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  1. Hi - there is an issue with this theme - dates are sorted improperly. See the below thread. I fixed the xaml file and attached it. There was another sorting property in there related to something other than dates. I didn't know what that did so I left it alone - you may want to look at the default theme and see if anything else needs to be changed. Thanks for the great theme! ListContentView.xaml
  2. Yep - already fixed it Will tell the theme author. Thanks again!
  3. You are right - I am using the otherwise excellent lambda beta theme. When I switch to default it works. I didn't realize this kind of thing could be tied to the theme. I suppose I should post on that theme's thread. If it's just an XML thing I should be able to fix my own as well. Thank you very much! Evan
  4. Sure - here is the ticket. Thanks for taking a look at it! https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5897/launchbox-list-view-sort-by-date-sorts
  5. In launchbox, when using List View to look at games, you sort by clicking on the top bar rather than using the sort dropdown. The problem is that with dates they are sorted alphabetically rather than by date. Seems like it would be a small thing but it ends up being a particularly annoying issue for me as I mainly use list view and like to sort multiple ways to build playlists. This does not seem to be an issue in images view or BigBox. I posted an issue in bitbucket as well but have not seen any activity for a while, so just checking in here as well. Anyone else have this iss
  6. It's actually inherited from QEMU - i found the parameter by searching for it when first trying to set the emulator up, but xemu has a new UI distinct from XQEMU. Seems that part was not carried over but they just added support for that parameter in one of the latest builds, apparently it was a 1-liner. In the latest official download link it does work now so i figured it is OK to edit my post without getting anyone confused.
  7. Thanks for the cleaner exit process syntax. I will edit my post. For the -full-screen option, that does not work in the 0.5.0 release so I am still using the hotkey, but in the latest compiled binaries I saw on discord that they added the -full-screen feature so i will comment that in too with that note. extract-xiso is easy to use on the command line. Actually i got the linux version in WSL and used a bash for loop to ISO up all my files in 1 go. Let me know if anyone is interested in how to do that. But looks like the XDVDMulleter program does that too.
  8. This is for the new original xbox emulator, Xemu. https://xemu.app/ This is a fork of XQEMU by the current most active dev. It is a little graphically buggy, but fast and seems to have the best compatibility for the games I am interested in. Much more stable than cxbx. All credit goes to ueno from the Xemu discord channel for the configuration and AHK script which i tweaked a bit. First create a new emulator and point it to your xemu executable. Set default command-line parameters to "-full-screen -dvd_path". In running autohotkey script tab, paste the following:
  9. Some more information which might help diagnose: All my assets (images etc) are local on an SSD, but most of my (pre-PS2) roms are hosted on a gbE NAS.
  10. Hello Just wanted to chime in and say I see the same problem as Iscariath, It is not necessarily controller related. Seems like big box can try to load all images in a platform at once when I am scrolling. Sometimes it will hang for 10+ seconds and I have to wait, scroll again, hang again. This is on a PC with a 4790k and 970 gpu.
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