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  1. Quick question. 1st. Thanks to CriticalCid for this writeup. Easy to follow and without issue. 2nd. After I updated 0.182 to 0.183, do I need to keep the 0.182 to 0.183 update pack in the add-rom section or remove it and add the 0.183 to 0.184 rom set when I finally retrieve it? From what I read, I can keep all the update packs in here and add new (Add-Patch) to new sets when I need to correct?
  2. New Update. in case you are not aware, KOF 98 NesicaXLive and KOF 2002 both, at least on my computer, require the 5.1 audio channel to be switch to stereo before running the game or the game will not run correclty. To do this, automatically, I had to create two separate AHK scripts. THe first one runs the game, makes the appropriate checks, launches another AHK script where it changes the audio to stereo then loads the game. ESC shuts down all process and also switches the audio back to 5.1. This is handy in case you have a HTPC setup like I do and need to make changes for these two title
  3. IfExist, .\NesysService.exe Run, NesysService.exe -app Sleep, 5000 IfExist, .\cryptserver.exe Run, cryptserver.exe Sleep, 10000 IfExist, .\RFIDGod_inject.exe Sleep, 5000 Run, RFIDGod_inject.exe Escape:: Process,close,NesysService.exe Process,close,RFIDGod_inject.exe Process,close,Game.exe Process,close,cryptserver.exe Process,close,Start_Game.exe Process,WaitClose,NesysService.exe Process,WaitClose,RFIDGod_inject.exe return Save script as Save_Game.exe. Compile with AutoHotScript so end results is Save_Game.exe. It's not much but I hope it hel
  4. Would adding NesicaXLive be a consideration as a platform?
  5. Has anyone tried using launchbox and loading CP2 games with the nebula emulator. When I load one, a black windowed box appears then goes away and the game doesn't load. However, the game loads when loading from within nebula. When ever I load a game in in launchbox, it's supposed to launch Nebula which launches the selected game of choice. So far, no issues with any other platform inside launchbox. Launchbox can load the nebula emulator by itself (if I right click a game and click open nebula. I also don't have any issues loading valid CPS 2 roms inside nebula. Not sure what's going on here.
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