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  1. I'm a tech guy and I still made that mistake, so I'm sure you'll be saving someone else the trouble by doing this. Thanks!
  2. I guess I did miss that when I first downloaded it. Normally the themes here already have the appropriately named folder inside. Still, it's minimal effort to make life a little easier for users.
  3. Mr. Retrolust, awesome theme, but I think a quick fix is in order. Your 1.4 file doesn't have a folder named "NeonDeluxeArcade" inside. When someone goes to extract it and move it to their Themes folder in LB, the theme will throw up a ton of errors. Took me awhile to realize what the problem was.
  4. See that sentence? The part where you admit you have no understanding whatsoever of development? That's the precise moment where your "complaint" ceased to be constructive. If it ever was.
  5. It's impossible to maintain any level of energy and enthusiasm for a project if you don't once in awhile shake things up. If Jason is excited about working on an Android version, he needs to do what inspires him. Creative energy is something that needs to be fed.
  6. Saw the Patreon section. Good luck with it. Your "Platform Covered" section doesn't include any mention of either Cave or the U.S. Super Nintendo. I was just asking if you would put them on your list.
  7. Hey Viking, I love your new set! Looks like I may have to switch over from your Nostalgia set. Any chance you can do videos for a CAVE upright and the US version of the Nintendo SNES? Thanks!
  8. That's a good start....thank you!
  9. I understood what you were saying. As I already explained, if you use an existing image category, unless you remember to uncheck the box, the files will be overwritten the next time you update your media through the LB database. Yes you can do it, but it's far from an ideal solution. Jason already said he'd consider the idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. True, but those are based on MAME defaults. They make sense from a logical gameplay approach (i.e. the first button is usually 'Fire'), but they're not necessarily the authentic controls. In the case of arcade games, I've modified my controls for a large number of games to more accurately reflect the layout found on the original cabinets. A lot of work, but the end result is worth it from a nostalgia point of view. I just want to have the ability to show a custom image, without having to modify, delete, or overwrite artwork that is automatically downloaded from the LB database.
  11. JPG's don't support transparency. I would double-check to ensure your box art is all PNG's, which do. I've come across a few that were JPG's (mostly with disc images), and that may be why you have a white border/background.
  12. Really glad to hear that Jason, thanks. I thought the idea was completely off the table, which like I said I would understand. Whenever you get to it (no rush), I would appreciate the added user flexibility.
  13. Agreed. But for the same reason (being able to display the controls for a game while loading), I had asked for an image category for the Launch Screen feature, and it didn't happen. Knowing Jason reads every post, I can only assume he has good reason to not do it, which I obviously respect. Therefore, while I'm hopeful, let's just say I don't expect it to happen with this feature either.
  14. Thanks, but that basically means wiping out all fanart images. And, any media updates would then overwrite my pause screens. I had requested a new image category for 'pause screens' a couple of times in this thread so that we could have a clean solution, but I guess that's not happening.
  15. Interesting, thanks. I'll play with it once the official release arrives. I've made over 300 screens like this so far, and all I want to do is be able to display them on my cab. If you ever have friends or family over and they ask you constantly how to play every game they load up, you'll understand why I really want this to finally be a reality lol.
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