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  1. German Language-de-DE LB10.10.rar
  2. German Files Happy New Year to everyone and thanks to @PolybiusExtreme for pointing out some mistakes. Language-de-DE LB10.8.rar
  3. German files Language-de-DE LB10.7.rar
  4. German Files: ⚫ 🔴 🌕 Language-de-DE LB10.2.rar
  5. It took me a while but here are the german files. Language-de-DE LB10.zip
  6. Sorry for being late. German: Language-de-DE LB9.10.rar
  7. German PS: Don't forget to update the translator credits in the AboutForm for @alexposad guys Language-de-DE LB 9.8.rar
  8. @dukeemu You're totally right, he needs to be added there. I didn't even add Gamehackers translation credits yet. I'd suggest we do it alltogether in the next big update. Jason can remind everyone then that it's need to be changed. I don't think this minor change is worth it for Jason to update every translation again. He has features to work on 😀 For now Aleksey has his credit on the patch note popup 😀
  9. German Language-de-DE LB9.6.rar
  10. German Language-de-DE strings-fix.rar
  11. You're right. The compressing of the files would be a problem then.
  12. @Jason Carr Oh, i didn't mean to compress the files but to reduce request times. Since the image files are mostly less than 0.5MB it takes longer to request those files than to actually download them. If they were all packed into one zip file, it would download them with a higher and more constant speed. For example, if I copy a 2GB folder with images to another destination it takes 3 minutes. If i copy the same folder as a zip file it only takes about 10 seconds. I could be totally wrong on this, it was just an idea.
  13. German PS: I've read in the patch notes that you improved the image downloads. Wouldn't it be much more effective to let the server put all necessary files into a zip archive and then let LB download and extract it? That would reduce the overhead transfer data tremendously, wouldn't it? Maybe i'm wrong, that just came to my mind last time i downloaded a larger amount of images. Language-de-DE LB 9.4.rar
  14. German Language-de-DE LB 9.2.rar
  15. The easiest workaround would be to just copy the letter ą and press ctrl+v everytime you need it. I'm not sure how common that letter is, it could be a bit annoying.
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