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  1. I'm using MAME (but tried Retroarch at first, and had no issue with neither the Steam Controller or the Xbox One S). Later on, I bought a PS4 and a generic controller too, and they worked with MAME too. All of them with Bluetooth. Remember in the controller configuration section in Steam Menu to enable the specific configuration for you controller (there is one for Xbox, and one for PS4).
  2. Issues with Steam Link? I have it, and I'm perfectly streaming my PC to my TV, including BigBox, which launches MAME, and all my 4 controllers work too. Just be sure to edit MAME's config file and switch the controller flag from "Auto" to "XInput". However, I'm running on ethernet, so if your issue is the low wifi signal, steam link surely isn't your best choice, but otherwise..
  3. Sure! Here it is: http://freetexthost.com/s55z1wi0cd (just noticed it says within "created with beta 3", but I am actually using Beta 7 now) Here instead you can download the whole Launchbox's zipped "Data" folder from dropbox, in case it can help you too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhltxwkqlzd6hk0/Data.zip?dl=0
  4. Using last beta version. With clones and consolidate clones disabled, it says it's importing 2771 games, but in launchbox only 2669 are listed. If I check clones and consolidate clones, it still shows it's importing 2771 games, but launchbox actually shows 2771. However I can't say which two are actually missing..
  5. Well, that was not a huge issue, since those platforms don't have hundreds of games, I just copied that preferred game flags one by one, then I removed the duplicated platforms. BTW: I can confirm that the preferred flag from Launchbox is now correctly imported. One other thing I've noticed, but it could be ok, actually: I've moved the folder where I used to keep the game's videos. But Lightspeed did not update that, and I was left with the old path for most games, except the new ones. I think I should look for that "overwrite" flag you talked about.. is this behaviour the expected o
  6. @Antropus used the last version linked above. I started from an already imported library. Some games were duplicated. Looking closer, I've noticed that the problem was some platforms were actually duplicated, due to slightly different names: toaplan-raizing toaplan/raizing capcom cps-3 capcom cps3 capcom cps-1 capcom cps1 capcom cps-2 capcom cps2
  7. I don't use pcsx2, so can't really help you this time However, just out of my experience with the overall launchbox-steamlink setup, I could take some guesses.. when you say it brings you back to steam big picture, do you mean that psx2 crashes, or that it just puts steam big picture in front of everything? If it's the latter, is it the same as pressing the big central "X" on your xbox controller? Keep in mind that steam big picture has some way to be brought back to the front.. maybe pcsx2 is binding the buttons in a messy way? Also keep in mind that Steam Link has some serious issu
  8. @ckp Maybe I can tell you that thing about sound too.. have you switched to this new settings for MAME audio recently? ..unfortunately, this audio settings doesn't work with Steam Link, and makes everything silent.. try switching to the default one EDIT: ok, seems like you've found my other post on your own
  9. Ok, I've found the issue, and posting this for whoever may have the same problem. I had to edit mame.ini file and set the "joystickprovider" entry from "auto" to "xinput". This is something I've read was needed long ago, but my system worked with auto too (probably by selecting xinput on its own). Now, for whatever reason, it started requiring me to set it explicitly.
  10. I used to play Launchbox on my TV through Steam Link, in order to play MAME games. Everything worked fine, until recently: mame now crashes as I start a game. But only on steam link: when launching it from my PC, it works. So I thought it was an issue with Steam or some updated NVIDIA drivers: I rolled back to older NVIDIA drivers, switched to older steam too, but it keeps crashing. And then I realized that it's actually not working anymore since the last Launchbox patch I've downloaded! But I've tried rolling back this too, and it still doesn't work.. So, it's not actually a Launchb
  11. That's of course a necessary condition, but take for example MAME itself: surely it can do it, but Lightspeed can't at the moment, AFAIK, read the zipped images and detect which ones are there or not, and show that in the games grid.
  12. Good news! Talking about reading pre-existing LB's entries: I've noticed that Lightspeed used to not correctly retrieve the "Favorite" flag in Launchbox. Since flagging each one of them took me days, I would rather not lose that information! Luckly, exporting new games didn't reset those flags, but still I couldn't filter by "Favorite", which would have been nice for example to make a "only favorite" list, especially considering the "delete/move files" features you are working one. So, that was just a tip about checking if that feature now works
  13. Got it from PD. Had the .181, and downloaded the .182 over it, an handful of days after it was out. Maybe they fixed it, and you got it too early?
  14. I redownloaded .182, and I assure you that doa2m is 108mb here. Maybe some issues with the CLRMAMEPro rebuild? @SentaiBrad: Maybe .182 has shuffled some parent/clone relationship, and that's what feels broken, especially if using an emulator which is not the official MAME build?
  15. I've checked doa2a, and it's indeed 3mb, but I've also noticed that it's marked as clone (like doa2, also counting 3mb), but the ROM marked as parent, doa2m (dead or alive 2 millenium), is correctly 108MB. Don't know how it was in 0.181, but here everything seems there and also correctly archived, with most files in the parent ROM. Are you saying doa2 should actually be the parent one, or what else? Unfortunately the game is non-working anyway, so can't really check if the zips work or not.
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