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  1. awesome man thanks so much for taking the time to do this!
  2. Epoch Super Cassette Vision emulator

    pretty sure this can be emulated in mess also.
  3. Oh damn I didn't realize it takes that long. Now you are extra awesome for doing this
  4. N64 DD Emulation?

    Doubtful but its only like ten games and they don't take up much space so I threw them on my set up.
  5. N64 DD Emulation?

    @TheMadMan007 sure I had the same issue. Then I just decided to try to load up a game and see what happened. So just import the games up in launchbox then double click one to play it. P64 will then automatically ask you to point to the bios and it will remember it for next time.
  6. N64 DD Emulation?

    Got it up and running. Thanks!
  7. N64 DD Emulation?

    Can these games be emulated? Looks like some stuff may have just started happening based on my search but not sure what the deal is with it.
  8. Have these supervision games been dumped?

    Is there a site that keeps a list of all undumped games? I did some searching but didn't come up with anything. Found some sites that have lists for certain systems but not a big master list.
  9. Devil Paradise Jade Legend Journey to the West Ma Jong Sonny Xpress I'm missing these 5 from my set did some searching and found nothing so I'm guessing these games aren't dumped. Does anyone know for sure?
  10. Add To Games DB

    How do I get the log? I'll try to add one tonight and see if the successful screen shows up. I want to say that yes it is going off memory but can't be sure
  11. Anyone do Humble Bundle Monthly Sub

    Yea I'll probably not end up selling any thing haha. I just got the $15 Telltale Bundle some of those games I actually already had so I'll dump those on ebay and hopefully make a few dollars back.
  12. Anyone do Humble Bundle Monthly Sub

    How many games a month do you usually keep and how many do you sell? I'm a sucker for these giant bundle deals that tell me I'm getting $175 worth of things for just $12!!!