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  1. I really like this idea. A "playlist" logo would be great as well.
  2. I like the concept of it. Fonts dont really bother me one way or the other so it can stay or change im rather indifferent to that portion of it.
  3. Let me know what clips you want to use for the greatest moments. I'll attempt to recreate some of those moments using video games. I think instead of actual pics of live wrestlers using video game characters would be better. As for a name I'm still blank @ALIE got any suggestions?
  4. ahh ok so it's mix and match as you go. I hate systems that are like that.
  5. ahh ok cool so then I guess the next question would be which is the best emulator to use?
  6. MAYBE Fink did it during the Royal Rumble match itself. But by like 98 I think Buffer had it trademarked. Fink is known for the way he would announce a new champion "the winner and NEEEEEEWWWWW world champion...."
  7. Michael Buffer is the lets get ready to rumble guy
  8. Real American is the theme. Not sure how you would make the video if you would grab your own clips or just go online but some games I would like to see represented are Fire Pro D, WWF WrestleFest, WWF Superstars Arcade, WCW for NES, Pro Wrestling, and No Mercy and WCW Revenge for N64. I really appreciate you even entertaining this idea!
  9. Dude please throw your ideas out my vision is very lacking on this I just know I NEED it!!! I love me some Fire Pro Wrestlling and gotta have a separate section for it!
  10. well I don't know a good spot to go for them so this is the most up to date ones I could find. How much changes between the releases? Either way I still don't understand what those 4 different packs are.
  11. If I'm starting from scratch with mame .185 and my options of rom packs to download are split, merged, non-merged or rollback which one am I supposed to pick?
  12. wait this is awesome I would be able to move my computer out of my living room with this. What type of lag is there and does it only work with steam or does it stream anything that's on my computer?
  13. Oh man I didn't think of any of that. Haha I just have it called "Wrestling". Would be cool if the logo looked sorta like the first WrestleMania logo or something though. Music....... I mean I like 80s rock haha not heavy metal. Sorry I know I was completely unhelpful here.