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  1. Hey! Just downloaded this, and the backgrounds for the systems aren't coming up. And yes, I have the Unified theme installed. Just wondering if maybe an update borked it? Image below to show you what I am experiencing.
  2. This is more of an FYI, than any real help, but I use RocketLauncher in conjunction with LaunchBox. There is an issue I've ran into where if you are using the Atari800 core, you're unable to use bezels and well... basically all the stuff that makes RocketLauncher worth using. This is because RocketLauncher will always seek out the config file from the config folder instead of .atari800.cfg. And even if you move the file to the config folder, then RocketLauncher will still ignore it over retroarch.cfg. Not looking for help, just putting it out there for educational purposes.
  3. I swear that at some point there was an option on Launchbox that prevented it from renaming your media. I cannot find it for some reason, and I just wanted to make sure I'm not crazy.
  4. I just recently downloaded the wonderful Unified theme for Launchbox. I used a similar theme style when I was using Hyperspin, so this brought me great joy. However, when using that theme on Hyperspin, I was still using game specific themes for Arcade games. Now the Unified theme uses artwork and displays the video within the artwork, while other users have converted the old Hyperspin themes into videos (actually much like the platform videos for the Unified theme). I guess what I'm wondering is if there's way to play the game theme video, instead of displaying the art work from the them
  5. This is basically what I was looking for. So apparently I have excellent timing. lol
  6. Just wondering. I have to imagine this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anyone asking. Just simply wonder if I could change it so that my game titles are "Game (USA) (Disc 1)" for example instead of the title taken from the DB.
  7. First, I'll say that it had been a little bit since I'd booted up Launchbox for tinkering purposes. Maybe since around 7.0? Anyway, I let it update, started it up, and for some reason all my media is missing except for Atari 2600. Now, the media is all there saved where it should be. I do keep my media in a separate spot than the default. "X:\Launchbox\Media\Images\Artwork 3" is where I keep my box art, for example (Mostly to keep my personal art collection separate from the downloaded media from the DB). I checked through the options for each system, and everything is still pointed where
  8. First I'm not looking to break the bank on this, Trying to keep it around the $1000 mark. My goal: To be able to play up to 6th Gen (PS2, DC, GCN) games at native resolutions without taking any real performance hits. Going for authenticity and portability more so than HD. Also, kind of a pick up and go set up. Easy to plug and play with any modern TV. This will also be the ONLY thing the PC will be used for. No high end gaming, just an emulation box. Here's the build I'm going with currently: Case: Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini-ITX Mobo: MSI Intel Skylake H110 CPU: Inte
  9. I used to have "everything" for the systems I bother with (around 25 + arcade stuff). Now I'm trying to narrow it down to just stuff released in USA, and then adding in choice stuff from PAL and Japan over time. The hardest part is finding a comprehensive list of games for every system, which you'd think would be easy.
  10. I can say, I simply stopped having the issue, but I also haven't been shutting launchbox on and off as often either.
  11. I launch in Big Box mode, so no, I do not have a different one, but I mean, it's such a simple picture, you can swap colors easily with any paintbucket tool. As for saving it forever? I mean, you could upload it to some sort of cloud service? Also, I did convert it for you, but when converting to an .ico it shrinks the picture, so I've got the orginal edited picture + and the .ico version. Launchbox.ico
  12. Don's Tools don't work unless you have a Hyperspin install anyway. Someone was working on a conversion for LaunchBox, but the thread appears to be abandoned. What about for CD based systems? I love no-intro, but I've never seen anything comparable for say PSX, Dreamcast. etc. I know there's redump, but I don't think those lists are as complete?
  13. I make all my own icons for my dock on my PC, I don't know if this is the sort of thing you're looking for?
  14. I want to make my own database for my games, and I would like to try to get every game that was released in english if I could. So that includes things from Europe, USA, and wherever. Was just wondering if anyone knew a way to find out this info easily?
  15. I'm not super concerned with budget, but "best cheapest" is kind of the idea. I can clarify more what I mean by that. The media, as in Fades, Videos, etc will all be stuff that looks good on 1080p displays, but the games themselves will run at native resolutions. I like that a lot, and I think that's more along the lines of what I'm looking for. Actually I was wondering what Cooling you were using, as I see it was a water cooling device. This is the current build right now, I think it may be a little overkill, so critique and suggest alternatives! Current Build
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