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  1. Well almost 3 years later and I just noticed I forgot to add a step (I actually just used my own guide lol, thanks KUPO). Fixed it tho and btw this still works great!
  2. Can confirm this works flawlessly between builds and different computers. Everything saves inside of the folder itself instead of the Registry. Surprised I wasn't able to find anyone talking about this on here. https://portableapps.com/node/57297 - also I love this website, they make excellent portable versions of just about everything. Really nice if you switch between OS's and different builds like I do for tech work.
  3. Awesome, guide section sounds great. And are you sure about the same version, in the config file it writes "fwlimited" which in my experience is a trial version at one point. Not to argue in any means, but I don't think this is an illegal copy, rather a demo at one point that was offered on the web curtesy of the Controller Companion team itself.
  4. To be honest, I have no idea. I found it previously on a link I was surfing for toggled controller support and I've never heard of it before then. If it is a pirated copy, forgive the link as I didn't know. I just uploaded it to media fire from my actual LaunchBox folder.
  5. Most importantly, I got the idea from FASM's topic posted a while back so a lot of this credit goes to him/her. However, I noticed it only halfway functioned and didn't really do what I wanted it to. An excellent start though! I have created a video with the tutorial in the description over at but for those who just want to get into it, here as follow. TUTORIAL FULLSCREEN MANUAL SUPPORT, BIGBOX Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/hzgyg8awfbzd8dn/SumatraPDF.exe and get Sumatra PDF. Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/dnb7v7wdfwl31ue/Chrono+Trigger.pdf an
  6. If anyone could give a quick run down on the best retroarch cores for android? If asking too much, mainly SNES and NES. Thanks! Phone specs if needed http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_stylo_2-8085.php
  7. Oh excellent, thank you! Havent got this far yet but it was better knowing before hand.
  8. Forgive me if this has been answered, I couldn't find a clear one myself however. I read somewhere along the lines, in order to swap discs for PSX, I must first create a working playlist with them? Example using, FFVII which is one 3 discs. Has this been updated, do I still need a playlist? Even so, I'm still not sure how to go about swapping in the first place. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Using the Medafen PSX HW core If this makes a difference.
  9. Oh well we found the same method on 2 different websites. So id say thats a plus for save transfering!
  10. I managed to pull this up as well. https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/How-to-use-save-mcr-(from-ePsxe)-with-retroarch-PSX-(EN) Oh well, i mean if i end up liking the standalone and im always bigbox anyways so its just mostly a background procedure. Just that 2 minute sony load up on final fantaxy vii -.- so confusing, anywho good night/day to you im gonna go focus on gaming finally thanks again man.
  11. Are saves compatable between the two? Ill just reinstall retroarch and eveyrrhing this friday.
  12. Omg im just going with psxe until i get my net bacl friday. Im so stressed over this lol.
  13. This would be fine if it was just able to save my options but it reverts back to default core options upon reopening retroarch.
  14. However im able to play the games fine.its just closing out of retroarch.
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