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  1. all notifications have been accounted for. One more day remains
  2. Sorry for the delay. Christmas Eve and Christmas are kind of a family holiday is all. Please check your patreon this pm for the code. Merry christmas
  3. If you are new to the scene, ANY front end scene, you will want emumovies. Now through 12/31/20 you can get it for 50% off. Circo as usual is awesome and hes generated some codes that I can give out. Please see the video for details
  4. to date, that's the best theme you have done. Fantastic, using this theme no question
  5. 50% off emumovies code to all patreon members for any duration. 30 buck value! Thank circo
  6. No disrespect here all. I’m excited for the team! I must have read it wrong wrong. The title and some of the wording during my quick read I though he was trying to get a feel of the land. Reading it a third time I think he’s just trying to boast his avatar status lol. Nothing to see here but I would like the hyperspin theme support Jason and team lol. Welcome to the best community out there
  7. Welcome! if you are looking to be a hero and you truly want to crush the competition, there is one thing that Jason hasn’t done yet and that is support for hyperspin themes. He will say we don’t support flash as it’s a legacy platform which is not wrong but something you will learn is (at least in my opinion) launchbox is in existent because hyperspin was too hard for users to set up. There are real benefits to launchbox, I’m a full member. I have minted or near minted my hyperspin set up. Launchbox continues to add things that are hyperspin features but the major thing that I woul
  8. Nes complete theme set is 83% done! This started as a hyperspin theme project but cinematic themes can work in both hyperspin and launchbox (videos) so I wanted to make sure I let this crew know as well. More cinematic themes are being made and we would love to see some more made! Remember, only those making themes get the set for sure and once complete, we will vote to release it to everyone or not based on participation. Less then 5 folks have made all these themes! Band together, and add to the submissions! A new technique in making cinematic videos through PowerPoint was created, lol yes y
  9. Sorry temp, I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. All we have done is try to help this guy. Keep on keeping on broski, watch out for this guy.
  10. Eom, artwork includes logos, fades, videos, exit screens, etc and particularly themes. I’m pretty sure you got banned at hyperspin due to your nasty attitude. I’ve done nothing but to try and help you. It could be you not everyone else, just saying. The community is about helping others, we all do what we can but this isn’t McDonald’s and you can’t just order stuff and expect it to be served. Please assist in making something, all this isn’t just sitting around for you. Hyperspin has been making media for over a decade and most of the media if not 95% of what you see in launchbox was made by h
  11. Lol aren’t game themes artwork?
  12. Yes there are gaps. This group is focused on minting the nes wheel first with game themes https://www.facebook.com/groups/1261543240673631/?ref=share
  13. Thanks for replying. The structure is the following for art, themes, videos, letters and genre art. Imagine doing this for 100+ systems to convert over.... One comment on the themes bit. I’d like to challenge you to understand the theme system as a whole in hyperspin. It’s just a flash reader basically and I think it would be worth your time considering there are literally 1000s of themes already made. Remember hyperspin has been around for more than a decade. It’s ignorant to think they wouldn’t be used and I’m sure if I had to mess with the settings to carry it over, I would literally h
  14. Ability to transition media from hyperspin to launchbox without space usage. This should be totally doable. Hyperspin has a specific file structure. I would like the ability to use the same media but in launchbox without remapping the world. Ability to use hyperspin themes. Seriously this is the single reason why hyperspin is still being used by me. (It’s understood that there was a mame video recording of themes) it’s a nice work around but literally I have 1000’s of themes across all systems.
  15. yes sir! I'd love to see Comics, Magazines, Fan Made, and Manufactures added to the mix! Great Work
  16. 50% off emumovies now and through Dec 31 2018. Learn how, Game on (My channel is a hyperspin tutorial channel but I'm also a lifetime at Launchbox ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Nt-jndAp4&t=3s
  17. to activate the instruction cards, you need to use rocketlauncher under settings, instruction cards, and set it to true for LED blinky, i hope to get this added to my system as well soon. There are preconfigured profiles under hyperspins download page that i'm aware of in the 3rd party app section
  18. Did you check the ftp under my dojo folder on emumovies? Check RocketLauncher, media, bezels, mame. I’m pretty sure I uploaded all of them including cards there
  19. Ive uploaded a decent set of game bezels and instruction cards found here
  20. If you use RocketLauncher you can totally use all of these snes bezels genesis bezels mame bezels Nes bezels
  21. I figured it out as well guys... you can use rocket launcher. You'll want to use two command scripts to make the files renamed to bezel and a way to copy your ini file to each folder. You'll also want files to folders to drop themselves into folders before you rename things. EASY! Thank you! I noticed a few folders didn't have pngs in them under the bezel folder. Do you have N64 bezels for example? Great work btw! --after you have folders for each game and the files are in their folder,use this to drop an ini file in each folder in your directory for /r "E:\Arcade-PC\hypers
  22. Another Emumovies giveaway is here! 5 lucky winners will be drawn after Oct 31st. Good Luck! See description in the video below for the contest link and watch the video to see what it unlocks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqEaHRKTnB4
  23. Right on I’ll try downloaded these tonight. If I can get them downloaded I can get them on my system no problem if they are named half way decent
  24. eh can I use this somehow on pc on my mame cabinet? What do I download?
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