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  1. Good Morning, I am wondering if a script exists to auto load a state and a script that would mandate a coin be inserted/coin-in button pressed to enable a non-arcade game (epsxe, pcsx2, etc.) to be started/played. Specifically, I am looking to add games like Outrun 2006 (PS2 port of Outrun 2) to my arcade collection and would like the experience with it to be as authentic as possible. Unless I am thinking incorrectly, two AHK scripts would make this possible. First script would be an "Auto Load State" script, in which upon selecting the game, the game would automatically load a state that brings the player directly to the start screen (bypassing all the intro logos and such). Second script would be a "Coin-In" script that would disable all buttons on the controller until the player inserts a coin/presses coin-in button (also playing a coin-in sound). I have seen scripts of this nature used on an arcade enthusiast's Youtube channel , but the user does not explain the scripts, just that he created them and shows a demo (jump to 6:30). Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I just recently discovered an Apple 2 emulator called Microm8 (formerly called The Octalyzer). It seems pretty sweet, especially combined with its GUI. Does anyone here have any experience using it in Launchbox? I would love to hear your thouths. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply Jason. Really appreciate the support.
  4. Good Morning, I have not had an opportunity to upgrade LB/BB since 9.10. While going through the change logs, I noticed with 10.1 the following: " The LaunchBox installer now requires the .NET Framework 4.8 due to a serious bug in the .NET Framework 4.7 that was causing startup crashes on Windows 7." Does this mean I need to install .NET Framework 4.8 first before upgrading, or does the installer take care of everything on that end? Also, will LB bring me straight to 10.7, or will I need to upgrade one level at a time until I am up to date? Thanks guys.
  5. I am now in the market to purchase an ultra wide monitor for displaying marquees on my 32" Recroommasters arcade unit. Marquee size is 31.5" (800.1mm) x 6.75" (171.45mm). Been all over the net looking for options (which apparently are very limited). Anyone who may have one of these, please give me your input. Where did you get yours? How much? Now that you have one, are you glad you got it? Thanks everyone.
  6. Hello all. I figured out the issue and a fix in case anyone needs it. My Mame module settings in RL have Legacy Mode set to True (which appears to be used for older versions of Mame). Therefore, if trying to use a more up to date version, the module does not allow the emulator to launch. I fixed this by making a copy of the module and renaming it "Mame non legacy". Then, I changed that module's Legacy Mode setting to false. Finally, I assigned the newer versions of the emulator to use the changed module. Now newer versions of the emulator work as expected. All is good. Thanks.
  7. I have Mame games from different sets, so I am having to use the Alternate Emulators tab in RL. The vast majority of these games launch just fine. However, there are several games that I can successfully launch through Mame directly, but when I try to launch in RL, the fade screen appears and I can hear the audio "Loading", after a few seconds I hear the audio "Loading Complete", can see the bezel flash, then I am kicked back into LB/BB. I have also tried this using the RLUI to launch with the same results. All games are green when auditing through RLUI. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. neil9000, would the this method also bring all the artwork and videos associate with those games over to the new platform as well? Or, would using this method require changing the names of those files/move the media over to the other platform? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I've seen success by placing the playlists under the "Platform Category" area, but not within the Platforms themselves. In other words... I see the playlists when I select the show Platform Categories in Big Box: Platform Category (Consoles)->Platform (Nintendo Entertainment System)->Playlist (Baseball Collection)->Games (Baseball Games) However, I have been unable to see the playlists when I select the show Platforms in Big Box: Platform (Nintendo Entertainment System)->Games (all games) What would be better still, is there a way to create a Platform called "Collections" where I can place all of the playlists? Or is the only option to make a Platform Category called Collections and place them there? Just trying to keep the amount of levels I have to go through to get to an individual game down to a minimum. Thanks again.
  10. Temon, it looks like the xml for the Top 100 has its own Video Path, where the auto generated list does not. Have you tried removing that line from the Top 100 xml and reloading BB to see what (if anything) changes? Also, please tell me how you were able to get your playlists embedded within the platform in BB! It is probably a simple task, but I have had a devil of a time trying to do the same type of configuration on my rig and have been unable to find any instructions/tutorial on it. Thanks!
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