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  1. Hola a todos! @Jason Carr: Language_ES_10.11.zip
  2. Yes! I can't wait to get home and test it out! Faster than its predecessor? Sign me up! My PC struggled a lot with that one, so hopefully I can run this one Thank you Lust for sharing your creations.
  3. This theme looks beautiful I really love how you used the bg fanart both as blur for the entire window as well as in gradient behind the game title on the details for unity. Sexy and clever. I would love to have the video preview located where the screenshots are, nevertheless I would still use it as it is
  4. Hey Harry! Looks great! However, could it be that you processed it without the sound channel enabled or no sound at all? At least its muted on my end.
  5. It's even beyond Beta at this point! I would go with either "Release candidate" or a plain "Stable release".
  6. For the first bullet, you could check as well @Grila's awesome random plugin:
  7. Hey @Monodi how are you? The logical thing to do would be to standardize Mexico as part of NA, however this will create confusion over the vast majority of the users (even Canada as NA gets some folks confused as they think that US = NA). My recommendation would be to add a category label "Mexico", the same way as Brazil has its own category (and does not pertain to neither South America category nor Latin America). Welcome to the forums!
  8. Cheers Jason! I'll take you up on that one I was dying to try the new media clean-up implementation you just did. And it is my pleasure helping out however I can, be it translating, or anything else.
  9. Thank you Jason for freezing the prices for existing users; I have a year license that expired some months ago, and I am planning on upgrading to forever eventually (kinda on the poor side at the moment), so knowing that the price will remain the same is relieving. I am truly happy about the growth Unbroken is having. Rocking product, solid team, and to be able to be there for the community and cater requests and features in no time, it's awesome and super appreciated
  10. @ninken, I am by no means a programmer or anything, I just like this kind of stuff. I read your log, and from what it says it might mean one of these things: the user does not have the required permissions, the files required are already in use, the files required ar read-only. I would firstly, check the composition of the folder names "Launchbox", "CefSharp", "x64", see if they by any chance have an invisible character (you can check this by simply entering the rename the folder option, and moving the cursor left and right in all its length and seeing if it stops between characters; there would be a hidden char). The other thing I would check is the permissions the "Launchbox" folder has (right-click on it > Properties > Security tab > See the group or user names and the permissions below). Check what @C-Beats said about having Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. running in the background. Lastly, I would do a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick kind of troubleshoot, and install Launchbox inside the C:\ tree (if you have it), as maybe the problem is related to the D:\ drive. Hope the above helps somehow.
  11. @Jason Carr Here you go: Language-es_10.10.zip
  12. Awesome update viking! Will there be a PlatformWheel4FiltersView.xaml with the initial scroll in dark mode? This theme keeps getting better and better 🔥🔥🔥
  13. Those new features are AWESOME! The clean-up media prompt was one of my requests in the stream we did for the poll, so I am glad to finally see it there! It will make a lot of OCD users like myself to be able to clean duped/unneeded stuff without fearing of deleting wanted art. Thank you Jason and Christian for your hard work 🔥
    Great work as always!
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