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  1. The problem still persist, i've tried on my Retroid pocket 3+ Metal... unable to load shortcut. At first launch Drastic create another shortcut, but no effect. During the waiting of fix, which emulator can you advice me please ?
  2. Hi everyone, I've bought Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 2 on steam. I've added them on launchbox, who only see one game. In the DB i've found one entry with the two name in alternate name. So in launchbox i've twins game insted vol1 and vol2 https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/163257-mega-man-battle-network-legacy-collection It's possible to have 2 differents entry ? Thanks
  3. Yep, same problem with Dig It's ok from retroarch directly, but not with a frontend
  4. On the last version, i can't launch CPS3 Game through RetroArch64 (Core FinalBurnAlpha) works nice if i launch in retroarch directly. With launchbox get a blackscreen
  5. oh I think i've founded how to add 1/ edit metadata, rename in title field, save 2/ edit metadata again and search through launchbox DB and the game will appear Tested 4 times with success
  6. Hello there I've almost finish to add all my games on my Retroid Pocket 3 But for some games, I have to edit metadata because they aren't found (Name still white, no whell...) So i edit metadata, change the name, and click on search in launchbox DB It take few second and almost 9 time on 10 i've got "no results" and few times, whitout change anything the game I want is finded. There is something i miss to use the search ? Thanks
  7. Hello, do you have any update on this feature, i have some game which i have to launch manually Thanks
  8. Yep, i've found, the problem was the wrong location images must be stored at LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\XXXX Then clear the image cache and it works !
  9. Hi, I've configured my Switch Emulator, so in BigBox a new wheel appear. But there is no logo or something in the theme Cna you please help me ? Thanks
  10. Thank you @Retro808 ! I've renamed my system "Megadrive" (European version of Genesis) and the auto config let Genesis, i've done the update and work like a Charm !
  11. Hey there To play Genesis games, i've choose the option Install and configure RetroArch automatically. The download is OK, I can launch retroarch manually, but when i'm in launchbox, Retroarch won't open when i click play on a Genesis game (only consol where I use retroarch) Can you please help ? Thanks
  12. Hi, I've recently acquire my Aya Neo I've installed Launchbox (1280*800 for resolution screen), and some options are out of the screen (Validation button for the options for instance) Is there a way to adapt Launchbox to this resolution ? Thanks
  13. Erf, posted to quickly, in launchbox options / mappings, i've been able to set exit key and it works
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