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  1. Installed this tonight. Loving it on everything. Can't get it to work with MAME, and even if I did, I'm not sure it could do both horizontal and vertical games for bezels. But even the pause screen is not working for me there. But if that's it, I'm still thrilled! But every other system I have is working perfectly. Thank you for this! I may start working on my own Bezel's shortly which would have the controller on each side so you can easily remember buttons lol
  2. Is there anyway to launch both the game and the menu window (since Dolphin uses two windows for emulation - 1 for the game, 1 for the menu)? If I launch a game outside of Launchbox, the menu window stays in the background (easy to access by alt-tab for controller issues/resolution scaling). If I launch a game in Launchbox, I do not get the menu window - just the game window. EDIT: Thanks for the help in Discord. -b was the culprit.
  3. Ah, fair enough - makes sense. The full screen videos, are just a space eater for quality and makes the otherwise light theme, run heavy. It's fine for my PC, but others I'm not so sure. But thanks for the response! Great work!
  4. I love this - but I can't afford the disc space of the carts for every system. And it seems like a lot of work for the systems which are going to be missing a ton of carts/cds/etc. But its super lovely. The pause theme is fantastic - I didn't even know you could use pause themes!
  5. I just found out about this now. I bought Launchbox on Android but I never used it because emulation on Android just seems like something I don't have time for. I hated the Steam Link solution. Mine's in a box, hahaha. It was just not great. And controllers were so hit or miss... maybe it's better now since controller support in retroarch is better now than a few years ago. However, I just bought a "smaller" (still fairly large, think two consoles together) PC, threw in an older graphics card, and it's literally a dedicated emulation machine that runs up to PS2 smoothly (could maybe dabble in some light PS3). Hopefully in the next few years, I an upgrade it to some type of Ryzen box, that's console size at most. But it literally just has two controllers plugged in to charge with wireless adapters and Launchbox/Big Box running and that's it. HDMI to the TV.
  6. Just started using this theme and I aboslutely love it. It's literally the most beautiful thing I've laid eyes on. I see it's still a beta, so I'm not sure the plans going forward (I'm going to read through the thread), but a couple of ideas I had were; 1: GAME VIEW: Instead of a full screen video - having the console image remain from the console view and the gameplay video for each game showing up on the TV/handheld. I'm not sure if this is actually possible to make the video that small on the screen, but it's a though. 2: The empty space above the game name - is anything planned for that or is the blank space to keep it cleaner? A 3D box or a clear logo or even the game cart/disc might look cool up there. I'm not sure. I like how clean the theme is so I don't want to make bad suggestions, but in my head it looks okay. I also love the suggestion above with the Kirby Star Allies - I think that still looks clean but slightly more visually appealing. Regardless what you do - this is the theme I'll be using on my main build. It's just wonderful. Thank you for your hard work.
  7. Awesome thank you. I didn't know that. I'm such an idiot. I can now work on this finally and have some consistency.
  8. Everything inside the launchbox folder? I won't need to change the drive letter if it goes from say a F:/ on my main PC to a C:/ on my mini PC?
  9. Long story short - I have multiple PCs with Launchbox in varying states. An arcade machine, my main PC, my emulation machine, my laptop, my mini pc,, my thumbstick which I take with me to brag to friends.... but all of the sets are in varying states. Every time I copy the folder, I have to go change games and emulator paths for it to work because drives change, etc. Is there a way that I don't know which fixes this issue easily? I would love to make one build and be able to do minimal editing when I make a new emulation pc or just transfer. And I would love to just... have one set-up that I can copy to all my machines so it's not so frustrating having things with different set-ups (aside from maybe themes). It wouldn't be so bad if my games scraped easily, but depending on the system I could have 30-200 games that don't scrape correctly and it's time consuming manually editing them on each PC. I feel like there's a way and I just don't know how to do it because I see ETA Prime moving his build to multiple PCs, etc. I'm computer dumb, so any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks everyone!
  10. hawkguy

    PC Games

    Just checking to see if this is possible. I was wondering if I was able to put ALL PC games I own from other sources (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc) into Launchbox. And if I can, am I able to add games I own but haven't installed? I'm basically trying to figure out how to put all the games into ONE nice looking program that isn't Steam (I always have issues with outside games in Steam).
  11. I'm using the Retrorama theme and it's amazing. But in his videos, he has his own art as sidebars for when he plays classic games that do not fit the screen. How do I get this effect? I'd rather have some art than black bars.
  12. This is amazing. Can I ask how we get the "sidebars" when you're playing a game?
  13. edit i dont know what i did but it's working now
  14. EDIT: Having trouble with the Retroarch menu. Back and Escape work fine, but Z to go back doesn't. Having issues installing Retroarch to an external HD. I have Launchbox working fine off the HD, but Retroarch keeps saying it's missing a DLL file. I've downloaded the June 2010 end-user thingy and installed it, but it's no luck for me. d3dx9_43.dll is the file that's not found. I've tried installing to both my PC HD and the External HD and it's not working. PS. Before anyone mentions any of the drama surrounding the last few days - this is my own build. I bought a $180 MINI PC to have Big Box as a permanent portable arcade - I've been a premium sub since it was just $10 for a Forever Licence. The Mini PC only has 32 GB of onboard storage, so an external is needed. EDIT: Nevermind. After spending 30 minutes on it and then coming to post, I just decided to copy the file from my main PC and add it to the mini PC and voila.
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