used VLC no issues. Thanks! Edit: Same issue either way..and yes very odd indeed.
  11. I just realized I Posted a comment on the file, rather than here. I love this theme, well done! Issue for me is fanart doesn't show in any view where it should, and platform and game videos don't show. I can hear the audio, but nothing shows. See screenshots attached. Thanks (Please ignore my file comment)
  12. I don't get any platform videos on the main menu and also I get game videos only in the one mode where they play full screen..the others are just missing for some reason. There is also no fan art in any view. Shows up fine on all my other themes. Any ideas? Just realized, I can hear the video audio, but video isn't showing. Edit by CriticalCid: Issues are fixed
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