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  1. Let's gooo @faeran!! Super happy with these news All the best in this new episode, and keep rocking!
  2. Here is the latest file for Spanish: Language_es_Final.zip @Jason Carr small typo I saw in the English file for the "ErrorControllerNameMustBeUnique" value. It says "Controllerr" (double R).
  3. Found it. We discussed it in the Lambda LB theme (https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2417-lambda-beta/?tab=comments). You need to set the video engine to Windows Media Player (in LB, not in BB, as they are two different settings), and then in the xaml file you need to remove the Height property of your video element and it will dynamically resize the video to fit in. So for example: Original line in the Lambda file: <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" Margin="0,-10,0
  4. Hey guys, there is a way to make the video section adjust for every resolution the preview has. I have seen the tweak in another LB theme here in the forums. Give me some time and let me dig through. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Here you go @Jason Carr Language_es_Final.zip
  6. I'm on it! @Jason Carr FYI; in the EN strings file, it says "Skip mahjong mames" (need to correct the m>g)
  7. Hey @tjwoosta, check this theme from @Grila
  8. Kondorito

    The Covid Game!

    Loved it! Did not want it to end
  9. No problem @capidel, I can update that bit
  10. Feasible, as this was already added in version 11.0 : "New Feature: OBS Studio integration has been added, which allows you to easily record videos and automatically assign them to your games; take a look under Tools > Options > Integrations > OBS Studio in LaunchBox"
  11. Here you go @Jason Carr: Language-es_Final.zip
  12. Hey guys! Sorry for my absence; personal stuff got in the way. Currently updating the Spanish files; I'll have them posted very shortly.
  13. So many awesome memories with the Zoombinis from my childhood! What a great game! I remember playing it wondering what happens when you take all of the Zoombinis to the new land...
  14. Hey guys, how are you? @Jason Carr : Launchbox_11.3_Language_ES.zip
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