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  1. Would anyone be able to make a couple of wheels or share if they already have these. (Apologies if any have already been created, I couldn't find them on this treat/downloads) Classics: Cave Classics Visco Classics Toaplan Classics Psikyo Classics Shmups: Sony Playstation Shmups Game Boy Advance Shmups Super Nintendo Shmups Super Famicom Shmups Nintendo Famicom Shmups Nintendo Entertainment System Shmups Sega Mega Drive Shmups Sega Genisis Shmups Sega Dreamcast Shmups Sega Saturn Shmups Nintendo Game Boy Shmups NEC PC Engine Shmups NEC TurboGrafx-16 Shmups Examples of classics that have been made previously - The same format would be great Also included are some examples of Shmups but these were in a small format - Anything in a large format or like the classics but stating Shmups instead would be great. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. These were made previously. Hopefully they'll be what you need
  3. Perfect! Thank you so much for all your hard work doing these. Genuinely really appreciated!
  4. Thanks so so much for doing these you're a hero @dragon57 If it's not too much trouble could you do a "last played" in the same style as your playlist rings you made
  5. Would anyone be able to make a Ports ring using this png? Thanks in advance Also, Would it be possible to get some hacks wheels made. I have these but they are small format - I'm also missing Master System Hacks and Gameboy Colour Hacks Also could anyone make a large format TechToy ring like this one? Lastly could a Last Played silver ring be made in the style of the playlist rings Sorry for the long request. Really apprecaited
  6. Would anyone be able to create an Attract Mode silver ring logo? Here's a image if needed
  7. Hey, Sorry to be a pain, I'm still seeing an error opening the files for both this zip and the X-Z. :\ Tried to download a few times from different browsers but still fails.
  8. Hi, I think this zip and X-Z are corrupt. I've downloaded them twice with the same error "unexpected end of archive"
  9. Could anyone create wheels for Mega Drive Shmups Genesis Shmups Gameboy Advance Shmups Super Nintendo Shmups Playstation Shmups Thanks in advance
  10. I'm sorry bud, Thank you so much. Really appreciate anything you can do. You're a absolute hero
  11. Awesome work Detran Would you be able to create more playlist wheels or if you have any of the below already created that would be awesome! 007 Collection 70s Collection 80s Collection 90s Collection Barbie Collection Baseball Collection Basketball Collection BMX Collection Bomberman Collection Boulderdash Collection Bowling Collection Boxing Collection Disney Collection Earthworm Jim Collection Fishing Collection Four Play Collection Ghouls n Ghosts Collection Golf Collection Hockey Collection Horse Racing Collection Indiana Jones Collection KOF Collection Konami Bubble System Lego Collection Lord Of The Rings Collection Metal Slug Collection Motocross Collection Nintendo Entertainment System Hacks Nintendo Game Boy Advance Hacks Nintendo Game Boy Hacks Nintendo Game Boy Micro Pacman Collection Pacman Collection1st Pinball Collection Pitfall Collection Power Rangers Collection Rambo Collection Sailor Moon Collection Sega Dreamcast Indies Sega Game Gear Hacks Sega Genesis Hacks Sega Mega Drive Hacks Sesame Street Collection Shmups Collection Skateboarding Collection Skiing Collection Soccer Collection Space Invaders Collection SpongeBob Collection Sports Collection Streets of Rage Collection Super Nintendo Entertainment System Hacks Surfing Collection Technos Tennis Collection Tetris Collection Track and Field Collection Volleyball Collection Wonder Boy Collection Wrestling Collection
  12. Hey Viking, If possible would you be able to create wheels to match the videos you'd created I'd requested. Really can't thank you enough Atari System 1: Atari System 2: Sega System 16: Sega System 18: Sega System 24: Sega X Board: Sega Y Board : Psikyo: IGS PolyGame Master:
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