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  1. Thanks Opak for the heads-up! @Jason Carr, please update the Spanish AboutForm with this one: AboutForm.es.resx
  2. @Jason Carr, here you go: Language_ES_9.8.zip
  3. Have you checked the quarantined/processed files and folders in webroot? Seems that after first run, the AV is placing some stuff in quarantine. Try adding the whole LB folder as well as the emus folders as exclusions.
  4. @THKis awesomely awesome Great work on these @sucramjd.
  5. Yeah, clean up media per platform/playlist/category/etc. would be incredibly handy. That, and the option to move the cleaned media to an "Unneeded" folder instead of simply deleting it for good, so the user can then decide if some specific files are worth keeping.
  6. This looks so professional. I love it. Cannot wait to try it.
  7. Wow. This is looking awesome! Its kinda intimidating in the sense of how much stuff can be customized Really really incredible job with this editor @y2guru!
  8. Let's go! Language-es_9.6.zip
  9. Great work @seaview59. Are you working in a specific project atm? Clear logos/boxes/carts for a specific system?
  10. You can make videos to be stretched into the full area, or maintain their aspect ratio in the xaml view files, but you cannot do it for specific systems, as they all share the same views files (correct me if I am wrong @CriticalCid). What I did for the systems that have a screen size other than the default 4:3 (usually handhelds or newer systems), is to modify the videoborder image of the specific platform, adding pieces of the background image in it (on the sides or at the top/bottom) so the extra bg image pieces cover the black bars of the video, and blends in alright with the background image. Examples: Uses a videoborder image like this: Something like this: For NDS the videoborder image was just a png of the handheld. Hope this idea helps you.
  11. This looks incredible Zomb. I know the C64 by name but never took the time of checking its library or playing it. I might watch some vids on it (specs, history, and games) and get your pack (as your packs are a joy!). Thank you for taking this monster project and simplifying it to spread its knowledge in the community.
  12. This theme looks AMAZING! I need to test it out ASAP! Hopefully my PC will be able to handle it fluidly. Thank you @nosh for your amazing creations! For real EDIT: Just in case; I do not see the "no images" pack in the Download button, only the full 2.5GB one.
  13. You can try this: ~1 & 2:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } (Being the ~ symbol the way of telling the system that does not matter the order in which you press them, and 1 and 2 the buttons you want to press at the same time)
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