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  1. Loved it! The platforms are getting slowly unified! Thanks Lust
  2. The text was already formatted like that before the save, so there is no way you can "go back" easily to a straight line. What you can do (assuming you already have the font that this PSD uses [Monologue Black Caps SSi Black Small Caps], is; Select the first layer and Ctrl+T to transform Rotate it -0.3 (minus dot three) and Enter (*) Edit the text in each of the three layers to the label you want Select the three layers and Ctrl+E to merge them all into one Ctrl+T to transform Right-click on the layer in the canvas and select "Warp" At the Warp menu on top, select from the drop-down "Arc" Modify the "Bend" value to -6 (minus six) and Enter Do Ctrl+T to transform the layer one more time Rotate it accordingly (this will vary depending on the length of the text). You can use the ruler tool and drag guides from the top. (*) This step is done because the PSD was not correctly made and the depth was not aligned in the three layers of text. Depending on what you write, you might need to tweak this value. You will get something like this:
  3. Check the xaml files inside the "Views" folder in the theme (WheelGames, 2, 3, 4, for example), and see if there are any StarRating or CommunityStarRating, or something like that. Maybe the Hexxer piece was indeed coded only for user rating and cannot be overrode.
  4. Have you tried accessing the xaml file of the view you are referring to, and checking how are the "StarRating" and "CommunityStarRating" binded? Maybe with just a simple modification in the xamls you can change the regular rating to the community one (currently not at home so I cannot check directly).
  5. Yeah, I know; I was just dreaming out loud. Don't mind me I am very pleased of the Poll overall outcome. Looks like it's going to be an awesome iteration.
  6. Yeah, the idea of having some sort of lobby where you can see logged LB users, what is currently being played and possibly join, highscores, and a way to break them, sounds too good.
  7. Sorry to hear that... I too see a lot of my artworks in hard drives for sell, and it kills me that users are paying for something they can get for free, as well as the hard drive sellers not reaching out the content creators to even ask for permission for using their stuff and making a living from. What can you do... I really love your work and creative mindset, so I hope you never give up on your craft
  8. He is praising the fact that you are releasing an increased amount of videos lately
  9. Hey Styph! Top of my head; considerably smaller size, and all the files GDI related (tracks, bins, etc.) packed into only one CHD for ease of handle. Be sure to convert them to CHD v5 and above, as v4 and below are not lossless and cannot be reverted back to GDI/ISO/bincue in case of need.
  10. No hablo españolo! XD Language-es_NEW.zip
  11. Agreed with @Dane on its 8+ button per player comment; the first layout he shared is the best IMO, as it fits the hand ergonomically better. Looking at the screenshots (LOVE that bezel btw!), I can see that the cab was not built for a two player mode in terms of width, let alone placing 4 button columns each. Maybe you can sacrifice some space between players and place the two stick/button sets closer to each other and to the cab borders in order to achieve this (or if your friend is making the cab from scratch, could add some inches on the width overall). Good luck with this; I remember when I built mine like 10 years ago. Took a lot of time and effort (as I was not knowledgeable with wood and wiring as now) but it was well worth it.
  12. Awesome work @POOTERMAN , very nice first post on the forums!
  13. Holy sh*t! This looks AMAZING! I need to get home and give it a try! Hopefully my minipc can handle it Thank you as always Lust for your insane and sexy work!
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