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  1. I made a simple Windows batch file to print the contents of a directory. I use it all the time to compare file lists when I pull from MAME sets, just to make sure I named the roms correctly and didn't miss any (some games have been renamed through the years). You can right-click and look at the script yourself, but this is all it is: dir /b > _DirList.txt If you stick this in your MAME / Arcade rom folder and run it, it spits out a text file listing the files. That's all I would need to compare yours to mine. Thank you, I really appreciate it. _PrintDirectory.bat
  2. Hey Mr. Retrolust, at some point, would it be possible for you to post a list of the roms you're working from for this project? The reason I ask is because I keep a curated "Best of" collection for MAME, and you have a good assortment here that I never included in my library. If it's a hassle, no worries, but I would love to see your collection.
  3. I'm not 100% positive, but typically using the No-Intro naming convention for the roms will pick them up in LB. Maybe we can get someone else to confirm that.
  4. Really nice, thank you dragon57! I was hoping someone would make updated 3D box art.
  5. Awesome, thank you Hitm4n. I appreciate you taking the time to do some of the regional variations. I agree, one pack with a version number is more than enough (and I think it's actually easier for people that way).
  6. Hey Hitm4n, great stuff, thank you. I see WebWarp, but do you by any chance have a box done for WebWars (the U.S. version)?
  7. It was just announced that GTA V has sold 130 million copies. I have to imagine the traffic on a relatively young gaming platform like Epic has been problematic in many ways.
  8. Sounds good. I like that you have the game filling most of the image. Other efforts are certainly nice as well, but they make the actual game too small in favor of showing more of the cabinet and other 'atmosphere'. Your work is a good mix of prioritizing a larger game screen, while still showing enough of the bezel and cabinet for the nostalgia. Great stuff, thanks again for this project.
  9. Galaxian, my favorite arcade game of all time. These are great, thanks so much for doing them! Do you have any idea of how far you plan to go before you make Pack 3?
  10. It was Andyco47 who pointed out that Moon Patrol scores for example can be manipulated, which until that moment Jason did not think was possible. Instead of scolding him, personally I think he should be thanked.
  11. I was joking earlier. Sadly you're never going to stop people from cheating (at anything). The All-Time Leaderboards are where people will be trying to land their names by whatever means possible. I just set mine to show the Weekly Leaderboards only. Seems less likely that people will go through the hassle of changing settings back and forth every time they play, so emphasizing the short-term records seems like a better way to get an accurate picture of how your colleagues are scoring.
  12. I'm not saying people are cheating. ...but people are cheating 😄
  13. We could really use updated videos for Cave, Daphne, and Naomi. They were in the Nostalgia set. Please?
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