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  1. Big Box Cinematix

    I walk away 2 sec and now this lol. Let’s get Tapatalk login working again, miss this
  2. Tapatalk

    @Jason Carr
  3. Tapatalk

    Maybe contacted Tapatalk support as well? support@tapatalk.com
  4. Tapatalk

    If you need the error message I can send it to you. It’s an xml error upon signing in. You can’t view any posts but you can see the topic per se before opening it as well. Opening a post reads access denied which I think is related to authentication issues
  5. Bliss box 4 play

    It is good and worth it
  6. Big Box Cinematix

    Breathtaking. Have no idea how you mAde the scretch of the console like that thats so flipping-conesis-balls! Yes I made conesis up. Figured might as well since we are on the subject, I have no idea what it would mean
  7. Tapatalk

    Hello since the website upgrade, I am unable to sign in to tapatalk or view any forum, please fix so phones are supported again
  8. Unable to login tapatalk

    Yea @Jason Carr
  9. Unable to login tapatalk

    Forum login fails using tapatalk mobile stating its failing to process xml. Been using it fine for a year prior to this
  10. Big Box Cinematix

    Pinball, magazines, consoles, handhelds, computers, music/movies, utilities, arcade, playlist I think that's all I can think of
  11. Big Box Cinematix

    Nice you got the background moving, that is new to the original theme. Great work