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  1. Would Big Box see a speed improvement in terms of loading assets like game art and videos using ultra fast PCI SSD such as the Intel Optane SSD 905P Series vs a standard SATA SSD?
  2. Absolutely amazing work. Such a strong creative vision I must say Would it be possible to get clear logos for "Computers", "PC Games", and "Playlists"?
  3. Any chance we can get one for "Playlists" and "Favorites"?
  4. Request Banner for "Console" Category? Banner of "Playlists"?
  5. I have launchbox running on two systems. I had imported all clones etc on both systems and I can confirm multiple rom versiosn are consolidated under single names. However, only one of my systems shows the entire rom list under the additional apps tab. The other system does not. How can I get the alternate rom versions to show under additioanl apps tab? Whats even more strange is that the rom versions DO SHOW under additional apps/versions when inside BigBox...just not launchbox
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