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  1. Gotcha... consider it a feature request then!
  2. It's more of like, I have US SNES roms but the auto-scrape is showing JP (first) release dates on metadata download (i.e. all the SNES roms).
  3. Is there any way for LB or some plugin to scrape ROM metadata for regional release dates based on the region of the ROM?
  4. Disabling selective suspend is always something I do (side effect of being a musician). Plus, this happens WHEN I'm playing.
  5. I posted on the libretro forums as well, but people here are really helpful and maybe someone else is running into this issue. No matter if I have a single controller or five different ones plugged in (either direct to the motherboard or via a powered USB hub), Retroarch will occasionally show that the controller(s) disconnect and reconnect immediately. This creates a small 3-4 frame "hiccup" in whatever game I'm playing and then yellow text stating that the controllers are configured (one by one) in the lower left corner. Any ideas?
  6. Definitely got it working right using -c config\whateverthingy.cfg per core. This also lets me set up my fightstick and SNES controller per core too. Thanks for helping me understand how it works.
  7. So retroarch lies... when you press "save new config" it says "Saved new config to c:\Retroarch\retroarch.cfg" but it actually saves the core name to the config folder... =/ lol
  8. Sorry one more quick question: about the config saving, when I choose "save new config" it just says it saves retroarch.cfg and not a new file... is a new file generated somewhere other than the retroarch\ root dir?
  9. It will definitely detect it as a PlayStation Controller likely because the firmware is designed to be recognized by PS3/PS4. =/ Thanks for your help.
  10. Did you see the picture of my controller? It makes a lot of sense when you see the actual controller.
  11. Yeah, I know, sorry if I'm not being clear. Here's how I want the controller mapped out X = A Square = B Circle = C-Down Triangle = C-Left R1 = C-Up R2 = C-Right i.e. I want to use dedicated buttons for the c-buttons and not a modifier.
  12. Right, that's... I mean, I understand HOW the default controls work, but that's not what I want I don't want to use a modifier, I want to map direct... button for button, like my controller is laid out. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that!
  13. A pic of my controller is in the op, I'll add it here too and how I want it mapped: You can see that it's a single-analog stick, with a D-pad, and six face buttons (exactly the mapping of the n64 controller).
  14. Also, what are you trying to show me? I still see that B and C-Down are being mapped together?
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