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  1. Wow these lot so good. Such good work thanks so much again @seaview59
  2. Hey SeaView, These are the last of my requests for the Mega Drive Europe if you would be able to help with any that would be hugely appreciated as ever Adams Family Values - Rework as current logo isn't too clear Asterix and the Power of the Gods - current yellow text isn't the same font Captain Planet - Rework and colours differ for Europe Lotus Turbo Challenge - Rework as different font and text colour for Europe Mr Nutz Hoppin Mad - This is a proto game and the current logo differs from the Euro art Pele - New logo as the current isn't the same Rolo - New logo as the current isn't the same Street Fighter II - Rework if possible, Euro logo differs from the one in the DB Sub-Terrania - New logo if possible as colour variant for Europe. Thank you as always so so much @seaview59
  3. Thank you so much as always @seaview59
  4. Hi SeaView, Could I make a request for these two logos to be made for these two Mega Drive Europe games Thanks so much Weller96c
  5. Amazing work. Thanks so so much!! Can't thank you enough for your effort doing these @seaview59 - You're my hero
  6. You guys are the best @seaview59 @goofers - Can't thank you enough for all your help and hard work
  7. Thanks @goofers Sorry @seaview59 it's not much to reduce by. Hope you don't mind working through these still
  8. Sure will do, thanks @seaview59 Sorry it's a big list. Hopefully @goofers has some to bring it down
  9. Hi @seaview59 Weirdly I've been going through my Sean Mega CD Collection and have quite a list of new logo requests. (Sega Classics was actually on my list I'm sorry it's such a long list, if you can do any of them I'd be really grateful, These are the 24 I'm looking for Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck - Current Logo on the database is quite blury, not sure if a remake is possible Eye of the Beholder - Blue text - Current database version has yellow text Fahrenheit - Clear background - Current is the North America logo with yellow at the start and end Fatal Fury Special - Colour variant for Europe Final Fight CD - Colour variant for Europe Formula One World Championship - Beyond the Limit - Colour variant for Europe Jaguar XJ220 - Colour variant for Europe Jurassic Park - Would it be possible to have the logo with the Black edge, then white and red inner. And include TM and Copyright Amberlin? Keio Flying Squadron - Japan clear logo doesn't have the English text Lords of Thunder - Europe logo variant Mickey Mania - Europe logo variant doesn't include timeless adventure and logo colour variant for Europe Night Trap x2 - Logos for Mega CD Sega 32x and Mega CD variants for Europe PowerMonger - European Variant Prince of Persia - European Variant Prize Fighter - Current logo has green edge not blue and no detail on the crest Sega Classics Arcade Collection - as requested above European Variant Shadow of the Beast II - European Variant Smurfs, The - European Variant Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess, The - Logo to include Software Toolworks' if possible Terminator, The - Slight colour variant for Europe Time Gal - Colour variant for Europe Wolfchild - Request for reworking of logo if possible Thanks in advance, again apologies for another long list. Artwork attached and I've tried to include as many examples in as higher res as I can. @goofers - If you happen to have any I've requested and can share to save Seaview doing them that would be ace Thanks Mega CD Requests.raragain weller96c
  10. Thanks so much @seaview59 amazed you managed to do it! Good Skills
  11. Hi SeaView, Could you do anything with this logo, I've uploaded three images not sure if anything can be done for them it's for a Mega CD game called The Animals (San Diego Zoo Presents) Thanks as ever Weller96c
  12. Thanks so much Seaview as always. You've done a awesome job! I'm trying to pull together European Sets and Thunder Force III I thought was a proto rom and it was included in the No Intros pack I believed there was a European version based on there being artwork for it but I may have been wrong
  13. Hi SeaView, Sorry additional request, this is for a European Mega Drive game this time Thunder Force III Thanks again weller96c
  14. Hi Seaview, Would you be it be possible to get three Sega 32x Europe logos made. These three have slight differences to those on the database. After Burner - Logo to include the complete element Knuckles' Chaotix - Colour differs on the Chaotix wording Primal Rage - Slight colour variant for Europe. Thanks so much in advance weller96c
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