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  1. It's all good, I was being a mean child.
  2. ahhh, so doing exactly what everyone told you to do worked, what a shock!
  3. I think the problem with that is some people may want to use one or two features from RL and the rest from LB, or vice versa.
  4. Sorry I meant the "Exit Game" option. Some emulators don't exit, so I figured the option to add a custom AHK command, like you can with the other options would help.
  5. I was able to get it to work by setting keyboard automation in BigBox as follows: Shift key: Left Shift Key on Keyboard Pause menu: M on keyboard Then use the following AHK script for your emulators: vk07sc000:: ; This section toggles pause screen If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") { Send {LShift down}{m down}{m up}{LShift up} } That will activate pause with a press of the Xbox Guide button. If you want to use guide + start to activate pause use this AHK script: vk07sc000:: Joy8:: ; This section toggles pause screen If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy8") { Send {LShift down}{m down}{m up}{LShift up} }
  6. @Jason Carr would it still be possible to add an AHK option for Pause Exit, like save and load have? I've run into a couple of emulators (RPCS3 & CxBx-Reloaded) that use a second window for the game. This causes pause and automation exit functions to only close the game window, leaving the emulator running. Also having the option for an exit AHK would allow for possible future emulator issues.
  7. No that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying why don't you just use that image category for your images? You can use any image in any category, you are not forced to use images from the LB database or emumovies.
  8. I think you could use the "Arcade - Controls Information" image category, and then modify the default theme to point to that instead of backgrounds.
  9. I'll do more testing today and see what I can come up with.
  10. I prefer a menu to exit, as I have players in my home that button mash a lot, and have been known to exit games unintentionally. I used to use RocketLauncher's pause to exit games, but I had to remove RL from my setup because it was causing problems.
  11. This should work, let me know if it doesn't and I'll see what I can figure out: vk07sc000:: If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") { Send {m down}{m up} }
  12. No not really, you could use the code you have in place already.
  13. I guess you're right, most people just want the save/load and view manual stuff. I should have worded it differently. I personally would love an exit option that works off of an AHK script the same way you've implemented the other pause options.
  14. What about an option to exit the game? I think this is the main function most people want from pause screens.
  15. @faeran The theme is coming along great, I love the new hidden search bar. One thing I've noticed is the theme seems to take about 5 seconds when entering a game’s details screen. It also has times where it locks up for about 10 seconds when moving in and out of platform categories. besides that, this is my new favorite theme, keep up the great work!
  16. Your right RPCS3 works, I tried other games and it works perfectly. Its just very delayed with one game, but works if I just let it sit for a few seconds. Edit: I'm using forceful activation on every emulator I've reported so far.
  17. PCSX2: Startup - Working Pause - Working PPSSPP: Startup - Working Pause - Works, but the emulator exits full screen when invoking pause. Raine: Startup - Working Pause - Working RPCS3: Startup - Working Pause - Not Working (Only works 10% of the time for me)
  18. CxBx Reloaded: Startup - Working Pause - Working Xenia: Startup - Working Pause - Working Dolphin: Startup - Working Pause - Working
  19. Omen


    That would work. Or maybe have the row somewhat transparent unless triggered?
  20. Omen


    Could you make it so it highlights the letter row when you are scrolling by letter? Currently it's impossible to tell if you are highlighting the letter bar or not.
  21. Oh I totally agree with you, there definitely should be as many options as possible. Unfortunately I don't think we will get Guide button support. But you can still use the AHK option under emulators to get it to work.
  22. I'd love to test this theme also, it looks amazing!
  23. No biggie, it's still possible to use AHK as a workaround.
  24. I'd have to disagree with you on that, I think it should support both options. My entire setup uses the guide button as a hold button: Guide + Start = Exit game. (This will be changed to activate Pause once Pause is more functional. Guide + LB = Switch display to primary Guide + RB = Switch display to secondary Guide + Left Stick button (L3) = Custom script that force closes every emulator (backup kill all for emulators). Guide + Right Stick button (R3) = Custom script that force closes everything, including BigBox, then restarts BigBox (backup kill all and restore). Guide + Y = Custom command for each emulator, Cemu for example toggles between the gamepad screen and TV, when using this shortcut. In PCSX2 it switches between hardware and software rendering. Guide + X = Toggle full screen in emulators. Guide + B = Turn off controller. Guide + A = Test shortcut, for testing new commands. Here's an example of my AHK script for Cemu (The other functions like display switching amd turning off the controller are handled by EventGhost): ; This section closes Emu when pressing Guide Button and Start vk07sc000:: Joy4:: Joy8:: Joy9:: Joy10:: If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy8") { Run, L:\Launchbox\System\Scripts\Kill_Emu.exe } ; This section toggles gamepad screen when pressing Guide & Triangle If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy4") { Send {z down}{z up} } ; This section closes Emu when pressing Guide Button and L3 If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy9") { Run, L:\Launchbox\System\Scripts\Kill_Emu.exe } ; This section closes All when pressing Guide Button and R3 If GetKeyState("vk07sc000") && GetKeyState("Joy10") { Run, L:\Launchbox\System\Scripts\Kill_All.exe }
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