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  1. This time I added a pack for Taito Type X arcade games. It has backgrounds for 40 Type X games + a system background "Taito Type X" Preview:
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to build an arcade machine for quite some time using Bigbox as the main Menu. But I didn't have the tools to make a good arcade cabinet case. Now I ordered a sitdown diy arcade flatpack (called "AE HYPER AIR32") from Arcade Europe. It finally arrived yesterday and here is what I got: Really great quality, no thin mdf, even on the backside. It came allready assembled (except for the round top and 2 doors that hide the shelves on the lower part of the machine) and also is really heavy. Had to carry it up to the third floor. Glad my janitor helped me, but still I was done for the day after that 🤣 Tomorrow, I will start the painting process which will take quite a while, I just hope I don't mess up 😨
  3. Awesome update, Retrotastic is soooo smooth now, I love it!!!
  4. Here is another small pack: Nintendo Arcade Classics: it comes with 35 game backgrounds + 1 replacement system theme "Nintendo Classics" Preview:
  5. Today I added another big Arcade pack: Namco Arcade Classics It comes with 174 game backgrounds split into 3 zip files. It also contains 4 different system backgrounds: Namco Arcade Classics Namco System 11 Namco System 12 Namco System 22 Preview:
  6. Aaaand Model 2 is also done with 31 game backgrounds and also 1 system replacement background. Now I need a little break XD Preview:
  7. Allright, another quick update: 22 Sega Model 3 games added + System Background for Model 3 since it didn't have one yet They are almost all converted from Hyperspin. Preview:
  8. This time I uploaded backgrounds for Nintendo 64 games. There are 223 N64 game backgrounds split into 3 archives. Preview:
  9. This time I uploaded a smaller pack: Irem Arcade Classics Only 1 zip with 59 Background themes + 1 replacement background for "Irem Classics" Preview:
  10. Backgrounds for non NeoGeo Data East Arcade games are done. 109 Backgrounds have been added + 1 replacement background for "Data East Classics" Preview:
  11. Hey guys, I am back from vacation and as promised, here is my next upload: Midway Classics: - 102 Backgrounds for Midway Arcade games, split into 2 archives - 1 System replacement background for "Midway Classics" Preview
  12. Next Pack is done - Sega Arcade Classics: This one has backgrounds for 218 Sega Arcade games on Mame. I will be on holidays in 2 weeks and will probably get to do another pack not before I am back from holidays. So it will take a while but the next pack will come for sure Preview:
  13. And here is another pack: Atari Arcade Classics: split into 3 zip files, here are backgrounds for 125 Atari Arcade games. Have you played Atari today? Preview:
  14. Hello, I just uploaded SNK Classic backgrounds. It comes with 43 game backgrounds for SNK Arcade games pre NeoGeo aswell as a replacement background for "SNK Classic" platform. Preview:
  15. After Atomiswave, Naomi Backgrounds have now arrived! I did split them in 3 parts since I made 139 game backgrounds for the Naomi platform Preview:
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