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  1. Omen


    Umm did you forget to hit “submit reply” a year ago?
  2. I did, for some reason I thought you mentioned DS4Windows already, so I deleted my post. Check out DS4Windows, it will make the DS4 look like an Xbox controller in Windows.
  3. Haha yup, I also have Damien from The Omen as my avatar. Lol it went over my head too for a sec... Then I remembered my screen name. 😄
  4. The pause screen is my most anticipated feature.
  5. @Jason Carr is it possible for startup screens to show images that are contained in a platform's "Device" folder (example: "Launchbox\Images\Platforms\Atari 2600\Device"), instead of what's in the "Fanart" folder? I tried changing: <Image Source="{Binding BackgroundImagePath}" to: <Image Source="{Binding DeviceImagePath}" but that didn't work.
  6. Awesome theme, can you have it show platform backgrounds when there isn't a video available?
  7. 4 GB is insanely low. LB caches all artwork as it encounters it, so even if someone isn't playing, attract mode alone will use up memory over time. That doesn't mean there is a memory leak, it means your system isn't able to keep up. Honestly 8GB is a low amount of RAM these days.
  8. Thanks man, I hope your holiday was good.
  9. If I remember correctly EmuMovies was hacked awhile back and they still haven't recovered from the hack which has caused a ton of issues. They are often offline lately, and that is probably the reason you are having issues, not LaunchBox.
  10. @keltoigael is there any way to change the fonts? Mainly the font for the titles, but if I could change both fonts that would be nice. Before I just wouldn't install the fonts, but now they seem to be coded into the theme.
  11. A year or so ago you implemented a hold button method for selecting random games, that may be what he's talking about.
  12. LaunchBox 12_15_2018 5_09_02 PM.mp4 I have this exact same issue when editing platforms, categories, and playlists. If I edit one and then try to edit another too soon, it will bounce back to the first item I edited. This often causes me to accidentally edit the first item again. I assume it's because I have a ton of playlists and categories (I went a little nuts with the new nesting and playlist features lol), and my PC takes a second to save the changes. Once it's saved the changes it goes back to that original item. This didn't happen when I didn't have a ton of playlists and categories, so I assume my PC is just unable to keep up. It's a minor annoyance, but not one I can blame on LB, but more my PC.
  13. There is a Toggle Complete plugin that adds that functionality to Big Box, here:
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