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  1. Yup! I found it yesterday after Lust told me to "go play with the shaders" 😄
  2. I'll look into shaders For the second question I need a rom file that just shows a bright color for the full possible output. (it's logical in my head if not written lol)
  3. Love the overlay. Here is a generic question. How do you all go about fitting the image to the "screen"? I'm not asking about the menu options, I know how do that, but do you "distort" the ratio as to fill the space and cut corners or something else? I'm just trying to understand what would be "best" even if I understand it is subjective. Also, if you do fill the screen how do you do it with gen 2 hardware? From one game to the next the image generated doesn't use all the space (not sure I'm very clear with this question).
  4. Thank you, and no rush. And thanks for all the work.
  5. Didn't work. Unsure if it is a setting or something on Launchbox or my PC...
  6. Any idea why the background isn't showing? I see the carts but no background...
  7. I did, and it has access. I had no issues setting up my own LB originally, so I'm guessing PEBKAC on my part.
  8. Yeah... It seems to be an issue on my end. Not sure what it is. I can't connect to LB database either. I'm going to edit the original post.
  9. EDIT: The issue is on my end. I went looking in the EmuMovies forums but I couldn't find any issues on their side, so I'm asking over here. I did however change my password as recommended on their site. I keep getting "Unable to login to Emumovies" It started as I was putting together a LB collection together for my son's PC on a flash drive, but I'm having the same issue with my LB on my harddrive. Anyone having the same issue? Thanks for the help.
  10. But it's WIRED!!! I know it's silly, but I want wireless.
  11. Did I miss something, or did 8BitDo change the specs on their M30?!? I could have sworn the M30 was going to be 2.4GHz, but not bluetooth. Now it has bluetooth... I WANT ONE!!! M30 + SN30 + N64 + PS3 + wired X360 (will change for XboxOne wireless sooner or later) all I'm missing is a bluetooth GameCube controller (with the correct triggers), maybe a bt Atari 2600 stick, and I'd have a perfect set...
  12. I somehow missed that link (I did look for it) when I wrote this. Thanks.
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