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  1. Thanks for all the info and help, guys!
  2. But I have no image loaded. When I talk about a fresh install, I really mean it. I haven't imported any game yet to Launchbox. If now, it's using this kind of memory, when it actually starts to cache images, it will be even bigger, don't you agree?
  3. Good morning, guys! I just reinstalled Launchbox after some time without using it and noticed this: Is this kind of memory use without any game normal? I don't have any plugins or themes installed btw.
  4. Good morning, guys! Since the 11.3 update (now i'm in 11.4), all the most of the data loading in the app is getting stuck every time it starts to download RetroAchievements images if it isn't using the default theme. Is this a new, expected behavior that theme creators need to fix or is this a bug in LaunchBox itself? PS: A pratical example is to click in a game that has RetroAchievements (and the images aren't downloaded yet) in a theme like OldBadMonkey or Lambda, after that, if you click in any other game, no images about it will load. If you click another platform, no cover art for any game will appear too. EDIT: It does work in the default theme, btw. EDIT2: Added an example of what happens
  5. I have made some banners for some systems that aren't included, like nintendo handhelds. Would you like if I send them to you, @shro2016?
  6. Good morning, guys! I´ve restarted my rom collection from scratch, and i´m having some problems with launchbox... Every time i try to add some batch of roms, at least one, some times dozens of images can´t be downloaded. It says it suspended the download because of the time limit. My internet is fine, I can download things from any other place without problems, only with launchbox I have this situation, Do you guys have any idea of a fix? BTW the images that it can´t download are completely random, and always from launchbox database, I think i never saw that problem with the emumovies database. Thanks in advance!
  7. I've managed to buy the licence with my mother's card, @Jason Carr! But the licence came in her name hahaha. Is there any way to pass it to my name?
  8. Thanks for the quick response, guys! @Jason Carr it's not an prepaid card, and unfortunately, it's my only international card (I live in Brazil). Anyway, i think BigBox is going to have to wait a little more hahaha
  9. Good evening, guys! Well, every time I try to buy any kind of license, the page gives me this error... I'm sure i'ts not in my bank's end, because I've just bough a Humble Bundle, and still have some cash left! Do you know what I could do to bypass this? I really, reeeally want to use BigBox! BTW, your product is absolutely amazing and just gets better! The email i've used is pedrossferraz@live.com. Thanks in advance! Pedro (Sorry for posting this in the issues tab D:)
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