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  1. @grila what background is that withg the trees etc. That really cool. Thanks for all your efforts on this stuff as always!
  2. So I think your choice of song should change, and not include someone dropping the n word. Otherwise the clips used are good!
  3. I'm just thankful for you sharing your hard work with us
  4. Looking great dude as always. I like the text layouts you use. Would definitely use this one.
  5. Yeah it did look awesome. Almost tried out attract mode for a second. He did post an update a week or so ago with some changes. I need to spend the time and figure out the .xml stuff because there is some really cool things we can do in this (as you've demonstrated).
  6. Have you seen the attract-mode theme in the works that is kind of like this? May be some good inspiration. Let me see if I can find it.
  7. edit: NVM I see what you did - took 1 minute lol. Love the theme.
  8. you can literally do no wrong to me
  9. Grila you are killing it. Thanks mate!
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