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  1. Omen

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    Yup that was it, thank you! I used Notepad++ to change IsAutogenerated to true and now those playlists are hidden.
  2. Omen

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    @Jason Carr Auto Populated playlists are still showing up in the Add to Playlist menu.
  3. Omen

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    @Jason Carr It seems a lot of people want the start screens to say up for a bit longer. Would it be possible to add an option for a execution delay time? A slider just like the delay time but it delays the execution of the rom/emulator for whatever the given amount of time is.
  4. Omen

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    @GreenGriffon "Arcade - Control Panel" or "Arcade - Controls Information" seems like the perfect image category for this.
  5. Omen

    9.2-beta-1 Released

    That’s not what he is talking about, he is saying that with the new playlist generator, there are too many to manage with the existing system. Playlists need a folder structure or an option to hide a playlist from the add to option.
  6. I use Guide and Start because I have multiple shortcuts that are activated by pressing Guide and another button. This is my setup: Guide + Start: Pause Screen Guide + D Pad Up: Toggles Bezels Guide + LB: Changes my primary display to my TV Guide + RB: Changes my primary display to my monitor Guide + B: Turns off the controller Guide + Back (select): Emulator Specific shortcut, in Cemu it toggles TV/Gamepad screen. In PCSX2 it Toggles between hardware and software rendering. This will also be the way I access RetroArch's Pause screen after BB get's it's own Pause. Guide + L3: Runs a script that closes all emulators, BigBox, and any other emulator related programs, and then re launches BigBox. Good for when everything locks up. Guide + R3: Closes all emulators. Basically an emergency kill switch like above, but it only kills emulators, not BigBox or anything else. These shortcuts are why it's very important for me to have an option to use the Guide button as a shift key. Though I could use AHK to do the same function if need be.
  7. I forgot about controller layout, that is very important too. The easiest way would probably be a new image category, one that is available for both platforms and games. So if a game doesn't have a controller layout image, it will default to the platform controller layout image. This would allow everyone to create their own layouts, with any look they want. It would also allow for users to go as deep into making layouts as they want. If you just want platform layouts you could do that, but if certain games have a different layout, you could show that for that game. Or even make layouts for every game if you wanted. If it is an image category, I think it should be view-able on it's own via an option like "View Controller Layout", and shouldn't show up with the "View images full screen" option, if possible.
  8. One other very important feature for the pause screen, Xbox Guide button support. You should be able to invoke the pause screen by pressing the Guide button, or better yet, have the option to use the Guide button as a shift key, and then another button to invoke pause. So let's say Hold Guide and press Start for pause. That's how I currently have RetroArch setup, and it would be amazing to do the same in BB.
  9. A pause screen is the most important feature to me. The ability to exit the game, and view game manuals is the main reason I want it. I don’t really care about other RocketLauncher features like save states. Just a uniform menu for exiting games would really round out the BigBox experience.
  10. Omen

    Fundamental Dark

    You can edit the image files in "Launchbox\Themes\Fundamental Dark\Images\Core". The files you want to edit are "game_controls.png" and "game_controls_h.png". I've attached a template to make it a little easier. Buttons Template.psd
  11. Omen

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    Yes to all of this! I literally was thinking of asking for these features the other day. I’d love to have programs/games in the root category. Having the ability to add to favorites, rate, and mark as broken while locked is also high on my list of features I’d love.
  12. Omen

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    No rush, I figured out that if you add a custom config with the plugin you can then edit the command line options.
  13. Omen

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking. If I launch the game right after adding my own command line augments it will work, but only once. This makes me think the plugin is changing the command line option shortly after each edit.
  14. Omen

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    I think it's a glitch with the PCSX2 Configurator plugin, as I don't have issues with any other platform, and the issue stops if I use the PCSX2 Configurator to set up a custom config.
  15. Omen

    9.0-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr I'm not sure if this is a new bug, but I can't get "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters" to save in the "Edit Game"/Emulation menu. It will apply the command line parameter the first time I launch the game, but not after. If I go back to edit it, the custom commands are gone.