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  1. are you still using the rocketlauncher fade in and out or the new per platform fade in and out with launchbox ( i belive you will need to turn the launchbox option off if using rocket launcher ,not sure ) ps/ miss your old how to vids ( never got my head around the whole technoparrot stuff) one last thing Thanks
  2. Just wanted to take a break myself, from being a long time lurker to say . Thank for your continued support and bug fixing. How i do so hate programs that have that annoying bug that never gets sorted.
  3. Are CHD files the way forward for CD emulation I first found chd files in Mame, but of late i have noticed that saturn and TurboGrafx-CD In my old hyperspin setup i had playstation cd's bin + cue (some have wav as well ie crash bandicoot) format then zipped up except for multi cd games but the thought of not needing to unzip to a temporary folder every time sounds like it would make life easy. Am i being unrealistic ? Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks.
  4. i dont think you have to do things the same way as rocket launcher ie fade in and fade out bezals RL has files for every game LB could do a basic per platform system for most people thats enough
  5. About kickstarter For myself i would never have pledged anything into a kickstarter for the Windows Launchbox, but was happy to upgrade to premium, after using the program with the high level of support . That said, most of my retro time has been with the raspberry pi of late. It's fun and the hardware is cheap, not to mention the software is free
  6. Just done your little poll. After looking at the options, i do think you should have asked if the people wanting a linux version would be willing to pay for a premium version as well. The only time i see linux running is on a old outdated pc and then just for fun. Also if you let people have input in the next poll you might get some other interesting options that will let your creativity demon out again . Ok there will be a lot of Rocket Luncher features asked for and ignored.
  7. It is very nice to know that jason is going strong with launchbox in 2018 still. It would be nice to have a pre poll, live development video. Afterall it did work out very well the last time. my english sucks, i never write that novel :-)
  8. A real adventure, with lots of puzzle solving
  9. Although a pdf reader is not needed most of the time, it's nice to have access to instructions ,maps,guides,walkthroughs at the time of playing the game. Also some games do have need for manuals for security checks.Some Infocom games you must have the included documentation to finish the game. Myself i hope the pdf is built in as that will enable themes around the pdf. Launcbox is an amazing front end with so much artwork already to all our favorite games. Why not a bit more.
  10. About the PDF reader will you be using a existing PDF reader or your own one built into LB (tons more work but better in the long term i think). Just remembering last time you tried, was not able to find a suitable ready built PDF reader. Also if you do decide to go the pre done route, will it be up to the user to decide which version they prefer or fixed. PDF readers can be a pain you find one you like then a few versions later it requires internet or adds adverts or just gets bloated and slows down to the point no longer useful.
  11. Also dont forget theres always RocketLauncher with it's pause mode this option will involve some setting up but plenty of youtube videos to help colpipes1978 video's are great for this
  12. The best solution is the one thing that you are already doing. In the long term that's regular updates with new features. That way the frustration level alone added with that one feature people have been waiting for in the next version where the crack no longer works.
  13. Sorry another brit trying irony, doesn't work so well in print. to put it simply Hyperspin updates are still faster than i would be able to achieve. Yes i'm very happy with all the updates that we get with Launchbox (with the exception of lack of trackball support ). he says slinking back to lurker mode :-)
  14. If you're in a hiring mood , I know Logo (well mostly, unless i forgot it) Also did drop in to most of your live development videos, and i think i almost had a basic understanding of one of them video's. Just think with my help updates might even be nearly as fast as a certain other popular front end.
  15. drphobus

    NESPi case

    just a little point of note if you use the fan option the noise can bring back the memories of retro PC's just try with heatsink only
  16. great theme . I very much like the fact there is a sense of atmosphere in the theme and is kept consistent throughout the whole range of emulators from all the different periods of time . Not an easy task to get right, but you have achieved just that
  17. One way will be to make a batch file for each game i.e. Dice pong -fullscreen then save text file as pong.bat then use add button in launchbox . not the fastest way but will work
  18. will you be able to share playlist . The reason i ask is that i'm getting a aimtrak gun but there are proberly a lot of games i have no idea about. Might work in a simuler way to music ie/ M3U or PLS
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