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  1. Look for some help on this system. Hopefully can get this running quickly as it's such a small system and one I'll probably never even play but ya know gotta have ALL the games ever running perfectly just in case. Using the below emulator I get an image on the side of the screen showing the game cart which then references the controls. However when launching through launchbox it's just the game that loads up. Anyone already using this and know a command line or something? https://www.raphkoster.com/2017/05/07/microvision-emulator-release/
  2. heelsinc

    Pause menu?

    Got it working si far thanks
  3. heelsinc

    Pause menu?

    So I downloaded a pause theme but then when I paused the game I was playing nothing came up. I'm assuming I need to put some files somewhere. Can anyone send me in the right direction please.
  4. heelsinc

    Pause menu?

    Does launchbox offer a pause menu interface or is that through something like rocketlauncher only? If I remember correctly from a few yrs ago when I was originally active around here rocketlauncher was a giant pain in the ass to set up.
  5. Thanks where on the forums are there some to download?
  6. I cant figure out where to place videos for these categories for big box also where do I find some to download. Thanks
  7. This is sorta my thinking but for JP exclusive I count them all. Lots of translations go up on romhacking.net all the time so I want to have a complete collection of JP games even if I can't play them at this time.
  8. All unique individual retail releases is what my definition of a complete collection is. So if I can game spreads across 3 regions but is the same game in all 3 I need 1 version of the game to consider it complete.
  9. Officially complete to me is released offically in stores. Homebrew unreleased protos can go up in the DB if allowed but I mark it as complelte if I have all retail releases.
  10. True I think when you get to the disc based systems it becomes a little harder to find full sets at least that has been my experience but again I'm more interested in this feature to be able to help the database. I think it would be much faster if I could do an audit sort the list to show games I have in my collection that the DB does not instead of having to just compare the launchbox collection with the DB game by game. It would get the DB updated to completion much faster.
  11. Eh it's very cool that it's finally happening but X-Box is so easy to mod, throw a hard drive in and get every game for so I don't think it's that important.
  12. Doesnt it make sense to integrate the database into it though. It would be helpful to both the user and to the database. As a user I can see what games the database has that I don't and more inportantly what games I have that the database doesn't. As of right now the only way for me to know what games are missing from the database is to literally go to my collection and check one by one if it's also in the database. If they are integrated it cuts the users research time down to literally the click of a button. I know I was working on posting the Game Boy stuff a few months back and just gave up because cross referencing lists/my collection on launchbox with the database was SOOO time consuming.
  13. If this is truly trying to be a complete database I would make two suggestions which are that there should be a list showing which systems are complete and the database should be intergrated with the audit feature. This way it would tell us both what the database has that's missing from our collection and also what pur collection has that's not in the database so that person could potentially add it to the database. I think it would make the database complete much faster.
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