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  1. Nice you got the background moving, that is new to the original theme. Great work
  2. Is there a wheel pack with all of these? Great work
  3. For the rl delay and such I think you can even turn off fade in and fade out if you don't want the loading screens at all
  4. great theme! was wondering if you could use this video snap as well for the theme? Hacked_Games.mp4
  5. What are we watching lol, is this a foreign film, funny yet disgusting. Longest fart was funny
  6. Awesome! Can you input a video preview box here as well for a preview? I can send you a video if you don't have one
  7. Music is sweet and the smoking ball is just awesome! Pinball category theme or a dedicated pinball system? Will be interesting to see how you finalize it all
  8. Thank you! Finally my eyes shall no longer bleed with my current theme
  9. Oh just like the rl Easter egg that no one wants to admit too lol