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  1. So I will start by saying I take no credit for any of this artwork I just kinda hodge podged and a lot of eraser tool together to what I thought looked good and was same scale as what I got from emu movies pack. I spent countless hours trying to figure out something that works and looks better than the current nes box art as well.. its pretty awful lol. I did something similar years ago before my emulation pc crash and lost everything so this way I am sharing (cause sharing is caring) and god forbid I crash again I know where to find these (I have cloud backup and raid now dont worry). Anyway
  2. I love the "look at what I got" to show off but I am just out of room and dont see me adding any anytime soon lol. With the older consoles it is hard as most games were pretty good and have their own "shine" once you get towards the N64/ps1 days it was lets see how much crap we can pump out and make ppl buy.
  3. thank you so much! that Racketboy site is one I used long ago but forgot about so that is super helpful. I am happy with whatever ppl share as I know opinions differ and probably will keep or at least try most that get suggested. Just when you have like 3000 GBA games taking up space makes you wonder why am I doing this to myself lol.
  4. Decided there is no point of having every game ever as really when will I ever play barbie.. with that said Is there any decent sites out there that showcase top XX # of games for console/arcade/etc..?
  5. Thankfully since slowly migrating from HS I told it not to sync any files.
  6. I changed the backend image names to confirm to the front end as it seemed like would be more logical. SO hopefully that is in my benefit lol.
  7. Sadly it is the second of the two. I hope when I remove everything just syncs back up. Fingers crossed!! thank you for the help!
  8. I fat fingered game gear romset and added it to genesis. I for the life of me cant find an option to remove the damn thing lol. I tried to look in backend files and every option I can see with no luck. Do I have to remove the platform and re-add it now?
  9. EDIT: I am a dumbass and figured it out!
  10. Thank you @Jason Carr! Update did the trick. now to continue on with porting all the old setup stuff over!!
  11. I just downloaded the software this morning and have no clue what I am doing for the most part LOL EDIT: running 6.12
  12. I am super new to this but I tried to paste this in as that is layout I would like as well and I get this error now.
  13. I found the background fade option and fixed that but I am not seeing anywhere to turn off the banner. thank you for such a quick reply EDIT: Nvm I think I got it. sorry for having such a dumb first post LOL
  14. I dunno if I am just being dumb but starting to try this out after HS made my head hurt trying to get it to work lol. Anyways it looks like there is some sort of effect on my platform page and not sure how to remove it, also the only way I could figure out how to remove platform banner was to put a blank.png in the banner folder. Is there a better option?
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