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  1. My driver is listed as “Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows”, date of 4/10/2018, version 10.0.17134.1.
  2. I just realized my “use all controllers” has already been unchecked. Checking it made no difference for me.
  3. For my setup, i5 4460K, 16GB RAM, EVO 850 SSD, up to date copy of Windows 10. Using 4 XBOX 360 controllers with Microsoft's official wireless controller dongle. I do have use all controllers checked. Should I uncheck this and try?
  4. This is exactly what I've experienced as well. Scrolling works perfectly fine but then has these 2-3 second spikes of lag. I've kept the task manager up and no processes are jumping up during that time. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one experiencing this; I thought I was going crazy. @Jason Carr - What can we do to help test this problem? It severely tarnishes what would otherwise be a brilliant program.
  5. I agree that it seems to be worse after launching and closing a game. I also agree that the program itself doesn't freeze because the videos continue to play, it just simply stops accepting input from the controller for periods. I'll try the alternative X360 driver when I get home, though from what others are saying, this isn't specific to one particular controller but rather x-input controllers. I hope this gets investigated further.
  6. Maybe since all four of my controllers replicate this, it could be my xbox wireless receiver? That still doesn't make much sense since navigating the GUI in Steam / Kodi / Hyperspin / every video game is smooth and flawless. Argh. I really don't wanna give up Launchbox.
  7. I have done the same; moved the entire directory to SSD, refreshed cache, all of the recommendations on the Lordmonkus post, ran every virus scan known to man, tried a bajillion themes, I've literally racked my brain on this. When I reformed Windows 10, the first and only thing I installed was Launchbox / Bigbox and the same problem. For me, this is very specific to Bigbox and X360 controllers only; I have virtually eliminated every confounding variable I can think of. I'm also at the point of either buying a different controller, or switching to a different front end. As it is, when I show of
  8. So kinda bringing up an old topic that I’m still racking my brain over. Still having unresponsive x360 wireless controllers in Bigbox. I’ll be flipping through my game selection and it’ll be scrolling nicely and then just start having intermittent unresponsiveness where it’s not receiving the controller commands. It doesn’t do this with wired keyboard or even my wireless Logitech keyboard, just my x360 controllers. The controllers work perfectly in Kodi, Steam in full screen mode, and even Hyperspin (yuck). Ive now completely reinstalled my copy of Windows 10 and fresh Launc
  9. Thanks Jason. Bigbox / Launchbox is without a doubt the best frontend and it's a pleasure supporting such a committed team. Cheers!
  10. I love seeing the performance boost on Launchbox. You guys truly are committed to this! Any plans to overhaul the performance on Bigbox? Coming from longtime use of Hyperspin, Bigbox is amazing in terms of ease of use and updating, and the themes are better, but the performance leaves something to be desired on a reasonably spec’d Pc (i5 4460, GTX 970, SSD drives).
  11. How about a slightly different question. If I wanted to complete uninstall Launchbox is there a guide for this? And is there a way to back up my preferences, including which games have been imported and the paths to all of the media files and such?
  12. So I gamed for an extended period last night using Retroarch directly. I was able to beat Super Mario 2 without a single hiccup, but when I launch through Launchbox / Bigbox, it's annoying just to get through the first level. Before I dive into completely wiping out my operating system and potentially buying new hardware, is there any possible Launchbox process that could be going on behind the scenes causing issues? Would there be any value in wiping out Launchbox and reinstalling?
  13. Yeah, that's my fear as well. I think I've exhausted most software troubleshooting. I think I'll try setting the power settings to performance, and if no improvement, reformat, and if still no improvement, look to buy a new motherboard. Blah. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for the reply and your crazy diligence to the emulation scene, Lordmonkus. I made sure to omit the GeForce Experience software, just a clean install of the driver, HD audio and Physx. I also verified that all XBOX Live recording nonsense was turned off in Windows. I don't think that I had any Windows updates between the time of working and nonworking of computer, but who knows. Argh.
  15. Hi guys. I have a problem that is literally driving me insane. So I have had Launchbox / Bigbox on an HTPC for over a year now (i5 4460 @ 3.2ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD for Windows 10, 3TB WD HD, GTX 970). This was running beautifully until about 2 weeks ago when my mom in law was playing Mame and Ms Pacman randomly started slowing down with slow music. "WTF?", I thought. So we switched to Super Mario 2 through Retroarch using the Nestopia core. Same problem: slowdown of both the game and music. Since that time I have been going completely bonkers trying to troubleshoot the cause. I have not
  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've since updated my box to 16GB RAM with no changes. It's sorta frustrating to use my controller to flip through Kodi seamlessly, and then get into Bigbox and have an unresponsive UI. I will say that my initial post was incorrect... I said I was having the problem with both wired and wireless devices, but my wired device was a USB cable attached to a keyboard, but turns out it was only for charging, and was not truly wired. I've since hooked up a wired SNES controller, and this does seem to help. So in my case, it might be a wireless issue. akatoosh, have
  17. So switching to the standard Mame64 command line version fixes the issue; I simply set hlsl_enable to 1 and placed the custom raster file in the appropriate directory. This setup looks great, but I'm curious if there's any way to get it geometric, like in the crt-geom filter, or if I should just switch to the BGFX crt-geom filter instead? Thank you for your time!
  18. I used the custom raster file. I’ll try the regular command line version and report back.
  19. Hey guys. I'm running MAMEUI64, 0.181. None of these options are sticking for me for some reason. I've changed the two lines in Lordmonkus' original post, but crt-geom is not starting when I launch a game. I've also scrolled through the shader settings once Mame is loaded, and am able to see the crt-geom effection, but when I close Mame, it's gone. Lastly, I've tried switching to HLSL and using the modified vector above, but this too isn't working. Am I having problems because I'm running MameUI? Should I switch? Thanks much.
  20. Hey guys. I love Big Box, and the LB/BB combo is my front end of choice after years of Hyperspin. But I’m having a problem. BB does not register all of my inputs. What I mean is that when browsing games and consoles, if I press up or down 10 times, it only registers 6-7 of my inputs as if it’s not receiving all of my commands, leading to issues with responsiveness. This happens when using a keyboard or X360 controller. I use Kodi as well and have no issues with input. I also have no input issues after launching an emulator. This is very specific to BB. To be clear, this is not lag
  21. Err, nevermind. Looks like it's stored under "Manage Platforms".
  22. I'm transferring all of my media from Hyperspin, which includes about 100GB in game video files. My OS / Launchbox SSD is only 120GB, whereas I have a 3TB media drive. Is there any way to change the path that Launchbox uses to load videos?
  23. Thanks much for the thoughtful reply! You guys are awesome. This is all on a fresh install of Windows 10, but I'll run some of the processes that you recommended. I'm also noticing that in addition to some menu lag, it doesn't pick up some of the keystrokes. Like if I hit up / down in the menu 10 times, it might only register 9. I might add that I'm launching Bigbox from Kodi, and don't have any menu lag / missed keystrokes in Kodi. Ahh well, not a huge deal. I'll keep toying around to see if I can figure something out. Thanks again!
  24. First, thanks for all that you guys do with Launchbox / Bigbox. It really is a thing of beauty, and a million times better than Hyperspin in my opinion (and this is coming from someone who's spent a lot of time on Hyperspin). So I'm finding that Bigbox is somewhat laggy. Whether using a wired or wireless XBOX360 controller, or a wired keyboard, there is intermittent delay when flipping through the menu items. This occurs whether flipping through my gaming catalog, or in the options. Here's my setup: Windows 10 i5 4460 @ 3.2GHZ 8GB RAM GTX 650
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