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      Big News Coming!   09/21/2017

      We have a huge surprise announcement for you this coming Tuesday! Join Jason in the live stream on Tuesday morning (September 26th) at 9:30 AM PST to be part of something big.


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  1. Tapatalk

    Hello since the website upgrade, I am unable to sign in to tapatalk or view any forum, please fix so phones are supported again
  2. Unable to login tapatalk

    Yea @Jason Carr
  3. Unable to login tapatalk

    Forum login fails using tapatalk mobile stating its failing to process xml. Been using it fine for a year prior to this
  4. Big Box Cinematix

    Pinball, magazines, consoles, handhelds, computers, music/movies, utilities, arcade, playlist I think that's all I can think of
  5. Big Box Cinematix

    Nice you got the background moving, that is new to the original theme. Great work
  6. What is rocket launcher? Should I be using it?

    For the rl delay and such I think you can even turn off fade in and fade out if you don't want the loading screens at all
  7. Hacks & Fan-Made Playlist Theme (WIP)

    great theme! was wondering if you could use this video snap as well for the theme? Hacked_Games.mp4
  8. Big Box Cinematix

    What are we watching lol, is this a foreign film, funny yet disgusting. Longest fart was funny