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  1. It's ok, Jason. :) I appreciate the reply anyway. I can run WiiU and PS2. WiiU runs ok but PS2 may need different settings to run better.
  2. So, This is really more of a "What can I play?" kind of question. I have this setup that I'm including in "spoilers" and attaching and would like opinions if possible. I know lots of you have more experience with Launchbox and most likely more powerful machines than this but also not as powerful ones as well. Thoughts? PC Specs.txt
  3. Thank you, Brad. Sorry that I didn't see the other posts. Also, I really enjoy your tutorials. They have helped me setup about 25 different systems.
  4. Trying to update movies, etc. for my Launchbox setup (especially since I wiped out my roms from LB completely by accident). I still have my roms on my HD but gone from my LB. Anyway, logged into Emumovies on the website but in LB it can't connect. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Thank you all for replying to my question. That makes me feel better and not to waste more time trying to get it to work. I went ahead and imported them the old fashioned way.
  6. Does Lightspeed work with the new version of Launchbox? It states that it gets done and then says to open Launchbox but yet it hasn't imported any Arcade roms.
  7. By the way, I ended up giving up on Sega Saturn. I still couldn't get it to work properly.
  8. Yes but unfortunately, Mednafen is way too slow for me on my current laptop.
  9. Not sure why SSF.exe stopped working. It was fine last night. I swear that I didn't change any settings either.
  10. Everything seems to work ok with SSFa.exe instead of SSF.exe fullscreen.
  11. http://www.emutalk.net/threads/56005-Weird-glitch-with-SSF-in-full-screen-please-help!! Someone else had this issue but it doesn't look solved to me.
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