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    Closing emulators freezes Bigbox

    Core2Duo 8GB RAM Win7 x64 This starts happening to me as soon as I update to a version newer than 7.0 (Although it doesn't happen every time I exit an emulator)... When I hit ctr+alt+del and open taskman, I notice that "BigBox" will be using 95-99% of CPU... If I kill/restart BigBox, everything is fine again... I posted my DebugLog, can somebody please help me?!! PS. I love LaunchBox/BigBox, so... so much Thank you Jason! Debug-6ea0354c-cf96-4c24-b9f6-4005822fa4e9.log
  2. I hope nobody retaliates... I hope nobody knows how to pen-test... and I really hope nobody posts any information and/or vulnerabilities they find! Besides, where would someone post information like that anyway?
  3. @Jason Carr - (You're The MAN, btw..). I am able to reproduce this issue at will.. If it would be helpful at all, I can install LB on a machine (that I don't care about) and give you permanent remote access to it so you can look into it... think of it as a "sandbox"... wouldn't matter to me if you nuked the thing to pieces haha! Let me know if that is something that you would find useful (and/or have time to do) and I'll set it up etc. Thank you for all of your hard work... I am "Team LaunchBox" through and through!! Cheers -Gunzaldinho
  4. Yes, I am using standalone emulators.. they are listed in () to the right of the system name.. Alt+tab doesn't fix my issue.. It's completely locked up. The only thing that works is ctrl+alt+del
  5. I'm so glad that you asked this because I assumed it was happening with every emulator... but when I went back and tried to recreate the issue with each system, I realized that a few of them didn't have an issue! (although most did...)... I had NO issues when exiting the following: N64 (Project64 2.3), Playstation (ePSXe 205), PS2 (PCSX2 1.4), Dreamcast (Demul 582), GameCube (Dolphin 5.0) I constantly had the freezing issue when exiting the following: MAME (MAME139), Genesis/MasterSystem/CD/32x (Fusion 364-738), SNES (snes9x 1.53), NES (Nestopia136) I'm going to see if I can find a common link between these two groups Any ideas?! Thank you for the help/response -mg
  6. I know this has been discussed before, but I still haven't found a solution... I have no problems AT ALL with version 7.0, but when I update to anything newer than that, I run into the following issue: (Doesn't happen every time) But often, when I exit an emulator (using the built in automation... (select + start)) BigBox will completely hang.. It happens often enough that I created an AHK that closes and restarts BB. As I said, everything works fine on version 7.0, but I really like the playlist functionality (amongst other upgrades) Things I've tried: I have used both VLC and Media player for videos. I forced populated all game wheel images. I'm using the max RAM cache. Hide Taskbar (Checked & Unchecked) Show "Loading Game" (checked & unchecked) Some observations: I am running Windows 7, but I shelled with BigBox (replaced explorer.exe with BigBox.exe)... If I have explorer.exe loaded when the freeze occurs, I can see the taskbar (meaning BigBox lost focus). But clicking on BigBox to return focus doesn't solve the issue, I have to kill and restart regardless The videos and scrolling game info freeze as well It generally doesn't freeze after exiting the first game... only after the second or third exit Sometimes BB will lose focus after exiting an emulator, but the gamelist video will still be playing... if this is the case, then I can just "click" to give BB focus back, and all is well (if the video is frozen... then I have to close/restart BB) Specs: Windows 7 64bit Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 8GB RAM I will update this as I try new things... Please ask me if you need any other details Thank you all in advance for the help Cheers!