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  1. Kondorito

    Bigbox sliding door Transition with Alpha

    Awesome work Harry! Is there a way to add transitions to BB?
  2. Kondorito

    I want my MTV

    Agreed that it would look awesome I am all about the 80s stuff (and my BB is customized like that) but I am not using bg music atm (huge dilema whether I want to hear the game video snaps sounds, or a cool bg music).
  3. Kondorito

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    All good bro Finishing the FullHD NES cart set, and doing with a couple of other users a UHD Arcade cabs full set with transparent bgs. Will be taking a break from creating stuff after that project. Hope to see you around!
  4. Kondorito

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Welcome back to the scene goofers! Happy birthday RH! Wish you the best in this new year
  5. Kondorito

    Bigbox lag

    One thing you can try is to run BB under Windows Safe Mode. That way you can check if the AV or any other app/tool/service might be conflicting with it.
  6. Kondorito

    i just don't understand

    If you run your games through standalone MAME (no Launchbox involved), are you able to get them going?
  7. Kondorito

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    @y2guru impressive work! And even only being barebones I can already tell that this app/tool has A LOT of potential. You are making theme creation available to a wider user base with no coding background. Endless creative possibilities!
  8. Kondorito

    Translating LaunchBox

    Maybe @Cauptain can take a look at it, as it seems it is in the Br translation.
  9. Kondorito

    Import media from hyperspin

    What I did is created symlinks from the Artwork1, Artwork2, Artwork3 and Artwork4 contents, and placed the links in the corresponding LB folders. That way both FEs have the same files (no dupes), and if LB modifies any file name, it wont modify the source ones, just the symlinks. This setup will also help you in not changing the LB paths to the HS ones. This is the extension I installed in my set: http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html Its great because its easy as selecting a file or group of files, right-click, "Pick Link Source", then going to the LB desired folder and "Drop as > Symbolic Link".
  10. Kondorito

    BigBox Input Lag Investigation

    Dragon, have you tried fully closing LB/BB, unplugging one of the controllers, launching BB again and test? If not please do and try with each one being the only one connected at BB launch. Does is stutter with both joysticks hooked one at a time? The 3rd party 360 is cabled or wireless? Whats the name of the driver in the Device Manager?
  11. Kondorito

    BigBox Input Lag Investigation

    I am doing some tests (I am not affected by this issue but feel the urge to help in solving it). I "think" I am seeing a pattern in all the users being affected by the controller lag. If you read this post, have the issue and you are NOT running Windows 10, let me know below. If you have the issue and are running Windows 10, let me know if either you are using the default Windows 10 drivers for the controller, or have installed them manually. Thanks!
  12. Kondorito

    Disable Image Cache

    Check in your image preferences in the Tools > Options (if I remember correctly) menu, and be sure that for front box images you only have the box checked for front, and nothing else.
  13. Kondorito

    Sega Genesis "Bedroom" theme

    Not at the moment. Like the image I crafted in the first post, I started brainstorming some PSDs a long time ago on different ideas for different consoles, all based on the 90's / Nostalgia / Bedroom concept, so somebody with coding capabilities could make them come to life, but got sidetracked with other media projects for the scene and left this one behind. Below are some images of what I was working at that time (base idea from handhelds was from a RetroFe theme by modjo, bg image used for the NES one came from artist Ângelo Fernandes, and the base for the SNES one came from the RetroPie user vice). Expand for true resolution: If any theme creator is interested in making any of these come to life, I would gladly share the PSDs.
  14. Kondorito


    "I'm not going to bore you with the specific DMCA regulations (you can look them up yourself if you really want to) but suffice to say they're almost always illegal. Emulators aren't because they don't violate any law, ROMs violate copyright laws. So while it doesn't make sense to use emulators without ROMs, it is legal. Just like it is legal to have an empty beer bottle if you're under 16 but not have alcohol. There is no 24/48 hour exemption. Linking to copyrighted content, hosting it and downloading it is always illegal. You can get in trouble for downloading ROMs of games no longer sold as well, and hosting illegal content is illegal too. Nintendo explains it pretty well on their legal page." "The ONLY time that you can legally have a ROM is if it was 1) purposefully released into the public domain by the copyright owner, 2) was given or sold to you by the copyright owner, 3) has had its copyright expire (75 years after publication, i.e. no video games until well into this century), or 4) it is an archival copy that YOU created for backup purposes (it cannot be a downloaded copy)."
  15. Kondorito

    BigBox Input Lag Investigation

    @Iscariath I have a mini PC Acer Veriton with an i5-3337U 1.80GHz 8GB DDR3 500GB SATA and an intel HD 4000; not powerful at all. It has problems with some themes (stutter and slowness on artwork changes), but it works impeccable and smooth with Cid's Unified theme (in all the views). I encourage you to test your set with that theme and see how it goes.