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  1. @Nixx this is amazing. Great work! Question: would it be possible to have multiple Bigbox settings profiles? My idea is to be able to have multiple Bigbox theme selections/views/transitions/options/etc profiles. So depending on the launch is how Bigbox would look and behave. This is because i have a lot of platforms and playlists, each configured with specific themes and views, and i would love to try new themes and settings, without potentially losing/overriding my current config.
  2. @Saieno, never apologize for taking care of yourself or your health. Nothing is more important than our wellbeing. Take care and hope all goes smoothly with the surgery
  3. This theme is getting better and better! Beautiful work Saieno. The arcade platform presentation is amazing. I love it and for sure will be my goto theme. Food for thought: What do you think about making the arcade machines a little bit bigger so they are closer to each other and the marquee (if can be used there instead of the clear logo) can be seen more? Would it make sense to add the title of the selected arcade game anywhere in the screen, or would that break the ilusion? Thinking about this because with small videos and sometimes weird clear logos you might not know what game is it. The Intellivision cart/console are not centered in the screen (you can see this as they are not alligned with the selected box). Keep rocking!
  4. Really cool idea @STGyro. One constructive criticism; the date could change from 1994 to 2013 (the year Launchbox was born). Other than that, I really like it, and will surely add it to my intros roulette.
  5. @Saieno would it make sense to use the "NES font" for the Nintendo devices pre 16 bit era? GB, GBC, NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System, etc.? Its just that I find too "modern" the font in the game details screen and such. Maybe for the Nintendo 16bit era systems like SNES, GBA, etc. something like this? Don't know, just thinking out loud XD
  6. @Saieno that was a very creative way of working around the game details screen!
  7. You are a gem AND a gent, Lust. And I would be patient with Jonny's interactions here; your second guess seems about right.
  8. Following this topic as I very much would love to know this I admit I spend more time tinkering with my frontend setup rather than playing, and lately I achieved a level of customization of themes and views per categories/platforms/playlists that is preventing me from trying new themes and views, because I am scared of overriding something and not being able to easily come back to it after a while. I would love to have some sort of Save/Load states for the frontend UI, so in cases where I try something and don't like it, or after a while want to come back to a previous theme/view/effects config, or if I wrongly apply something, then with a couple of clicks I can get everything back the way it was. @T-tot your scenario of having UI presets/preferences depending on who's playing is something I did not think about and it's great.
  9. @Jason Carr here you go: Language-es_new.zip Sorry for the lack of updates these past versions. Should be back to Complete again now.
  10. Hey guys! How are you? I am updating Spanish. Hope to have it ready in a short while.
  11. Hey, I did not find an image I liked at the time (and with the same type of art as the rest), and not long after I started using the BannerBox theme. I will surf a little bit tomorrow and see if I can find an image I like, and make a logo. Cannot promise anything though.
  12. I thought it only recognized appended numbers for the LB game name nomenclature. Did not know it also recognized numeric increases for rom names. Awesome. Then hopefully crown's idea can be done.
  13. I like this idea, but it might be difficult to use when you have more than one image for a type (i.e. Fanart backgrounds, Gameplay images, or if you want to randomize a specific type). It will need development work from the dev guys to allow LB and BB to recognize for example romname-01 and so on, besides only romname images.
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