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  1. Oh shoot, you're right! I genuinely never noticed that one. It even has Retroachievements support! Thank you very much for the headsup! The core works perfectly ^^
  2. NeoGeo CD games need to be started via FBNeo's "Subsystem" option (Load Core > Set Subsystem to NeoGeo CD and load .cue > Start Subsystem). Just starting the .cue via basic Launchbox imports doesn't work ("Unknown ROMset" as FBNeo probably expected a basic MAME ROMset without setting up the Subsystem) Is there any way to start these games via Launchbox, maybe command line entries?
  3. Glad to hear that the "overlap" isn't a hard issue then and can be fixed by font tinkering Then again, since someone on the team thought about the subtle but brilliant idea to make the achievement list clickable, i never saw it as a big issue ^^ All in all, this has been such a great addition to launchbox! The only mildly annoying quirk now are the name discrepancies. And even that isn't a major issue as long as the emulators itself can work with it ^^
  4. @Jason Carr Yup, a manual selection (if possible) would probably be the best long term workaround. Everything else would require a shared database, which is probably more work than its worth for the handful of titles that may cause issues like that.
  5. I can also report that a few games here and there still have issues. One example i just noticed would be GBA game Demi Kids (no matter the version). While the achievements work just fine, LaunchBox doesn't display them. The game is set up with the proper LaunchBox Daterbase ID and all. Since i have no clue how the pairing is done, i can only take a guess, but retroachievements lists the game as "Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children - Light/Dark Version", while in the Launchbox Game Database, its simply listed as "DemiKids: Light/Dark Version" (The proper Name of the [ U ] version, which was used to create these achievements) EDIT: Same with F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (LB ID), which is listet on RA as "F-Zero Advance: Maximum Velocity". From the looks of it, LaunchBox fails to display of achievements when the name in its own database doesn't match the one on RA. Again, just a guess, i have no clue about the actual inner workings. Just giving feedback ^^
  6. Yup, im glad as well. Why it worked standalone, i have no clue... Ah whatever, something was broken, its fixed now somehow, im going to bed Thanks again, everyone
  7. @Zombeaver Yeah, noticed that as well. My bad. The "Clean" version was the one i used in the vid and that is used in Launchbox. They are carbon copies of each other anyways. The "Clean" one was a completely fresh installation, with old configs etc copied over later and the other one was a carbon copy of a previous versions folder, where i tried the opposite a.e. overwrite an existing install with a new version installer and see if configs stick...they do ^^ But i have good and bad news: The good news, i transplanted a few folders back and forth between several versions (I usually keep older versions intact) and now it works. The bad news, i still have no clue what caused it in the first case. A busted config file, something broken in the "systems" folder etc. No clue. I'd have to dissect it bit by bit and its already 5 in the morning over here... So yeah, looks like lordsnark...i mean, @lordmonkus (No hard feelings, im sorry for the outburst, i was just super frustrated before<3 ) was right on the money that i had broken something...i just have no clue how...or what... My best guess: Probably messed up a Bios file somewhere, somehow, probably renamed it by accident. No clue, but swapping stuff with older versions saved the day. Will be dissecting this nonsense more once i got some shuteye. Thanks to everyone
  8. @Retro808 I actually hadn't, took me long enough to test everything out with one version ^^. Just tried it and older versions actually *do* work, which is weird, since most of the stuff is copied over from one version to the other anyways. So something withing my Retroarch 167 instance must have an allergic reaction to LaunchBox *sigh* Ok, needle in a haystack time...
  9. @Retro808 Good call, but i tried both scenarios with and without Steam, because i knew that this might have caused issues again. But sadly, it didn't. It wasn't that easy this time around. @lordmonkus With all due respect, but i'd really appreciate a little less snark. I provided everything i could to show that the setup is correct and i'm just as confused about why it refuses to work. I can't do more than *show* you that yes, i'm 100% sure that everything is set up correctly, pointing at the right paths, that stuff like cores, bios etc are present. If i moved something, forgot a file etc, Retroarch itself wouldn't be running, since its the same Emulator LaunchBox is using.
  10. Of course Retroarch wasn't supposed to work when being pointed at the bin. Than wasn't what i was trying to point out. It was the fact that Retroarch *does* open, even though its bound to fail, something it doesn't do when pointed towards the cue file. I made a short video about the whole process. Launchbox Vs. Standalone Retroarch. Its the same Retroarch instance that LaunchBox uses, same path, same cores, same bios files, same ROM/ISO paths. You can see the Launchbox setup in the pics above, Retroarch directs to the very same files. (and yes, Retroarch is setup as the emulator for said games, something that sadly got left out above) https://streamable.com/jq1yk So, yeah. All LaunchBox does is point at the same game and emulator and gives a correct launch command (for example: -L "cores\mednafen_pce_fast_libretro.dll") for an existing core and yet, it refuses to work.
  11. Trust me, i tripple and double checked pretty much everything by now. The weird thing is, *everything* else works. Every ROM based system works perfectly fine. Its just the Disc based ones that fail to do so (expect for PSX games). Another weird thing: Retroarch wont even open, which is usually a sign of what you said: Wrong paths, typo in the load core command etc. But when i change the games path to point at the bin instead of the cue, Retroarch opens but stays on a black screen. All load core commands are correct (-L "cores\XxXx.dll"), all paths are correctly set (Retroarch, cores, bios, bin/cue), the bin/cue is clean (a.e. runs under any other circumstance), Retroarch is up-to-date (1.6.7), cores are brand new (online updater). Like i said, i cant pinpoint when (a.e. with what Launchbox release) this started, as everything worked perfectly fine the way it was (and is) set up. Nothing changes, nothing moved. So yeah, im at a loss here. I have no clue what is going wrong. Everything works, apart form the Retroarch Disc systems *except* the PSX...
  12. Sadly, i can't provide an exact version when this issue started appearing, but Launchbox refuses to start any Disc based games using Retroarch (Sega CD, Turbografx CD, Sega Saturn). Funnily enough, PSX games launch no matter what, be it the basic bin/cue format or a compressed pbp. If i start Retroarch seperately, it loads said content without any issues whatsoever. I had a very similar case with MAME before in that, whenever i launched LaunchBox via Steam (to benefit from its controller mapping funktions), MAME games couldn't be launched from launch box. MAME on its own, or Launchbox opened without Steam worked. Any idea what might cause this ?
  13. Since the discontinuation of my MAME variant of choice, MAME UI FX, im not up to date what variants are keeping up with current ROM-Set releases, which are actually good etc. I reckon, that using a variant could actually fix the issue, might be worth a try. Im pretty convinced that the issue at hand is down to MAME itself, since LaunchBox and pretty much every other emulator works perfectly fine.
  14. I have a hunch that it might be an incompatibility with the Steam Overlay, which cant be deactivated on imported games (at least not to my knowledge) And it wouldn't be the first issue caused by this Overlay either
  15. Scratch all that, i found the issue and its a rather silly one. I imported LaunchBox into my Steam Library to benefit from Steams internal DualShock 4 mapper, since "InputMapper" has some major issues with Win10 and the way it handles device exclusivity. Everything else works perfectly fine with that setup, no LaunchBox issues, no emulator problems. I just opened an instance of LaunchBox over my TaskBar shortcut to quickly setup the new MAME location, accidentally opened a MAME game...and it works. Double checked everything and yes, if LaunchBox is launched on its own, MAME works perfectly fine. If its launched through Steam, MAME refuses to start. Im pretty sure its a MAME issue at this point, since everything else works perfectly fine ^^ What a silly nonsense Well, so much for that. But thanks a bunch anyways SentaiBrad ! Much appreciated !
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