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  1. 'tis a dead horse I know, but FYI for anyone new to the issue, it is partly resolved in RA by going to options of the core and turning on the proper TIME HACK for this game.
  2. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    Not that I can see/hear. I am not checking every one as I go though. trying to have the whole library converted in a week or so. But everything I have tried so far seemed spot on
  3. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    search for "CDmage1-02-1B5" search for "PSX2PSPv1.4.2" also search "psx2psp v1.4.2 base.pbp" if you are so inclined but not needed for this specific task
  4. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    testing on sfa2 now ________________________________ Works fine man. music plays in intro and in fight, as it should
  5. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    Do you mean the music in the intro/opening scene?
  6. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    Just a little update and something I noticed. I finished for the most part my psp set, and got it all imported and lookin pretty like in LB/BB So after syncing withe the cloud thing-a-ma bob, I browsed and noticed that several games did not have any art work/box shots, yet I have shots for my entire collection. In place of the art it does say why not upload, or something to that affect. Honestly I havent even looked into how yet, but seing as we must log in anyway, could it not be coded in to allow my to upload right from that empty art-box. I have learned in me old age that if you make things stupidly simple it is more apt to get done by people. And in the long run helping us build our db and complete our db's missing/needed art work, Its crazy late so hope this makes sense? CHEERS
  7. I think would almost make a good tutorial.... Both the reasoning on this and the methodology. I've never heard anything like this before so tnx for the info to play around with. CHEERS
  8. Thanks m8! I just assumed it was scanning the original folder I used when importing... which would make sense but ya.. CHEERS
  9. How does scanning for added roms work? I am working on gathering a few missing psp games to the collection. after putting them in the same folder as the rest and clicking scan for added it says no new roms were found? What am I doing wrong here? CHEERS
  10. I must agree with the Western Digital brand. I have 13 externals, the majority of them are Seagates which I am sloooooowly replacing with WD's. Reason being is even though at first they seem like a great deal, I don't like how they operate. It is as if they NEVER stop spinning and can get almost too hot to touch. The few WD's I now own however seem to operate exactly as you would want them too, and never get hot at all. Just my 2.5 cents! ;-) CHEERS
  11. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    .PBP It is a single file solution with built in compression for storing your psx iso's in a readily playable state. And the added bonus of being able to play them directly on you PSP should you happen to own one with CFW installed. Hopefully my description is good. I can reiterate if needed :-) CHEERS
  12. DaveZ

    Sooooo much time :-/

    Has anyone here actually converted their entire PSX set to .pbp In the process now but man alive is this ever gonna take a long ass time. Especially since the majority of iso's have multiple bins which need to be converted to single bin-cue before you can ever start the conversion..... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh
  13. perhaps this is usefull to you? https://www.waste.org/~winkles/ROMLister/ EDIT: Also this post here on our very own forum... hehe
  14. ah.... dunno what happened there and why, but that got me back on track. Tnx Lordmonkus
  15. files were from THE place to get them and 100 % verified. I the bios files are the same as I ever used? including trying the most current redumps? I'm stumped. I can run the games through the other core but i was excited to try this one due to all the graphic tweaking you can do :-/
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