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  1. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    The point is that a talented guy didn't totally write off the retrogaming community after someone tried to steal his work. No matter what it does for the LB community, it's still a positive thing.
  2. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Good news, the very talented author of Retrorama and other masterpieces has returned to the community! See his quick post on his Github. https://github.com/lipebello/es-theme-Retrorama
  3. Big Box Cinematix

    No question, LucasArts epitomized that entire genre of PC games. Sierra too, but LucasArts then was like Rockstar today....pretty much everything they cranked out was a quality game.
  4. Big Box Cinematix

    Thanks bro. Wish it was more often, but life is a bit hectic these days. This thread is the first place I look when I check in, and you just happened to have pumped out themes for two of my favorite systems from my childhood (Vectrex and Atari 2600). Doing a little happy dance over here!
  5. Big Box Cinematix

    James, this Atari 2600 theme is an absolute masterpiece. Hard to believe it's possible, but you just keep raising the bar higher brother.
  6. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Here you go. Glad I grabbed a copy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gXI5WGq0CNn_-RHiE6bPePy7SM86X9HM/view?usp=sharing
  7. Big Box Cinematix

    Shoot, been really busy and I didn't realize you did a Vectrex video. Thank you so much JB! Looks awesome. You filled a major gap in my collection with one of my most beloved systems (I still own the console). GG
  8. CityHunter

    Thank you Kelto - looking forward to checking out the new versions.
  9. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Same here. I finally find a Retropie theme that I'm happy to keep using as my default, and people end up chasing the artist away from doing what he clearly loves. Some people are such ungrateful turds.
  10. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    This is my preferred theme for my Retropie setups, and I'm glad to see it being ported over to Launchbox. You're a very talented artist Filipe. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.
  11. Thanks very much for doing these.
  12. About to ask for a refund....

    That means at least 41,000 videos (much more if you queued theme videos), and likely more than half a million image downloads. I'd guess much more. You might need to be patient with such a massive download job.
  13. 8.0-beta-4 Released

    @Jason Carr Thank you - Beta 5 somehow solved the issue for me of cycling through games with background videos and getting errors.
  14. 8.0-beta-4 Released

    Same thing here, except I'm not playing any background music. I do use a background video though.