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    eXoDOS v4

    Hello and thank you for exodos! I have all my roms on my nas and I use smb to load them on my computer. What's the easiest way to install exodos to my existing Launchbox installation? My launchbox is local, but my exodus folder is on my nas smb folder.
  2. Hello. I recently updated Mame to 0.180, but after i did that, my Xbox360 controller won't work with it. I've downloaded the premade xbo360 config file and put it in the ctrlr folder, but now it won't load. Anyone else that have the same problem? Thanx
  3. Ok, I see.. I have the full chd pack so.. I'll do some research and see what I can find out
  4. Ok.. Hmm.. But isn't 1572 games way to few? Do you have time crisis 2 and 3? I think you're also missing a lot of titles..
  5. Yes they require CHD's. Maybe that's the issue. Just check it up and let me know. Maybe we can sort out a fix for this :)
  6. I also got exactly 4000 games, but I'm still missing some.. Could you check if time crisis 2, 3 or 4 are imported for you? These are some of the games missing when I import..
  7. I mean broken like not working in mame, but in the official mame list. Shouldn't launchbox fetch the correct names for the mame zip's automatic? Launchbox has found 4000 games that are not renamed into actual names..
  8. Yes, I imported them as arcade and it parsed like 4000 of my games. But some are missing. Even when I choose to import broken games it doesn't import them. Mame finds them like it should.
  9. Hello. I just imported my Mame 173 set, but all games are not imported into Launchbox even though the are in the gamesdb (Timecrisis2/3 etc). Any clue why? I've set launchbox not to skip any game and import everything.. Any clue?
  10. Ok it's not a big problem, I'll just add the missing covers myself :) Thank you for the good answers!
  11. Ok thanks for the answear! Does the wikipedia downloader work? I tried to find info about a game in launchbox, but it found no picture what so ever. The game is clearly on wikipedia with picture and everything, so any good reason why launchbox didn't find the info?
  12. I've tried to find the answear here, but without any luck. My problem is that I don't get the option to download videos off emumovies in launchbox. I'm a launchbox premium user and I'm logged in to my emumovies account in launchbox. Do I need to be a premium user at emumovies as well to download the videos? What am I doing wrong? Thanx for answears!
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