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  1. ninja2bceen

    Giant Titan Platform Category Logos

    yes sir! I'd love to see Comics, Magazines, Fan Made, and Manufactures added to the mix! Great Work
  2. 50% off emumovies now and through Dec 31 2018. Learn how, Game on (My channel is a hyperspin tutorial channel but I'm also a lifetime at Launchbox ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Nt-jndAp4&t=3s
  3. ninja2bceen

    Instruction Cards

    to activate the instruction cards, you need to use rocketlauncher under settings, instruction cards, and set it to true for LED blinky, i hope to get this added to my system as well soon. There are preconfigured profiles under hyperspins download page that i'm aware of in the 3rd party app section
  4. ninja2bceen

    Instruction Cards

    Did you check the ftp under my dojo folder on emumovies? Check RocketLauncher, media, bezels, mame. I’m pretty sure I uploaded all of them including cards there
  5. ninja2bceen

    Instruction Cards

    Ive uploaded a decent set of game bezels and instruction cards found here
  6. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    If you use RocketLauncher you can totally use all of these snes bezels genesis bezels mame bezels Nes bezels
  7. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    I figured it out as well guys... you can use rocket launcher. You'll want to use two command scripts to make the files renamed to bezel and a way to copy your ini file to each folder. You'll also want files to folders to drop themselves into folders before you rename things. EASY! Thank you! I noticed a few folders didn't have pngs in them under the bezel folder. Do you have N64 bezels for example? Great work btw! --after you have folders for each game and the files are in their folder,use this to drop an ini file in each folder in your directory for /r "E:\Arcade-PC\hyperspin\Emulators\Romfiles\_To_Do\_projects\bezel\nes\FM_Renamed" %i in (.) do @copy "E:\Arcade-PC\hyperspin\Emulators\Romfiles\_To_Do\_projects\bezel\nes\FM_Renamed\bezel.ini" "%i\bezel.ini" --, use this to rename to bezel.png cd "E:\Arcade-PC\hyperspin\Emulators\Romfiles\_To_Do\_projects\bezel\nes\FM_Renamed" for /f "delims=*" %a in ('dir *.png /b /s') do ren "%a" Bezel.png
  8. ninja2bceen

    Emumovies Giveaway!

    Another Emumovies giveaway is here! 5 lucky winners will be drawn after Oct 31st. Good Luck! See description in the video below for the contest link and watch the video to see what it unlocks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqEaHRKTnB4
  9. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    Right on I’ll try downloaded these tonight. If I can get them downloaded I can get them on my system no problem if they are named half way decent
  10. ninja2bceen

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    eh can I use this somehow on pc on my mame cabinet? What do I download?
  11. ninja2bceen

    Company/Manufacturer Video Backgrounds

    awesome! can you make a few more videos? One for Atari, NEC, and SNK? thank you!
  12. ninja2bceen


    Nice, are there pointers for all 200 custom playlists?
  13. ninja2bceen

    Sou Reaver 2 Legacy of Kain

    looks great in general except you cannot see any of the gameplay. Can you make the version display the game play much more clearer? Otherwise this would be a no brainer to include in a set up
  14. ninja2bceen


    @Jason Carr
  15. ninja2bceen


    Maybe contacted Tapatalk support as well? support@tapatalk.com