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  1. Hey there! Something very simple: A startup theme that shows a very big front cover when starting a game. To me, using a launcher - and especially an excellent one like LaunchBox - means virtualizing the act of starting a game. Not just double-clicking a shortcut or ROM. Scrolling through my game boxes with their beautiful artwork. And then, when I choose to play a game, taking the box, admiring it, before playing the game. This is what I tried to emulate with my startup theme: Choosing a game, getting the box and admiring the artwork as large as possible. No loading text - just a dimmed fanart background and the logo in the upper left corner. Hope you like it! Big BoxFront.zip
  2. I know, this is not relevant to this thread because it's about an XBox 360 Controller but just for completeness sake: If you use the awesome PS4-controller with its DS4Windows-drivers, there is another option (which I am using). You can define "Special Actions" which can also be programs and put them on your PS4-controller. I start BigBox by pressing and holding the PS-Button for 2 seconds.
  3. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but, no, I don't think it works.
  4. I love the Amiga! It was the first system that was in my own room - so I had access 24/7 (much to the displeasure of my parents). The way I manage my Amiga games is by having separate configuration files for each one. This does sound like a lot of work but it's actually not so bad. Plus, it gives me a lot of options for each game. Sure, you could play 90% of the games by using a standard Amiga 500 setup and a one button joystick but by having a separate config, you can add more RAM, additional disk drives, faster CPUs, map other gamepad buttons, and so on. While some Amiga games use additional RAM, for example, others go crazy when there is too much or simply crash. Granted, a lot of these problems are gone when you use WHDLoad but there is still the option of mapping your gamepad (makes many Amiga games a lot more playable - especially mapping Joy Up to Button A so jumps are a lot easier when not using a Competition Pro Joystick). Great thing about using UAE-Files is, you can name them whatever you whish and import works flawlessly.
  5. The question, of course, is whether this additional accuracy can be felt in any way. I mean, I own about 140 NES games. Some of them Japanese imports (like Crisis Force) and I've never had any problems playing them on an emulator. And they always looked and sounded exactly like when I use my real NES. I honestly think that using a less accurate emulator that delivers adequate speed is preferable to using a more accurate one that doesn't suffers from lag and whatnot.
  6. Crisis Force does run in Mednafen.
  7. Can we also use %romfile% with additional programs? About puNES: I think it's an awesome emulator. However, at the moment there is no way to map multiple buttons/axis to one function (i.e. use the d-pad and analog stick) so for the moment I prefer Mednafen.
  8. Pat

    A couple of noob questions

    Oh, I'm sorry, I probably wasn't clear enough with my mousewheel explanation: I did enable mouse control and that works. It's just the limited mousewheel support: I can use the wheel as long as I am in list view but as soon as I switch to wheel view or any kind of horizontally scrolling box view, the wheel doesn't work anymore. I know, it's no big deal. But I would love to scroll through my game boxes using the mousewheel.
  9. Hey there I recently started to use LaunchBox and - holy cow! - it took about all of three seconds to make this my new favorite frontend. It's a blast to use and it took the fraction of the time to import my games compared to all others I tried. I use fairly complex batch files to start everything. They check and start various things by checking the ROM-name (without extension) and so on. Now this is all well and good and basically works as intended by using %1. Now my question: I thought about cleaning up my batch files and use the awesome additional programs feature. Are there variables that I can use? Like %ROMNAME%, %ROMPATH%, or similar? Also, a I tried to search for an answer in the forums but couldn't find anything. So I apologize if this question has been answered before. Another small questions: I like to use all input methods to control my frontend. And this works really great with LaunchBox! There is just one simple thing: Mousewheel. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't use the mouse wheel in BigBox whenever I'm not using list view. Also, whenever there is horizontal scrolling, it would be great if I could use the wheel as well. Is that possible? And finally (for the moment) something rather odd: How about the option to NOT show favorites in the recent list? As an option, of course! Bear with me: Favorites have their own list in BigBox so they appear in platform view anyway. So my idea is to have a recent list which shows all other games. Yeah, I'm probably the only person on earth who wants this. Anyway, thanks for this awesome frontend and I'm positively flabbergasted about the progress you're making! Keep it up!
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