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  1. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Well, as we can see from your post count which, including this colorful one, amounts to a whopping 2 posts, it seems you never bothered to ask anyone on the forums for the slightest bit of help. I hear Jason was planning to implement telepathic tech support in the next beta, where he can instantly be aware of any issues you're having with his software, all without you saying a word! Too bad you won't be around to see him roll out that new feature. Good luck.
  2. Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @viking Hey Viking, would you mind doing a slight modification of this logo? I need a logo for my "Top 100 Arcade" playlist, and I'd love to use this. Instead of "Nintendo" at the top, would you please change it to say "Top 100"? Keep everything else the same though...the rest is perfect. Thanks!
  3. Big Box Cinematix

    Awesome work sir, thank you! I know this one must have been a really tough theme to put together.
  4. Big Box Cinematix

    I...I....wait a minute. I don't see an Amiga 500. We're talking gaming computers here, and I don't see an Amiga 500. How dare you, sir. How. Dare. You.
  5. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    The moderation team here is arguably the most helpful and personable group of people I've ever seen in any online forum community. Perhaps it's just you.
  6. Big Box Cinematix

    No worries, just one prayer to the Lord of Light and you'll be resurrected lickety split! The emulation scene is dark and full of terrors, but the Launchbox burns them all away.
  7. Big Box Cinematix

    I'm going with the following list: Amiga 500 Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum Apple II Atari ST MSX / MSX 2 (if it can be squeezed in)
  8. Big Box Cinematix

    Apple II's were practically ubiquitous in American schools in the 80's. Many of us probably played games like Oregon Trail on it when we were kids. And yes, the games will look like crap. Point me to any 35 year-old games that have held up. It's about nostalgia, not necessarily modern playability (though some games are timeless fun).
  9. Big Box Cinematix

    Yeah, price-wise the Amiga was no joke. But for anyone who had one, you had easily the most amazing gaming platform of all your friends. The graphics, sound, and music were far beyond anything of the day. My family also had an IBM in the house, and it was primitive in comparison.
  10. Big Box Cinematix

    In 1989, I paid almost $1900 (USD) for the full Amiga 500 setup. A year later, I purchased an external hard drive for $300. Know much space it had? A whopping 2 MB, which at the time was actually a TON of room for games lol.
  11. Big Box Cinematix

    No way. I'm pretty sure the Commodore 64 was the best-selling computer of that age. https://interestingengineering.com/9-of-the-best-selling-computers-of-all-time
  12. Big Box Cinematix

    And for the Amiga, be sure to go with the vintage Amiga 500....it far outsold the other Amiga models. Definitely Commodore 64, but I'd also say Atari ST was no slouch at the time. The Apple II might also be a good choice, and did have a library of games. A generic DOS-based PC is a must-have. EDIT: Actually, I take that back. If we're talking vintage computer gaming, I think going with a true IBM PC would probably be a better choice than just a generic PC.
  13. Big Box Cinematix

    That's a YouTube watermark for the channel only...it's not encoded into the actual video.