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  1. Sure, any theme besides the default and City Hunter 2 is missing the game box art
  2. I Couldn't find another thread with my same problem. Having trouble getting game thumbnails/box art to appear when using custom themes on the platform screen. I can access them (I can hear the selection sound and launch them) but there is no art on any of the custom themes until I enter a platform. Just did a fresh install, no antivirus installed. Game covers appear as normal on default theme. Any Ideas?
  3. I'm having trouble getting certain zipped game images working. Playing compressed BIN/CUE images works fine but I cant get zipped IMG/CCD files to play in retroarch/beetle. Is there a work around for this or is it just a limitation? THANKS YOU SEXY BEASTS
  4. Whatever you guys did on the most recent beta mostly fixed my issue. I get the tiniest amount of screen tearing on coverflow but the art deosnt skip the animation anymore and pop into existence like it used to. Please for the love of god dont undo what you did.
  5. Its happening with all three of my computers and the only similarity between them is Win 7 64x with varying degrees of configuration. One is stock windows and the other two were freshly installed and customized with that black viper guide that was posted earlier. I am confident there is a solution to this.
  6. Whatever was changed in the new beta has made a huge improvement on my cursor responsiveness. Coverflow is a bit better but still mostly broken.
  7. All of mine are GPT. Heres a thought: could it have something to do with the fonts? I started experimenting with them and noticed it changed performance noticeably. It even crashed a few times for the first time ever when I switched to arial.
  8. I really like this Idea. A streamlined version for performance that would scream on good hardware.
  9. You said it ran fine on your Win 7 32x? All the PCs I have had performance issues on were 64x. By show of hands how many of you are having trouble on a 64x system?
  10. There must be a common denominator between our computers causing this. I dont want to revert to an older program and am very interested in finding a solution.
  11. I updated to the latest beta and performance has gotten much much worse. I transitions take 2-3 seconds to load an image and scrolling will shoot the cursor all over the place. its like pressing it once sends 30 presses. I scanned my images and got this message
  12. I made some progress!! I manually uninstalled my GPU drivers and half of my problem is gone. The library scrolling is much smoother and responsive. However transitions are still broken and sometimes dont trigger at all. I will scroll down one entry and the image will just "pop" into existence instead of a gradual horizontal rotation.
  13. Yes. It does it in every menu at least a little bit. I disabled transitions altogether and reduced image size and it still does it. Removing the art altogether makes it much faster but it still freezes occasionally and wont respond immediately. Its like it cant catch up.
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