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  1. German Language-de-DE LB11.3.rar
  2. German Language-de-DE LB11.rar
  3. That's stock footage @Cauptain Be careful ðŸĪŠ https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-vector/vector-abstract-background-design-pattern-packaging-113052955
  4. German Language-de-DE LB10.15.rar
  5. German Language-de-DE LB10.12.rar
  6. German Language-de-DE LB10.11.rar
  7. German Language-de-DE LB10.10.rar
  8. German Files Happy New Year to everyone and thanks to @PolybiusExtreme for pointing out some mistakes. Language-de-DE LB10.8.rar
  9. German files Language-de-DE LB10.7.rar
  10. German Files: âšŦ ðŸ”ī 🌕 Language-de-DE LB10.2.rar
  11. It took me a while but here are the german files. Language-de-DE LB10.zip
  12. Sorry for being late. German: Language-de-DE LB9.10.rar
  13. German PS: Don't forget to update the translator credits in the AboutForm for @alexposad guys Language-de-DE LB 9.8.rar
  14. @dukeemu You're totally right, he needs to be added there. I didn't even add Gamehackers translation credits yet. I'd suggest we do it alltogether in the next big update. Jason can remind everyone then that it's need to be changed. I don't think this minor change is worth it for Jason to update every translation again. He has features to work on 😀 For now Aleksey has his credit on the patch note popup 😀
  15. German Language-de-DE LB9.6.rar
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