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  1. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    Right on I’ll try downloaded these tonight. If I can get them downloaded I can get them on my system no problem if they are named half way decent
  2. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    eh can I use this somehow on pc on my mame cabinet? What do I download?
  3. ninja2bceen

    Company/Manufacturer Video Backgrounds

    awesome! can you make a few more videos? One for Atari, NEC, and SNK? thank you!
  4. ninja2bceen


    Nice, are there pointers for all 200 custom playlists?
  5. ninja2bceen

    Sou Reaver 2 Legacy of Kain

    looks great in general except you cannot see any of the gameplay. Can you make the version display the game play much more clearer? Otherwise this would be a no brainer to include in a set up
  6. ninja2bceen


    @Jason Carr
  7. ninja2bceen


    Maybe contacted Tapatalk support as well? support@tapatalk.com
  8. ninja2bceen


    If you need the error message I can send it to you. It’s an xml error upon signing in. You can’t view any posts but you can see the topic per se before opening it as well. Opening a post reads access denied which I think is related to authentication issues
  9. ninja2bceen

    Bliss box 4 play

    It is good and worth it
  10. ninja2bceen


    Hello since the website upgrade, I am unable to sign in to tapatalk or view any forum, please fix so phones are supported again
  11. ninja2bceen

    Unable to login tapatalk

    Yea @Jason Carr
  12. ninja2bceen

    Unable to login tapatalk

    Forum login fails using tapatalk mobile stating its failing to process xml. Been using it fine for a year prior to this
  13. ninja2bceen

    What is rocket launcher? Should I be using it?

    For the rl delay and such I think you can even turn off fade in and fade out if you don't want the loading screens at all
  14. ninja2bceen

    Hacks & Fan-Made Playlist Theme (WIP)

    great theme! was wondering if you could use this video snap as well for the theme? Hacked_Games.mp4