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  1. Yeah I found it in a binding that had it. I'll check out the Unified Redux theme for examples, thanks man.
  2. @Jason Carr I'm trying to display Arcade Controls Information while having Platform Banners as a fallback if Arcade Controls Information doesn't exist. I've tried this but it doesn't work: Source="{Binding SelectedGame.ArcadeControlsInformationOrPlatform.BannerImagePath}" If I use Either of the following without "Or" it works: Source="{Binding SelectedGame.ArcadeControlsInformationImagePath}" Source="{Binding Platform.BannerImagePath}" Does the "Or" command work between Platform and SelectedGame image groups, or just the same image group? Like only SelectedGame files can be accessed with "Or"?
  3. Omen

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    Awesome, thank you guys! I switched to a custom theme but never thought to check the default theme for improvements.
  4. Omen

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    How did you add the controls image? Is there a way to have it show that image, but fallback on another image type if the controls aren't available? The current theme I am working on has <Image Source="{Binding Platform.DeviceImagePath}" , would it be possible to fall back to that if no controller image is present?
  5. I agree, I think it's the perfect use case for this feature. I've never used cart back images, but I totally would if they had this feature.
  6. This is awesome! Would it be possible to add an option to show the game's name in the center of the box/cartridge, at least for the 2D versions? It would help a lot in BigBox. Here's an example:
  7. Thanks man. Usually RetroArch launches immediately, but I have a long delay for times when my HDD is asleep and it needs to spin up.
  8. Omen


    just drag an drop them into your new platform to start the import process. I had to take the cover art from the PDF files, since the LB DB doesn't have magazines.
  9. @Jason Carr I've come across a conflict between Startup and Pause screens. Let's say for example you have a startup screen time of 20 seconds for Retroarch, but Retroarch launches after 5 seconds (full screen so it takes over startup screens). If you invoke pause before the remaining 15 seconds, the startup screens will come up instead of pause. Sometimes only a black screen comes up, which can only be removed by closing RA via the task manager. Would it be possible to make pause cancel out startup screens once invoked?
  10. Future Pinball: Pause and startup screens work. I had to use @sundogak's instructions with the following command in emulator settings: /open %romfile% /play /exit
  11. Awesome! I'll start checking out the documentation, and some C# lessons. I might as well go with C# since you recommend it over the other languages. Thanks man
  12. Ok no worries. I wish I would have learned how to code long ago, maybe I should finally get to it. I know AHK pretty well, and from what I understand coding is pretty similar, am I correct? Do you have any tips for a complete noob?
  13. @Jason Carr would it be possible to add a custom AHK script area for Pause screens, similar to the exit, save, and load options? Except with an option to name the entry. Some emulators have extra commands that would be nice to access from Pause. For example I would love to have a “Next Bezel” option on pause, that would send the hotkey for Next Bezel in RetroArch. I think having one or two custom script areas would allow for anyone to add to the pause screen without having to make specific feature requests. Or is this already possible with themes? I’m still a noob at theming.
  14. Short & Simple View File Here's a short and simple startup video. The 0 Db version is at full volume, while the -6 Db version is 6 Db quieter. Submitter Omen Submitted 05/26/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a short and simple startup video. The 0 Db version is at full volume, while the -6 Db version is 6 Db quieter.
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