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  1. I must be the only person who doesn't care for an Android version. I would much rather see features that made it higher on the poll get priority. I mean what's the point of a poll if the results don't mean much? I understand why Android is the focus, it will generate more money. I just think it's a little silly to say the poll is the reason it's being worked on first, when it barely made the top 10. I also imagine that for the foreseeable future, Android development will take away from features that made it higher on the poll.
  2. Not gonna lie, I'm extremely pleased to see "Xbox Controller and PS4 Controller Home Button Support" at first place with quite a lead!
  3. No worries, I make mistakes in haste all of the time lol.
  4. These are more like fan art, as the artwork is not accurate at all. Please don't upload these to the database as official artwork. Please upload it as "Fanart - Cart - Front".
  5. @Jason Carr Speaking of the poll, will you have a live stream soon to get suggestions, like in the past? If so do you know when? I really don't want to miss that!
  6. Awesome! I rarely find bugs these days, so I’m glad I can help in some way. Let me know if you need anymore testing done.
  7. Yeah I do have those zipped in my Arcade platform. I tried to have it import duplicates but that still didn't work. I ended up just importing the problem games on their own and it worked.
  8. I've done more testing and it seems that there are certain games that will cause LB not to import anything but the problem games. If I deselect the problem games and only import the missing games, they import fine. So as long as I don't try to import Ikaruga, Radirgy, Slashoutr, Spawn, or Trizeal, everything else imports fine. I can then import those problem games separately without issue. It's the strangest thing.
  9. If I have Ikaruga selected then only Ikaruga imports, but if I select everything except Ikaruga, then everything imports fine. With Ikaruga: Without Ikaruga:
  10. Same here, that was the first thing I tried years ago, and it has been the way I've done it ever since.
  11. Positive, I don't hide games. Also hidden games should have no affect on LB's import wizard, the games I drag should be shown whether they are hidden or not. But just to be safe I searched every XML for hidden games with Notepad++, and there are no hidden games in my collection.
  12. Yeah it's very weird. I've exclusively used drag and drop for the past 3 years without issues, it doesn't make sense why I'm having issues now. Even the import wizard is having the same problem, so I'm starting to think something on my PC is causing the issue.
  13. @Jason Carr When I try to import files via drag and drop, LB is only importing a few random files each time. I have 99 files selected when I drag them over to LB but only a few show up in the import wizard. This is the first time I've had this issue, and I am on the latest beta. EDIT: It doesn't appear to be a beta issue, I tried a stable release and I'm still having the problem. It's probably been a year since I've imported anything into LB, so I have no idea why I'm having this issue. I've tried multiple file types, on different platforms, but it's all the same.
  14. Omen

    Poll Results

    Awesome, thank you guys! I switched to a custom theme but never thought to check the default theme for improvements.
  15. Omen

    Poll Results

    How did you add the controls image? Is there a way to have it show that image, but fallback on another image type if the controls aren't available? The current theme I am working on has <Image Source="{Binding Platform.DeviceImagePath}" , would it be possible to fall back to that if no controller image is present?
  16. I agree, I think it's the perfect use case for this feature. I've never used cart back images, but I totally would if they had this feature.
  17. This is awesome! Would it be possible to add an option to show the game's name in the center of the box/cartridge, at least for the 2D versions? It would help a lot in BigBox. Here's an example:
  18. Thanks man. Usually RetroArch launches immediately, but I have a long delay for times when my HDD is asleep and it needs to spin up.
  19. Omen


    just drag an drop them into your new platform to start the import process. I had to take the cover art from the PDF files, since the LB DB doesn't have magazines.
  20. @Jason Carr I've come across a conflict between Startup and Pause screens. Let's say for example you have a startup screen time of 20 seconds for Retroarch, but Retroarch launches after 5 seconds (full screen so it takes over startup screens). If you invoke pause before the remaining 15 seconds, the startup screens will come up instead of pause. Sometimes only a black screen comes up, which can only be removed by closing RA via the task manager. Would it be possible to make pause cancel out startup screens once invoked?
  21. Future Pinball: Pause and startup screens work. I had to use @sundogak's instructions with the following command in emulator settings: /open %romfile% /play /exit
  22. Awesome! I'll start checking out the documentation, and some C# lessons. I might as well go with C# since you recommend it over the other languages. Thanks man
  23. Ok no worries. I wish I would have learned how to code long ago, maybe I should finally get to it. I know AHK pretty well, and from what I understand coding is pretty similar, am I correct? Do you have any tips for a complete noob?
  24. @Jason Carr would it be possible to add a custom AHK script area for Pause screens, similar to the exit, save, and load options? Except with an option to name the entry. Some emulators have extra commands that would be nice to access from Pause. For example I would love to have a “Next Bezel” option on pause, that would send the hotkey for Next Bezel in RetroArch. I think having one or two custom script areas would allow for anyone to add to the pause screen without having to make specific feature requests. Or is this already possible with themes? I’m still a noob at theming.
  25. Short & Simple View File Here's a short and simple startup video. The 0 Db version is at full volume, while the -6 Db version is 6 Db quieter. Submitter Omen Submitted 05/26/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
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