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  1. Kondorito

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    You could remove the LB.Next exe, and leave only the regular LB that launches Next, so Next is always launched by default. You can then have the option to switch back to OG from Next. This way all the users will be "forced" to see Next on startup every time. I am pretty sure a lot of users that do not frequent the forums very much are not even aware of Next, and have never pressed the Next button. You might see increased forum activity with non-regular users asking about the interface, but that is a good thing before every migration.
  2. Kondorito

    Help. Artwork hunters needed

    And I found this: And this: And this:
  3. Kondorito

    Help. Artwork hunters needed

    Did not know @klizine was here! He was an awesome sidekick when I made the Famicom 3D box set. I was thinking the same thing the other day; there are a lot of talented artists in here, however the art is centered in the audiovisual aspect (startup videos, platform videos, BB themes, etc.). Might be because all the main systems' art is somewhat already tackled and users are not "missing" stuff? I dont know. I am in for your idea, Jero. Currently finishing a NES real 3D box set and NES real 2D cart set.
  4. Kondorito

    Converting from Hyperspin

    I have several FEs in my machine. I simply have all the media in a dedicated folder, and placed symbolic links on the FEs media folders to feed from it. That way nothing in the source is deleted and/or renamed.
  5. Kondorito

    Klop's ScummVM 3D redux

    Love to see you back in action my friend
  6. Kondorito

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Wow, never heard of Skraper before (nor know the creators and helpers from the emulation scene). In text sounds nice, although those pics of the program looked a little bit convoluted for my taste, how was your experience in terms of usability and gui Monkus? I cannot avoid to question from where are they scrapping their media and info originally, as I do not think they are building it up from scratch. I might check it out once I get home. Thanks Nyny for sharing.
  7. Kondorito

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    @fernandoq03: "Muy pronto, aunque es bueno tener en cuenta que los mandos/joysticks son una mejor opción para ser usados en BigBox".
  8. Kondorito

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    He asked in a very rough way when are you planning in adding joystick control support for LB Next.
  9. Kondorito

    Not Launchbox but I don't know who else to ask :-(

    Try going to the cores folder and remove the problematic ones. Then open RA and go to Online Updater > Update Core Info Files. Wait for completion and then re-download one of the cores. Wait for it to reach 100% before going to the cores list. See if that helps. I had a similar issue some time ago and it was because the info files I had were old and not alligned with the cores versions.
  10. Kondorito

    Unified Redux

    Sure thing Alie. Havent tried this theme. If you find where the smoothing update was done, and what is the difference between Jason's top bar and Cid's, please do tell. I am pretty happy with Cid's theme, and don't want to mess with it unless necessary.
  11. Kondorito

    Unified Redux

    You might need to overwrite that section of the xamls with the original Cid's one.
  12. I like both very much, however the "S" spine looks sexier than the whole horizontal logo one. Personal preference I guess.
  13. Kondorito

    Moving LaunchBox folder issue

    If the videos are working fine outside of BB from those paths, maybe try switching the video engine in BB from VLC to WMP if you haven't done already. Besides that, Im out of ideas.
  14. Kondorito

    Moving LaunchBox folder issue

    I am not at home right now to check, but go to the Edit window of one of those games, then to the tab "Other" if I remember correctly and check the path of the video. Is it relative over there as well?
  15. Kondorito

    Unified Redux

    You can easily manipulate the background images of the theme and either inverse them or substitute them for the ones you like