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  1. COINOPS REDUX for Arcade Pyramids for Consoles Retro Console Dark V3 for Computers VideoBox for Movies
  2. I think also my Multi Monitor Setup (4 Monitors) is the reason 😁 All other themes work fine. But I'm working on getting your theme to work for me too. The arcade stuff is amazingly good
  3. Monitor 1 = 3440 x 1440 Monitor 2 = 1980 x 1020 The image is shifted down and to the right (every Platform). The menu is also no longer completely visible, so I always have to select a different theme to close BigBox. Could it be that this has to do with the naming conventions? I'll take a look at it and I will report it. Anyway, great theme, good job, thank you!
  4. Thx, that was the reason, the Error-Message is gone, but the Screen Size is not correct i did not see the whole cabinet.
  5. I get an error, all dll are unblocked any idea why this happens?
  6. Nice! nice to see what can be done with the creator, definitely a template that can be pimped up or all ideas can be viewed
  7. Correct, thats the way. If you want, share your Collection
  8. Here is my Photoshop Template, so you can create your own with Photoshop or Affinity *EDIT* or Gimp. If you need more help sure i can help Soundtrack_template.7z
  9. No Problem, here my Banner, Clear Logo and FanArt
  10. THX for the Set, realy nice, replace all my Files with your Setup!
  11. Finish Him!!! My Banner, Clear Logo and Fan Art
  12. @JoeViking245 😍 THANK YOU! That's exactly how I imagined it, now my MAME setup will be updated, and I just need to tell LB "do an update". Wonderful! Thank you very much for the help, the script is now in my dependencies folder for future updates, never copy it again by hand.
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