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  1. Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive HD 3D Boxes

    You are on fire pipes! Great stuff! Do you have your packs without the drop reflection?
  2. Chicuelo Theme

    Looking great!
  3. LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    If this idea ends up in the table, it would really need to be thought very thoroughly. I am with DOS76 on this, as when I search stuff its not only games, and I think trimming the results to only be game names hinders the potential of the search feature.
  4. Capcom Play System

    Padouuuu! This CPS1 video was incredible! So much power! Kudos!
  5. What important systems should I add to LaunchBox?

    Hey Hunter, in my case childhood plays an important role. I have these ones and I dont think I will be adding more for now: Arcade, GB, GBC, GBA, FAMICOM, FAMICOM DS, NES, SNES, N64, GAME GEAR, MASTER SYSTEM, GENESIS, SEGA CD, 32X, PS1, TURBOGRAFX-16, ROM HACKS.
  6. What controller are you all using for your MAME?

    Xbox 360 wireless controllers for every system (they rest on a plug and play deck, so never get out of power), except arcade. For arcade I have two modded Qanba Q1 sticks. Both 360s and Q1s are set up in every place, so I can choose in case I feel like playing with one instead of the other.
  7. Famicom Disk System Clear Game Logo Set

    +1 on the logos without the rings. That would be awesome
  8. Big Box Cinematix

    Looking great JB! The last preview shows the lucasarts logo already in the map before the main one gets blended in. Just wanted to tell you in case you missed it
  9. Unified

    I saw in a topic in these forums a long time ago an arcade image, and I tweaked it to my liking, so that it holds the video and the marquee for each game, and that I will be overriding with in the default Arcade bg for the Unified theme (I might add a generic marquee to it until marquees are enabled in the theme hehe). Mock-up: Made the sticks balltop red and blue because that is what I have, but can be recolored or changed to battop. I also added scanlines and reflection to the video screen and the marquee (can be removed as well). If somebody wants the psd, let me know and I will gladly share it.
  10. Unified

    Delivering at the speed of light! Gonna check it now! Thanks a lot @CriticalCid and @RetroHumanoid for this awesome release on steroids!
  11. FYI: Media File Naming

    Hey guys, sorry for bumping up this old thread. I am polishing my collection in terms of db iDs and media, but I am finding out that if my imported games have different words in it, the scraper does not find them automatically. Do you know if there is a way, or tool or 3rd party app to do a Fuzzy Match? Currently, I am manually entering one by one the games that did not find anything, and removing some title words, so it finds the right ID with the remaining ones. For example, the last one I did, I had "E.T. and the Cosmic Garden" by name, and did not find anything, but when I removed "E.T." and only left "and the Cosmic Garden", it found the id for "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and the Cosmic Garden". Same happens with the accent marks, for example if the game file is named "Asterix", it does not find it, because in the db is stored as "Astérix" with the "é". The same with the Pokémon games. Any work-around or help will be highly appreciated.
  12. Unified

    Thanks for everything man. If it happens again I will see if the logs show something in regards. I'll stop flooding the topic with this matter. Keep up your awesome job Cid. Being able to use this theme is like using both HS and BB at the same time, so it makes me happy.
  13. Unified

    I give up, hehe. Found how to enable logs, did it, and as soon as I launched it, worked fine... Disabled the logs and tried again, and now is working fine. Goes back and forth between views without any problems. I am almost certain that it has to do with the image cache or similar, but don't know. For sure is something on my side, not on the theme itself. I'll send the zipped folder, no problem, but feel free to disregard it as I don't want to waste your time with something like this
  14. Unified

    Just tested it and it happens the same, so it is not the transition. I do have a problem with the platforms view; the same thing as the games view. Each time I go from the BB menu to the platforms view, freezes for a minute, then silky smooth. When I go from the platforms to a specific system, freezes for a minute and then shows up fine. When I go from a selected game to the game details works fine (I asume because the details view is not related to the Unified theme). If I go back from the game details view to the games wheel, freezes for a minute, and the same thing happens when I go back from the games view to the platforms view. I thought that maybe was because of the video engine (I am using the WMV one, as it works great, and the VLC one gives me a little stutter and some times garbage pixels), but the same thing happened. So, I do not know what it is that is trying to load that takes so much time; first idea was the wheels, but even with force populate all, hapened the same. Do you know by any chance if BB has a log debugger? The log folder shows empty, so I might need to enable it somewhere. It could help to reproduce the issue and then take a look at the logs, and see if there is dead time/no lines, or if something gets logged that could help resolve this. The strangest thing is that I am the only one affected.