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  1. Here is a startup video that I've made. It's long but you can easily cut it to your desired length and you can also replace the music or add sound effects. I can also share the Adobe premiere file and resources. If someone wants. For 16:9 aspect ratio. For 4:3 aspect ratio.
  2. This is the second time trying to make a BigBox startup video. I hope you like it. Programs used: After Effects and Premiere. Resources: Wallpaper from google, sound effects from youtube and our lovely Launchbox logo. Enjoy! p.s. I hope you like the coverflow joke :), it used to run like **** on my pc. startup.mp4
  3. In my case the final start up time will be @2-3 minutes with all application starting (Steam, Uplay, etc.).
  4. Here is a new Startup Video(or should i say music video) that i made. Feel free to cut it or use it as you need (it was made for old spinning rust HDD, my startup time is 1 min+ on WD Black 1TB) Use the attached file(better quality than YT) BigBox_Intro.rar
  5. As you can see half of them are C64 because of multiple disks.
  6. Look at the bottom of the screenshot :D. Where it say "Displaying 30036 of 30036 games"
  7. @SentaiBrad Hmm but there is a software called "Depresurizer" that has access to steam library and organize it in groups.
  8. I hate the steam import thing... i dont want 600 + games in LB. So i manually add the .exe in LB for the games i like. Maybe someday we can add a playlist from steam instead of all games.
  9. 30k but some not all are merged and i have not added my Gameboy Collection and more. I wanna get @200 games/system for my arcade build. So there is a lot of work to be made. P.S. Amiga is WHQload
  10. Hello Launchbox community I've been using Launchbox for more than an year. This month i managed to get my premium <3 (for an upcoming arcade cabinet). So... I'm romanian and there might be more romanians using Launchbox... and I'm ready to do my part if you need my help. I will happily translate it to Romanian-Romania (Ro-RO). (or at least horribly fail at it )
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