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  1. Sorry i used the review tab instead of comments... A really nice simple pack very well done consistent ish look! If i had to pick on anything it would only be as an example: Oddworld_ Abe_s Exoddus-01.png VS Oddworld_ Abe_s Oddysee-01.png Your cover temple without the extra spine inconsistency, and to tell you the truth both look good as per mistaken review lolz i found RC Stunt Copter-01 the _Underscore_ got me 😉 I understand you have I.Q_ Intelligent Qube https://psxdatacenter.com/games/U/I/SCUS-94181.html and i did ask for a template for the 1999 sequel Kurushi Final: Mental Blocks (I.Q. Final in Japan) scps-10071 https://psxdatacenter.com/ntsc-j_list.html BUT that was not released NTSC/U so all good keep up the very good work, you definitely have a new fan and BTW thanks for the thrill kill cover.
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