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  1. We could really use updated videos for Cave, Daphne, and Naomi. They were in the Nostalgia set. Please?
  2. Thank you Mr. Retrolust, your work is outstanding. Hope you can keep up the energy to complete this massive project.
  3. Wish I could help, but I don't use anything above 1080p at the moment.
  4. I agree, best to keep it to mainly just the controls. Users already have the game media thrown at them in most existing LB themes.
  5. Hey, if you manage to do that for us, that would be terrific and much appreciated! Do you think it's currently possible to have it look for a game image, then if that doesn't exist, a default one for the system?
  6. Yes, ideally I was looking to have a folder created that isn't touched by any images by the database. Just an empty folder that can be used for any purpose the user or theme creators intend. I would hate to forget to uncheck the box during a metadata update and accidentally overwrite everything that I put in there. As for system images, this is also how RetroPie works with launching (startup) images. First it searches for an image named the same as the rom. If it doesn't find that, it displays one for the platform if it's available. Creating a startup theme that shows the controls for the game or system you're launching (pointing to a custom folder) would be a great feature for LB, which is why I want to see it integrated.
  7. Awhile back I brought up the idea of being able to display *customized* controller mapping images for the pause screen by creating one new image folder in LB. This one user folder could just be called "custom" or something generic like that, and could be used for people creating various types of themes for LB. I wanted people who were playing my arcade cabinet to be able to hit a button, and the pause screen would bring up an image that I had created to show them the specific controls for the game or the system (see below for an example of what I made for my setups). Whatever image in that folder is named the same as the current rom is what would be displayed, so the image could be anything you like. I didn't get a lot of support on the idea, but maybe we can raise the discussion again if there's interest.
  8. This is correct. Windows OS sorts properly without needing the zero preceding a single digit.
  9. Now that looks sharp. Hope to see that change officially incorporated into already an excellent theme.
  10. Thanks @neil9000. I guess I completely missed the part where we somehow went from, "Sure, I can easily add that option" to "Nope, not going to do it" 😕
  11. Does that by any chance include being able to view game titles under the boxes? Or is that coming later? I can't seem to find an option to turn them on. Thanks.
  12. I'm hoping to see the category videos coming soon as well.
  13. It's an issue because this is obviously going to be the new format for LB going forward. This is why we have betas - to provide feedback. Not all feedback is going to be positively glowing. Jason offered a short term solution, and the complaint is being addressed.
  14. Please don't insert your own hyperbole into what I said. I never called anything a "disaster". I specifically said I liked the new direction, but I called the removal of game titles a step backwards in usability. That's constructive feedback. As for the blur, I think it's a good addition for the same reasons.
  15. Having the option to have the game title text always enabled would be appreciated, Jason. However, the game text covers now part of the box rather than being underneath. In my opinion, the way the titles were displayed previously was better.
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