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  1. neil9000, would the this method also bring all the artwork and videos associate with those games over to the new platform as well? Or, would using this method require changing the names of those files/move the media over to the other platform? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I've seen success by placing the playlists under the "Platform Category" area, but not within the Platforms themselves. In other words... I see the playlists when I select the show Platform Categories in Big Box: Platform Category (Consoles)->Platform (Nintendo Entertainment System)->Playlist (Baseball Collection)->Games (Baseball Games) However, I have been unable to see the playlists when I select the show Platforms in Big Box: Platform (Nintendo Entertainment System)->Games (all games) What would be better still, is there a way to create a Platform called "Collections" where I can place all of the playlists? Or is the only option to make a Platform Category called Collections and place them there? Just trying to keep the amount of levels I have to go through to get to an individual game down to a minimum. Thanks again.
  3. Temon, it looks like the xml for the Top 100 has its own Video Path, where the auto generated list does not. Have you tried removing that line from the Top 100 xml and reloading BB to see what (if anything) changes? Also, please tell me how you were able to get your playlists embedded within the platform in BB! It is probably a simple task, but I have had a devil of a time trying to do the same type of configuration on my rig and have been unable to find any instructions/tutorial on it. Thanks!
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