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  1. Erf, posted to quickly, in launchbox options / mappings, i've been able to set exit key and it works
  2. Hi everyone, I'm stuck with ppsspp (Retroarch version show me only black screen) so i've installed the stand alone which works perfectly... But how can i set exit script with my bartop button ? it seems linked with"exit autohotkey script". So how can i know the "name" of my button, the emulator give me "pad1.b9" i think it's not that (i've got a xin-mo dual arcade) Thank you ! Tips : it seems the exit command is "--escape-exit"
  3. @ Wattoo → Cool j'allais poster deux petites coquilles et je ne savais pas à qui m'adresser
  4. Hey, PSP time again ! UMD Pics ! Bleach Heat the soul 6 Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 Exit 2 Tales of eternia
  5. It's me again, PSP time ! [Clear Logo & 3D Box] Bleach - Heat the soul 6 Castlevania the dracula x chronicles Dead or Alive Paradise-01 Diner Dash Dissidia 012_ Final Fantasy-01 Dissidia Final Fantasy Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2-01 Dragon Ball Z_ Shin Budokai-01 Hot Brain Hot Pixel Innocent Life_ A Futuristic Harvest Moon-01 Killzone_ Liberation-01 Luxor Pharaoh_s Challenge-01 Manhunt 2-01 MediEvil_ Resurrection-01 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X-01 Mega Man Powered Up-01 Metal Gear Ac!d 2-01 Metal Gear Ac!d-01 Metal Gear Solid_ Peace Walker-01 Metal Gear Solid_ Portable Ops-01 Monster hunter freedom 2 Naruto Shippuden_ Legends_ Akatsuki Rising-01 Naruto Shippuden_ Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3-01 Naruto_ Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2_ The Phantom Fortress-01 Prinny - Can I Really Be the Hero Ridge Racer 2-01 Sonic Rivals-01 Ultimate Ghosts _n Goblins-01 Valhalla Knights-01 Wipeout Pulse-01 Ys_ The Ark of Napishtim-01 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D_s Tag Force 5-01 _Dissidia 012_ Final Fantasy-01 _Monster hunter freedom 2 _Naruto Shippuden_ Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3-01
  6. Don't have back cover in france, so i've to make my own 3D boxes without back I can't use your template but thank you
  7. Hey guys, new content for NES 3D box & Clear Logo Blue Shadow Battle of olympus Probotector Probotector 2 Rainbow Island
  8. To hide content you have to click on the eye icon on reply field Then drag cover in the spoiler field
  9. Hey thank you !!! I've planned to add ps2 in few days, you spare me some time for working on these cover !!
  10. Hey, for this night three 3D box 32X enjoy (I share content that automatic scrap didn't find and i created only)
  11. For me, the Dropbox link doesn't work (white page with infinite load) In the First post is it possible to regroup Template for 3D (BOX/Cart) ? BTW @MrDiggle, can you send me the PSD for PS2 3D BOX with just front cover (Back cover are very hard to find in french) Thank you
  12. Hello, I've created theses this morning 2D BOX Super NES Castlevania vampire's kiss.png DBZ ultime menace.png Hyper dimension Back.png Hyper dimension.png La legende saien back.png La legende saien Front.png 3D BOX Super NES Battletoads & Double Dragon-01.png Castlevania_ Vampire_s Kiss-01.png Chrono Trigger-01.png Demon_s Crest-01.png Donkey Kong Country 2_ Diddy_s Kong Quest-01.png Dragon ball hyper dimension.png Dragon ball la legende saien.png Dragon ball ultime menace.png Final Fight 01.png Final Fight 2-01.png Kirby_s Dream Land 3-01.png Mega Man X-02.png Mega Man X2-01.png Mega Man X3-01.png Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-01.png Spider-Man & X-Men_ Arcade_s Revenge-01.png Super Castlevania IV-01.png Super Ghouls _n Ghosts-01.png Super Mario All-Stars-01.png Super Mario RPG_ Legend of the Seven Stars-01.png Super Mario World 2_ Yoshi_s Island-01.png The Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt.png The legend of zelda a link to the past.png The Simpsons_ Bart_s Nightmare-01.png X-Men_ Mutant Apocalypse-01.png
  13. Thank you for the reply but I talk about entire magazine «Nintendo Player» or «PlayStation Magazine» but the video is interesting !
  14. @Jason Carr If you hear us this will be awesome
  15. Thx for reply, so it's like HyperSpin Must learn to find how to generate a cover with the first PDF's page
  16. Hey just a little question about magazine, I understand we can't upload them, but how can I import them on a category in Launchbox Maybe create a platform "magazine" with soda reader as emulator ? Thank you
  17. Hello, I've created theses this morning 3D BOX Game Boy for * Mystic Quest (France) * Pokémon version Jaune : Édition spéciale Pikachu (France) * Pokémon : Version Bleue (France) * Pokémon : Version Rouge (France) 3D Cart NES * Batman The Video Game * Chip'n Dale - Rescue Rangers 2 * Chip'n Dale - Rescue Rangers * Dragon Ball - Le Secret du Dragon (France) * Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque - La Légende d'or (France) * Lifeforce * Mega Man 2 * Mega Man 3 * Mega Man 4 * Mega Man 5 * Mega Man 6 * Mega Man * Metal Gear 2 - Snakes's Revenge * Super Mario Bros. - Duck Hunt * Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles * The Simpsons - Bart Meets Radioactive Man * The Simpsons - Bart Vs. the Space Mutants * The Simpsons - Bart Vs. the World
  18. Thank you for you reply @jason, maybe in while you can create a différent GameDB per language ? For the moment I'll build my launchbox with manual edit to have in french
  19. Hi, I want to swap from HyperSpin to Launchbox (probably BigBox licence) Nevertheless I want to know if it's possible to scrap in french, for instance I didnt' see "Pokémon : Version Bleue" but only "Pokémon Blue Version" ? Thank you !
  20. Thank you i'll try with the savestates
  21. Hi, I've installed Launchbox today, for epsxe "esc" key close the emulator with nogui so i can't change disc. For Metal Gear Solid there is no savepoint to change disc. Do you have any idea for this trouble ? Thanks !
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