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  1. Couldn't get this to work... Could you share your config files? I can't find any other guides and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Solved! RetroArch was looking for these files close to the game folders. In my case, it was (...)\LaunchBox\Games\Nintendo 64\GLupeN64, because I moved the games to my LaunchBox folder.
  2. PS2 Soundpack View File RIPed from BIOS/boot recording. Submitter Jodanzuki Submitted 11/09/16 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    RIPed from BIOS/boot recording.
  4. Here's my submission: PS2 Sounds. Google and some smoothing out of volumes with Audacity.
  5. @Eirulan Here's the best I could manage (attached). Hope it's ok or maybe someone else is a bit better at this than I am...
  6. That's because it is a white text against a white background (this forum's background), you should be able to see it in Launchbox. From what I understand, you want one with the eclipse + the annotations? Such as in this image?
  7. Hello SirCamel, thank you for the initiative! I was able to use my limited art skills to make a few clear logos, but some are eluding me. Contact (attached), No More Heroes (Wii version) - link, Izuna (best version of the logo I found is here). Thank you in advance!!
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