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  1. Added Super_Nintendo_2 set including: - 162 new SNES game themes - 1 game replacement theme for "Aerobiz Supersonic" (didn't like the old one) - 1 fixed game theme for "Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventure" (no more line going throw the video) Preview Pics:
  2. I just made a quick edit of the Super Famicom System Background by faeran to change it into an european Version:
  3. Uploaded my second Windows Pack. It comes with 103 game themes for the following games: Here are 4 preview pics: Download here:
  4. No need to wait ;D I Just uploaded my first Windows pack. It comes with 89 backrounds for the following games: and here is a little screenshot preview:
  5. I am also working on backgrounds for PC Games, so far I have 48 games done, but will make a few more before I am ready to upload a new pack. But here is a preview pic of one I just converted from HS:
  6. Amazing Artwork @squallsoft I hope you'll make more
  7. ok wow, over 1 GB, I didn't expect that 😅 I am very happy that you have decided to share this. I took a quick look inside that pack and I can allready tell that I will replace on my personal Bigbox setup some of my backgrounds with yours. Awesome work!
  8. Oh I am very much looking forward to your packs! I was hoping that someday someone else would also make and share backgrounds for this theme besides me
  9. uploaded a small little pack for Daphne which contains backgrounds for 17 games aswell as a new Daphne system background.
  10. My game media packs for this theme are also updated for the new version, including 2 new packs for Nintendo Gamecube and Tecmo Arcade games and all packs can be downloaded as a highrez uncompressed or allready compressed version.
  11. Tried it, still doesn't work, and I am on patch 10.15 beta 8. Even with my selfrendered artwork it doesn't show up. Maybe I need to change something in the Bigbox settings for them to show up? or is the path to the image not implemented correctly? Thing is, it works fine in the Community Theme Creator, just not in Bigbox.
  12. Hi Faeran, I tried out this theme but for some reason the costum images don't show up at all with this one. Even after clearing my image caches. The same system of costum images works fine with your Retrotastic theme so I don't know why this one's not working. Here is what NatA theme looks like when I try it on my Bigbox setup:
  13. It is been a while, I am still not done with this build, but I have done more things with this cabinet: First added my old 32 inch TV to the cabinet, and tried what a marquee monitor could look like (just as a test, for the final product I want to use either a way smaller screen as marquee or a projector) I build a PC inside wich looks really messy right now since I have not done cable managment yet For a sound system, I used a Logitech PC 2.1 system. I wanted to use a mini amp at first, but I always had major sound issues with the PC, so I decided to go with a regular PC
  14. Next upload: SNES_Backgrounds_Part8 : 44 new SNES backgrounds SegaArcade_StarWars: missing Sega Star Wars Arcade background for Sega Arcade Classics Preview:
  15. I have uploaded Pack 3 of the Taito Classics Backgrounds. This pack contains 132 game backgrounds and are the games from L to Z. So I am finally done with the Taito games. Previews:
  16. I finally have managed to do a new backround upload: Pack 1 and 2 of Taito Classics Backgrounds uploaded: -Pack 1 contains 60 backgrounds for Taito Arcade games -Pack 2 contains 59 backrounds for Taito Arcade games + 1 animated png + Taito Classics system Background I also uploaded a theme for the unreleased 32x game Pinocchio and for the Cave arcade game Akai Katana. There are many many more Arcade games from Taito so I am far away from being done with it. In fact this 2 packs only have games starting with A to K in it. Rest will follow some other time
  17. Got lots of painting done today, now I will relax for the rest of the day
  18. Slowly getting more and more close to the goal when it comes to painting (and yes, that is Bob Ross on the monitor 😋)
  19. Finally done with priming, started painting with lacquer today
  20. Slowly getting everything primed while making the best of what little room I have on my balcony:
  21. This time I added a pack for Taito Type X arcade games. It has backgrounds for 40 Type X games + a system background "Taito Type X" Preview:
  22. Hey guys, I wanted to build an arcade machine for quite some time using Bigbox as the main Menu. But I didn't have the tools to make a good arcade cabinet case. Now I ordered a sitdown diy arcade flatpack (called "AE HYPER AIR32") from Arcade Europe. It finally arrived yesterday and here is what I got: Really great quality, no thin mdf, even on the backside. It came allready assembled (except for the round top and 2 doors that hide the shelves on the lower part of the machine) and also is really heavy. Had to carry it up to the third floor. Glad my janitor helped me,
  23. Awesome update, Retrotastic is soooo smooth now, I love it!!!
  24. Here is another small pack: Nintendo Arcade Classics: it comes with 35 game backgrounds + 1 replacement system theme "Nintendo Classics" Preview:
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