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  1. Next Pack is done - Sega Arcade Classics: This one has backgrounds for 218 Sega Arcade games on Mame. I will be on holidays in 2 weeks and will probably get to do another pack not before I am back from holidays. So it will take a while but the next pack will come for sure Preview:
  2. And here is another pack: Atari Arcade Classics: split into 3 zip files, here are backgrounds for 125 Atari Arcade games. Have you played Atari today? Preview:
  3. Hello, I just uploaded SNK Classic backgrounds. It comes with 43 game backgrounds for SNK Arcade games pre NeoGeo aswell as a replacement background for "SNK Classic" platform. Preview:
  4. After Atomiswave, Naomi Backgrounds have now arrived! I did split them in 3 parts since I made 139 game backgrounds for the Naomi platform Preview:
  5. Since the Reicast core in Retroarch now supports Mame Arcade roms for Atomiswave and Naomi, I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate this with an upload of an Atomiswave game backgrounds pack it comes with backgrounds for all 28 Sammy Atomiswave games that are available right now. It also comes with a slightly modified Background for "Sammy Atomiswave" platform background as replacement. Preview:
  6. The only Stretch property for videos I could find was: <!-- VIDEO PROPERTIES --> <!-- Auto Play Video Properties --> <Style x:Key="AutoVideo" TargetType="aoc:MediaTrack"> <Setter Property="Autoplay" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="Repeat" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="PlayerImpl" Value="WMP" /> <Setter Property="PlayerImplLazily" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="PlayerImplPooled" Value="True" /> <Setter Property="Stretch" Value="Fill" /> </Style> But when I remove <Setter Property="Stretch" Value="Fill" /> it changes nothing. I have looked through all the other xaml and couldn't find any more video stretch properties.
  7. So far I haven't experienced this issue, but I will need to do some further testing since I haven't played around with the new Playlist features too much. Also I was busy getting the next pack ready, which I just uploaded: Williams Arcade Classics it contains 19 Game Backgrounds for Arcade games produced by Williams (including some prototypes, 2 of which I submited to the Launchbox database and just got added to the same ) + a replacement Platform Background for "Williams Classics" Previews: Also @faeran : Would it be possible to update Retrotastic to make the videos stay in their correct aspect ratio like Unified does it?
  8. Surprise upload: Capcom Arcade Backgrounds this one contains 48 Capcom non CPS arcade games (all Mame games including the 3D games that are also running on ZiNc, but I used the Arcade Launchbox IDs) and I also found out that I missed 3 CPS1 games, so I also included those 3 in this pack. Preview:
  9. This time I uploaded Part 7 of the SNES Background packs, it comes with 50 backgrounds including backgrounds for some japanese exclusive games. Preview:
  10. this got my vote Also.... pack 6 and 7 of the Sega Genesis game backgrounds are done and uploaded. They come with 50 backgrounds each! Preview:
  11. Quick update: 5th Sega Genesis Pack uploaded, which includes 48 Backgrounds, Preview:
  12. I just uploaded the 4th Sega Genesis pack, It's a little bigger then the previous 3 and comes with 45 game backgrounds. Here are 3 compressed preview pics:
  13. No problem, I hope you got rid of the problem Also I just added Part 3 of the Sega Genesis packs, adding another 38 game backgrounds to the genesis game library. Here are 2 preview pics from the third pack:
  14. I just downloaded all my Neo Geo packs and unpacked them without any corruption errors. Make sure you use the latest version of whatever unpacker program you use. I use the latest version of Winrar and it works fine with it.
  15. Started with Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Backgrounds. The first 2 packs are done and uploaded, each containing 38 Backgrounds. Preview: Progress has become slower since work picked up, but I will still continue to work on Backgrounds
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