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  1. Here you go @Jason Carr Language_es_Final.zip
  2. I'm on it! @Jason Carr FYI; in the EN strings file, it says "Skip mahjong mames" (need to correct the m>g)
  3. Hey @tjwoosta, check this theme from @Grila
  4. Kondorito

    The Covid Game!

    Loved it! Did not want it to end
  5. No problem @capidel, I can update that bit
  6. Feasible, as this was already added in version 11.0 : "New Feature: OBS Studio integration has been added, which allows you to easily record videos and automatically assign them to your games; take a look under Tools > Options > Integrations > OBS Studio in LaunchBox"
  7. Here you go @Jason Carr: Language-es_Final.zip
  8. Hey guys! Sorry for my absence; personal stuff got in the way. Currently updating the Spanish files; I'll have them posted very shortly.
  9. So many awesome memories with the Zoombinis from my childhood! What a great game! I remember playing it wondering what happens when you take all of the Zoombinis to the new land...
  10. Hey guys, how are you? @Jason Carr : Launchbox_11.3_Language_ES.zip
  11. You can either add joytokey as an additional app inside the game Edit window so it opens before the game launches, or make the game executable a bat file containing the open and closure of joytokey as well as the game launch parameters. I am not too savvy in these matters, so I recommend you to visit this topic: Maybe your solution is already posted there. If not, you can ask as the users that frequent that topic know their stuff
  12. Ok, this is what I have in the "Running AutoHotKey Script", inside the "Edit Emulator" window for my MAME: Run, C:\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.exe /m ~5 & Tab:: { Process, Close, JoyToKey.exe Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } This basically launches JoyToKey when I open MAME, and waits for the Tab + 5 keys input for closing it, before killing it. The Tab + 5 are my keys mapped to my arcade sticks to exit MAME. Hope the above helps.
  13. Hey Cnells. I do not have my gaming machine here with me now, but I can share with you the script I have in a couple of hours. It launches joy2key when the game launches, and then it gets killed when the game is closed. In regards of opening specific configuration for specific games, I did that directly into joy2key. You create and save a profile, and then in the joy2key options you set with which exe file the specific profile will be selected for use.
  14. Harry! Take care yourself and your loved ones. You work and attitude was always appreciated. Will keep rocking your creations, and hope to see you again some time soon!
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