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  1. Thanks Viking. Was a video ever done for the GCE Vectrex? I looked through the file list and couldn't find one, but maybe I missed a community contribution.
  2. Oh wow, I haven't been here in a few days and didn't realize you started on my requests. Thanks so much RL, these are awesome!
  3. I guess I'll get this started with my own request list. Here is the info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1haLYauIIOrq7AmFoO8xydS1WkeXmUA_ctfPGn9eXCgE/edit?usp=sharing My top 10 requests are: Time Pilot Phoenix Sinistar Super Punchout Star Castle Vulcan Venture Mat Mania Sky Shark Fantasy Zone 2 NBA Maximum Hangtime Thanks so much! Enjoy your break, and see you in August.
  4. This has been an incredible project and a testament to your dedication to the hobby, Mr. Retrolust. I can't thank you enough. Will there be a Pack 8 with the last batch included? Or should we just collect them individually from this thread?
  5. No problem, happy to help. Just place this bat file in your roms folder and it will spit out a list of every file. _PrintDirectory.bat
  6. Yes, please add Phoenix to your list of requests! One of my all time favorites.
  7. Sly Spy looks great, thank you! Been waiting for that one.
  8. Wow, that's a really nice one. I may have to check out the game just because of the artwork.
  9. Or maybe you could just say "thank you" to Mr. Retrolust for spending months, just about every single day, to create and share these with the community. If they're not to your taste, just move on. Your behavior here is ridiculous.
  10. I understand that logic. However, users often don't pay attention. My argument was based on UI best practices. If the user has the ability to royally screw up their project at the touch of a button, it should be made more difficult to accomplish that, not easier. I'll take that as a hard no and move on. Thanks.
  11. While we're on the subject, I think it would be a good move from a user experience perspective to leave the boxes for creating all of those playlists unchecked by default for the user. I once forgot to uncheck those during an import, and it wreaked havoc with my existing playlists. I spent a great deal of time creating and tweaking those lists, some of which were named the same. It took quite awhile to clean up the mess. IMO it should be left up to the user to affirmatively opt into making such a drastic addition to their collection.
  12. I agree, the game screen should always be the size priority. One of many reasons I use this series, aside from it being generally awesome work.
  13. You complained that an LB feature resulted in you having duplicate videos. LB has a tool to remove duplicate videos and images. As for any "bad news" you heard, I'm not sure what to say. I'm pointing out a built-in solution to your issue.
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