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  1. Hello, semi-noob here, When trying to emulate Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1) using ePSXe, I run into some weird screen issues and I wonder if any of you experienced the same behaviour and if so, have you found a way to fix this. And yes, I already tried to google the issue, but haven't found anything on this. At first I thought the ISO was just broken, so I found two new sources, tested both and got the same results each time. Issues are: Main Menu Screen, Character select screen or any screens (except the one when you play the game and skate around a level): horizontal
  2. DOS76 said That's strange my .zips work for the nestopia core with or without the checkbox. yep, strange indeed.. go figure
  3. DOS76 said Also as a warning if you are using RetroArch to emulate MAME or FBA you will have to add another emulator for RetroArch and set it up with those cores and have the checkbox ticked you can't have them both work under the same settings. You don't need any actual second install of RA either you just have to direct LB to it twice and it has to be named something else in LB ie RetroArch Unpack ROM Archives or RetroArch [Arcade] I haven't got around to emulating MAME yet, but I will check the Launchbox video tutorial to get me starting. I will keep that in mind tho, thanks
  4. DOS76 said What file format are your games in? Their are ZIP files
  5. EDIT: SOLVED. Found the issue. Partial fix. So, i've downloaded Nestopia and removed RetroArch as my main emulator. I switched everything in Launchbox configs. After setting everything up correctly, I did a quick test and lo and behold, finally a descent error message popped-up. Invalid file. It got me thinking and I remembered what DOS67 said about NES, SNES and GBA emulator not needing the unzip archive checkbox to be ticked since their default behavior already did this. So I deleted Nestopia and restored RetroArch as my main emulator. I then unchecked the checkbox for Archive unzip
  6. SentaiBrad said By latest I meant the latest Nightly. They're generally fine to play around with, I update frequently. You can also carry pretty much everything over from one install to the next. In this case though, I would probably try a fresh RetroArch.cfg just in case. Ok, i haven't tried the nightly. And sorry for asking but what is this RetroArch.cfg you speak of? EDIT: ok, it's a config file. got it
  7. Well so much for that.. even with the fresh install of RetroArch, nothing still works. This doesn't make any sense. I guess I will never know why it happened. I will resort to changing emulator i guess. It's sad, RA was really great.
  8. DOS76 said I would say check to see if the Unpack ROM archive checkbox is ticked but I believe all 3 of those cores would run the game in archive or file form so that eliminated that as a possibility. Have you edited any of your platform names and they don't match the Associated platform name? Yes, the unzip archive checkbox is ticked correctly. And no, I haven't edited anything in the associated platform tab
  9. I tried redownloading the cores, but nothing still. The thing is, if I open RetroArch and load a core and launch a rom from RetroArch it works. But with Launchbox, nothing happens. I already have the lastest RA build, which is 1.3.4. I'm at a loss too haha. I guess my only option is to delete RA and redo a fresh install, which is a bummer because I will have to reconfigure everything.. but oh well, I guess there is no other way around it.
  10. Hi, since I updated to the lastest Launchbox version, which is 6.2, my NES, GBA et SNES games won't start. RetroArch is the main software I use for emulating these consoles. Everything was working fine before the update... What is weirder is that my PSX, Gameboy and N64 also uses RetroArch, but they work just fine. Here are my configs in Launchbox: Manage Emulators>Edit>Associated Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System -L "cores estopia_libretro.dll" True Nintendo Game Boy Advance -L "cores\mgba_libretro.dll" True Super Nintendo Entertainment System -L "cores\snes9x_n
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